Collaboration on Intelligent Transport Systems Communication Standards

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Collaboration on Intelligent Transport Systems Communication Standards


STUDY PERIOD 2013-2016


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Sapporo, Japan, 4 July 2014



China Unicom


Updates on ITS Activities in China-Industry Practice
  1. Introduction

In the meeting of ITU-T CITS on 7 March, 2014, regular updates on the ITS related activities of China were required. China Unicom wishes to make the updates on ITS industry practice in China.

Industry associations and regular forums of telematics and ITS are booming in China. Among many industry organization bodies, C-ITS, TIAA and Telematics @ China are current three major influential organizations in telematics and ITS aspects.

  1. C-ITS

    1. Brief Introduction

Guided by MOT and led by RIOH, C-ITS was established in September, 2013, and composed by dozens of ITS related large enterprises, universities and research institutions. C-ITS aims at further promoting the industrialization, the standardisation, detecting services and applications of ITS system.

Initiated by 45 large enterprises including China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, Datang Telecom, Baidu, Changan Auto, Chery Auto, AutoNavi, NavInfo, Intel, Volkswagen, Benz and so on, C-ITS covers automotive communication, automotive electronics, traffic management and other industry fields. Currently, the standardisation work of C-ITS focuses on four aspects including collaborative intelligent transportation, telematics services & security, intelligent public transportation, and portable mobile terminal supporting traffic information services. It will set up test platform of the alliance as soon as possible and strengthen international cooperation and cross-Strait cooperation.

    1. Current work

  • Members of C-ITS including Denso China, ChangAn Auto and RIOH tested the performance of cooperative vehicle-infrastructure system in January 2014. The initial trial progressed smoothly and achieved good results.

  • IEEE and C-ITS officially established a strategic cooperative partnership in March 2014 to further strengthen standardization cooperation on intelligent transportation field and promote related industrialization processes.
    1. ITS Standards development

  • In March 2013, the preliminary drafts of series standards of ETC and DSRC including RSU, OBU, consistency requirements and test methods had been completed.

  • In April 2014, cooperative vehicle-infrastructure - DSRC Network layer and application layer standard was started drafting.

  • In May 2014, cooperative intelligent transport system - DSRC MAC layer and physical layer standard will soon be published.
  1. TIAA

    1. Brief Introduction

Guided by several Ministries (MIIT, MOT, MOH, and SAC), sponsored by ESA, TIAA was established in Beijing on February 4, 2010 and was involved by dozens of industry chain entities including manufacturing, researching and applications. Its primary objective is to promote telematics services and technology innovation and service applications of connected vehicle networks.

The business scope of TIAA members covers five technical aspects including vehicle manufacturing, electronics, software, communication operation and service integration, as it builds up a complete industry cooperation chain and market service system. Located in Beijing, TIAA also has offices or technology innovation bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, Kunshan and Chengdu.

    1. ITS related Working Groups (WGs)

Currently, there are four technical working group (WG) related to ITS aspect: ECall, autonomous driving, V2X (V2V and V2I) and Vehicle IQ.
      1. Ecall WG

The current progress of Ecall WG is that there will be eCall trials in three cities in June, 2014, including BYD in Shenzhen, China TSP in Beijing and JAC in Hefei. Platform providers are Healthlink, China TSP and China Automobile Association (CAA).

The active members include OEMs (JAC, BYD), Huawei, MNOs (China Unicom, China Telecom), China Automotive Association (CAA), China TSP, Healthlink, Huabao, Foryou General Electronics, Mesada Technology, and Nantong Honghu Information Technology.

      1. Autonomous driving WG

The focus of autonomous driving WG is on technology architecture of active security and passive security and the preparation of intelligent vehicle technology evaluation contest. The active members include Tsinghua University, National University of Defence Technology, OEMs (BYD, ChangAn, and FAW), SoooQooo, Datang Telecom and Automotive Research & Testing Centre (ARTC).
      1. V2X WG

V2X WG focuses on the following four aspects:

- Technical evaluation and feasibility between major V2X communication technologies including DSRC (802.11p, IEEE 1609) and LTE-V (LTE-V-cellular and LTE-V-Direct).

- Lab based Simulation test and field test

- Cooperation between communication manufacturers and OEMs

- Coordination between different industry associations and alliances.

Active members of V2X WG include OEMs (BYD, ChangAn), MNOs (China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile), Pateo, NXP, Qualcomm, and Strategy Analytics.

      1. Vehicle IQ WG

Vehicle IQ WG currently focuses on vehicle informatization index, so called ‘Car Intelligence Quotient (Car IQ)’. Technical specifications of Car IQ drafted in 2013, and it will be tested in BYD's new hybrid car model 'Qin'. In 2014, the WG will promote the Car IQ evaluation system involving OEMs, consumer and contest events.

The active members of Vehicle IQ WG include China Unicom, OEMs (JAC, BYD, ChangAn SAIC Commercial Vehicles, FAW), Huabao, Vcyber, Shanghai Hase, Coagent, BOE, iflytek.

  1. Telematics @ China

    1. Brief Introduction

Telematics@China is an international summit forum tailor-made for vehicle OEMs in China under the trend of informatization. It is aimed at creating new innovation driven force for China telematics industry through a specialized and high-end platform. Guided by MIIT and Shanghai government, organized by SAE China, produced by STEA, and AutoMobile, the forum was founded in 2008 and held in December in Shanghai annually. With keynote speeches and interactive discussions centered around telematics, the forum have attracted high attention and great support from various sectors including governments, enterprises, research institutes, and media agencies, and has become the largest-scaled international telematics summit forum. The major sponsors include Continental AG, AutoNavi, MNOs (China Unicom, China Telecom, and Vodafone), HTI,, TomTom, DNAVI Software, Huawei, Onstar, chip-makers (Intel, Freescale), Strategy Analytics.
    1. Annual Forums

Since 2008, six annual Telematics@China summit forums have been held successfully.
      1. Forum in 2008

The Telematics@China 2008 forum was held on 12 December, 2008. Being the first summit forum on the telematics industry and traffic information services in China, it attracted more than 400 elites to discuss the strategy distribution and development of telematics. About 30 industry authorities from OEMs (BMW, GM, OnStar, etc.), auto electronics manufacturers (Delphi, Continental AG) and related Chinese governments and research institutes gave speeches. Topics included “The meaning of the world’s telematics development experiences and lessons for Chinese market”, “How to improve experiences of drivers with telematics services”, “The present situation and future trend of telematics in China” and “Telematics business models with Chinese characteristics”.
      1. Forum in 2009

The Telematics@China 2009 forum was held during Dec. 8-9, 2009. Themed “Enable Our Cars to Enjoy the ITS (Internet Information Services) Together with Our Phones”, this forum attracted more than 615 elites including 197 from mainstream auto brands at home and abroad. Industry authorities from Continental AG, SAE China, OEMs (SAIC, GM, Nissan, Ford, etc.), MNOs (China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile), auto electronics manufacturers (Delphi, Continental AG) and research agencies (Strategy Analytics) gave speeches.
      1. Forum in 2010

The Telematics@China 2010 forum was held during Dec. 8-9, 2010. Themed “AutoMobile – Mobile Internet on Wheels”, focusing on business model and experience, this forum attracted over 800 delegates from the telematics industry worldwide, with over 30% from China vehicle manufacturers and more than 10% from Chinese wireless carriers. About 80 industry authority speakers from SAIC, GM OnStar, Mercedes-Benz, etc. exchanged ideas and shared experiences with the delegates from around the world.
      1. Forum in 2011

The Telematics@China 2011 forum was held during Dec. 7-9, 2011. Themed “AutoMobile – Innovative Opportunities for Consumer and Commercial Vehicles for both the OEM and Aftermarket Connectivity Solutions”, this forum provided a broad platform for Chinese vehicle OEMs, car dealers, and players in the OEM and aftermarket to have in-depth discussions about telematics strategy issues, exchange ideas and experiences, and seek for new cooperation opportunities. The guest speakers were from SAE China, China Unicom, SAIC, Mercedes-Benz, AutoNavi, Continental AG, OnStar, etc.
      1. Forum in 2012

The Telematics@China 2012 forum was held during Dec. 4-6, 2012. Themed “Informatization of Automobile Industry Embraces the Mobile Internet Era”, this forum interpreted deeply on how to integrate and utilize resources in the mobile Internet era and explored the development strategies of the telematics industry more proactively. More than 200 mainstays of telematics from auto OEMs and 1000 industrial elites globally discussed the strategic issues of China telematics, shared the experiences from home and abroad. About 80 industry authorities from over 10 OEMs (SAIC, Changan, GAC, Audi, BMW, Benz, GM, etc.), MNOs (China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile), and top TSPs gave speeches and shared their experiences.
      1. Forum in 2013

The Telematics@China 2013 forum was held during Dec. 4-6, 2013. Themed “Automobile Internet Safe Opening and APP e-business Innovation”, this forum aimed to discuss the innovative cross-industry cooperation between car owners and E-business. The new opportunities of cross-industry cooperation brought by Telematics e-business was emphasized and discussed for the first time in the global telematics field. More than 1,200 representatives and elites of telematics and Internet industry attended the meeting and over 100 industry authorities from OEMs (SAIC, GAC, BACI, Audi, BYD, etc.), MNOs (China Unicom, China Telecom, Vodafone), Internet and electronic business platforms (,,,, top TSPs and research agencies (Strategy Analytics) gave speeches.
  1. Abbreviations

C-ITS China ITS Industry Alliance

ESA China Electronics Standardization Association

MIIT Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

MOH Ministry of Health

MOT Ministry of Technology

RIOH Research Institute of Highway, MOT

SAC Standard Administration of China

SAE-China Society of Automotive Engineers of China

TIAA Telematics Industry Application Alliance



Liu Yuanyuan

China Unicom


Tel: 18510682939



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