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John Adams MD MSC (The Centre for Movement Disorders); Mandar Jog MD (London Health Sciences Centre); Christopher Hyson MD (London Health Sciences Centre); Sarah Furtado MD PhD (University of Calgary); Andrew Duker MD (University of Cincinnati); Melissa Armstrong MD (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Christian Lachner MD (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Hubert Fernandez MD (University of Florida); Michael S Okun MD (University of Florida), David Shprecher DO (University of Rochester); Michael Cartwright MD (Wake Forest University); Clement Loy MB BS FRACP PhD (Westmead Hospital); Joohi Jiminez-Shahed MD (Baylor College of Medicine); Bradley Robottom MD (University of Maryland School of Medicine)


Gregory Suter BA (Hereditary Neurological Disease Centre); Theresa Moore (The Centre for Movement Disorders); Jane Forsyth RN (The Centre for Movement Disorders); Andrea Hurt, LPN (Indiana University School of Medicine); Joann Belden RN, (Indiana University School of Medicine); Katie Price, (Indiana University School of Medicine); Diane Erickson RN (Colorado Neurological Institute); Breanna Nickels (Colorado Neurological Institute); Misty M Thompson PhD (University of Tennessee Health Science Center); Linda Cole RN (London Health Sciences Centre); Julie Megens RN (London Health Sciences Centre); Emilija Makaji MSC (London Health Sciences Centre); Sara-Lynn Masse, RN (London Health Sciences Centre); Keith Malarick, BS (Massachusetts General Hospital); Louisa Mook BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Susan Maya BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Alex Bender BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Jessica Meyer BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Puja Turakhia, BS, MS (Massachusetts General Hospital); Katherine Harwood, BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Kathryn Duderstadt RN (Struthers Parkinson's Center); Sarah Lenarz CMA (Struthers Parkinson's Center); Judy Hamerlinck RN (Struthers Parkinson's Center); Patricia Edern RN (Struthers Parkinson's Center); Charlyne Hickey RN MS (University of Rochester); Ashley Owens (University of Rochester); Clare Gibbons MS (North York General Hospital); Carolyn Gray RN CCRC (University of Kansas Medical Center); Jean A Jaglin RN (Rush University Medical Center); Kimberly Janko RN BSN (Rush University Medical Center); Holly Lawrence (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Barbara Estes RN CCRC (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Brigid Hayward RN (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Allison Johnson BS (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Amit Gode MPH (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Coordinator); Giselle Huet MS (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Beverly Romero-Kersh PhD RN (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Kristine Wernette RN MS (University of Michigan); Elizabeth Sullivan BGS CCRP (University of Michigan); Jamie Guyot BS (University of Michigan); Julie Konkle RN (University of Michigan); Christine O'Neill BS CCRC (Wake Forest University); Pamela King BSCN RN (University of Alberta); Amanda Martin (University of California Davis); John Bautista (University of California Davis); Nicole Mans (University of California Davis); Jane Griffith RN (Westmead Hospital); Erica Surles (Baylor College of Medicine); Sharon Halton LCSW(Baylor College of Medicine); Alicia Palao MA (Baylor College of Medicine); Nathalie Padron (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine); Kolleen Elliott RN (University of South Florida); Lynn Oelke (University of South Florida); London Butterfield (University of South Florida); Peggy Perry-Trice CRC (Duke University Medical Center); Sarah Wyne MDIV (Duke University Medical Center); Carol Pantella RN (University of Calgary); Lorelei Tainsh RN (University of Calgary); Elaine Sperin LPN (Emory University School of Medicine); Sharon Evans LPN (Albany Medical College); Maureen Gartner RN (University of Cincinnati); Amy Duffy CRC (Mayo Clinic Arizona); Pamela Kristof PhD (Mayo Clinic Arizona); Lisa Niles MS (Butler Hospital); Steven Rainone NP (Butler Hospital); Angie Wernle RN (Washington, University); Ronda Clouse RN (Columbia University Medical Center); Michelle Cines RN (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Kelly Dustin RN MS CCRC (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Maura Deeley (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Stacy Merritt MA (University of Florida); Heather Ferreri BS (University of Florida); Alison McMurray MAMC (University of Florida); Alanna Sheinberg BA (The Centre for Movement Disorders); Marsha Hughes-Gay RN; (Indiana University School of Medicine); Kori Ladonna BA (London Health Sciences Centre)

; Erin Chung BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Jennifer Lee BA (Massachusetts General Hospital); Rachel Goldstein(Massachusetts General Hospital); Lindsay Esposito, MPH (Massachusetts General Hospital); Nicholas Scoglio (University of Rochester); Matthew Grana BA (University of Rochester); Carol Zimmerman RN (University of Rochester); Lucia M Blasucci RN (Rush University Medical Center); William Thayer RN (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Jennifer Hawkins MS (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Julia Koch, CRC (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center); Victoria Hunt RN (Wake Forest University); Jessica Bargoil (Wake Forest University); Ingrid Scott RN (University of Alberta); Terry Tempkin RNC MSN (University of California Davis); Linda Stewart RN (Westmead Hospital); Emily Hayes RN (Westmead Hospital); Donna Galea RN (Westmead Hospital); Beatriz Belmar RN (Westmead Hospital); Kylie Richardson PhD (Westmead Hospital); Christine Hunter RN (Baylor College of Medicine); Ernesto Jimenez MEd (Baylor College of Medicine); Monica Quesada (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine); Wendy Levy (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine); Anita Blenke PA-C MS (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine); Lisa Gauger BA (Duke University Medical Center); Joanna Stoner (Duke University Medical Center); Mary Lou Klimek RN BN MA (University of Calgary); Barbara Sommerfeld MSN RN (Emory University School of Medicine); Mary Eglow RN LPN (Albany Medical College); Katy Regan LPN (Albany Medical College); Erin Neefus (University of Cincinnati); Marie Malikowski RN (Mayo Clinic Arizona); Teri Radam (Mayo Clinic Arizona); Marci Zomok (Mayo Clinic Arizona); Margaret Lannon RN MS (Butler Hospital);

Rhonda Agramonte (Butler Hospital); Johanna Hartlein (Washington, University); Constance Nickerson LPN (University of Maryland School of Medicine); Samantha Gibson BA (University of Maryland School of Medicine);

Erin Hastings Monari, PhD (University of Florida); Camille Swartz BA (University of Florida); Anne Smith-Bova (University of Florida) Randi Jones PhD (Emory University School of Medicine); Catherine Wielinski MPH (Struthers Parkinson's Center); Shanthi Graham BSc Hons (Westmead Hospital); David Gunn D Psych (Westmead Hospital); Jillian McMillan M Clin Neuropsych (Westmead Hospital)

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