Collaborative Programs

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Collaborative Programs

2014-15 SGS Calendar


Lead Faculty

Arts and Science

Participating Degree Programs
Astronomy and Astrophysics—MSc



Effective September 2014, admissions have ceased for the Astrophysics collaborative program.
The graduate programs listed above participate in the Collaborative Master of Science Program in Astrophysics. This program fosters graduate education in astrophysics, particularly in those areas of study that overlap traditional departmental boundaries.
Upon successful completion of the Master of Science degree requirements of the participating home department and the collaborative program, students receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Program in Astrophysics" on their transcript and parchment.
Contact and Address



Telephone: (416) 946-3044

Fax: (416) 946-7287
Collaborative Master of Science Program in Astrophysics

c/o C. C. Dyer

Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H4


Master’s Level

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants who wish to enrol in the collaborative program must apply to and be admitted to both the collaborative program and a graduate degree program in one of the collaborating departments, this being either Astronomy and Astrophysics or Physics.

  • Applicants must submit a supplementary brief application form to the Collaborative Program Director (available from either the home department or the collaborative program office).

Program Requirements

  • Students must meet all respective degree requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the home department. This will normally require the equivalent of 5.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:

    • 1.5 or more FCEs in astronomy and astrophysics

    • 1.5 or more FCEs in physics

    • 1.0 FCE from astronomy and astrophysics, physics, or a cognate department

    • a supervised research project in the field of astrophysics, equivalent to 1.0 FCE; the supervised research project and associated report will be completed under the regulations of AST 1500Y for students whose home department is Astronomy and Astrophysics and under the regulations of PHY 3400Y for students whose home department is Physics

  • Students must attend the seminar program of the Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics and prepare a report on a selection of these seminars for submission to the Director.

  • Program requirements are normally completed within 12 months of entry to the program.

Program Committee

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Dyer, Charles - BSc, MSc, PhD (Director)


Sipe, John - BSc, MSc, PhD

Theoretical Astrophysics

Murray, Norman - BSc, PhD, CRC

2014-2015 School of Graduate Studies Calendar Astrophysics

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