Comma Splice & Fused Sentence Exercises

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Comma Splice & Fused Sentence Exercises

Directions: Some of the following sentences are comma splices or fused sentences. Find these run-ons, and correct each of them. If a sentence is already correct, write the word “correct” beside that number. Write your answers on your own paper to turn-in when you are finished.

1. On Thursday the Student Government Association holds its first meeting the election of new officers will take place then. – RUN-ON
2. Michael Vick was drafted in 2001 as a new quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, he gave the team some hope for the future. – RUN-ON
3. Buying books at Barnes and Noble on a Saturday afternoon and stopping at Starbucks for a large espresso is my idea of fun.
4. Scuba diving into the deep waters of the abandoned quarry near Berry College, Sylvia could swear that she saw a submarine.
5. The contractors who are building the new Douglasville campus for Georgia Highlands College work every weekend this is the only way that they will be able to finish on schedule. – RUN-ON
6. The president of the college goes on vacation while the students are registering for fall semester classes.
7. Moe was a fan of most alternative music, he never did like Green Day. – RUN-ON
8. Stop studying, we have an appointment in half an hour at Dave and Buster’s. – RUN-ON
9. John Grisham writes best-selling books about corruption and the courts, however, his books do not get good reviews from critics. – RUN-ON
10. He sells so many books, however, that the critics’ opinions don’t bother him much.

Download 6.27 Kb.

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