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  • UFC vs. Pride; WWE vs. Raw

  • X-files vs. MillenniuM (2 shows, 1 creator)

  • X-files vs. Supernatural (2 shows, 1 genre)

  • X-files (tv) vs X-files (movies)

  • original vs. sequel (or remake)

  • Batman (comic) vs. Batman (movies)

    • Superman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America,…

  • Superhero vs. Superhero

  • CD vs. Live; CD vs. CD; Pop Icon vs. Pop Icon

  • 2 Bands, Singers, Actors; 2 cities/countries


  • Computers (laptop vs. laptop, not laptop vs. desktop); software; hardware; spyware; virus

  • Internet Service Providers

  • Cell Phones, plans, companies

  • mp3 players, e-Readers

  • Downloading services; Audio editing programs

  • Computer programs, software, hardware, spyware, virus protection

  • Video games, consoles, versions

  • Business machines

  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Cycles, Quads, Hybrids


  • High school vs. collegiate level (same sport)

  • Equipment by brands

  • Division I vs. III; sport by country

  • specific team under Coach X vs. under Coach Y

  • 2 types of offense, defense, zone, blitzes, moves

  • 2 players, same position (MVP)

  • 2 teams, same sport (playoffs)

  • 1 franchise, 2 yrs, 2 dynasties

  • Pre-steroids vs. post-steroids


  • Catholic/Christian-based education vs. non-CC

  • OT vs. NT; 2 bibles, 2 religions

  • Prophet vs. prophet; Apostle vs. apostle

  • Sanctioned book vs. apocrypha (or 2 editions)

  • DaVinci Code vs. “reality”

  • Majors you’ve changed

  • Schools you attended

THEN & NOW: *Be specific of the times*

  • You (research physical, mental, social conditions, theories, diseases,…)

  • Perspectives on a specific place

  • Raising a family; Relationships; Education

  • Pre- vs. Post-9/11; Post-financial collapse

  • Women’s rights, freedoms, roles, responsibilities, opportunities,…

  • Governments

  • Civil Rights, gay rights, women’s rights, patients’ rights, …

  • Politics/Politicians; campaign vs. elected

  • Post-Obama; Rep. vs. or = Dem.

  • Race or gender relations, class

  • Entertainment (movies, TV, books/literature, music, music videos, video games,…)

  • Violence in society (by sport, by women; in movies, videos; as “entertainment”)

  • Horror movies


  • Book vs. movie; Books in a series

  • Play vs. play (poem, short story) (within genre) (within or without canon)

  • 2 Characters; themes, settings,…

  • Interpretations of literature; literary theories

  • Styles, genres, movements,…


  • Instructors to take for a specific class (research!)

  • Restaurants; Fast-Food Places

  • Places to work; Places to rent/see movies

  • Online vs. Traditional Classes

  • Love vs. lust

  • Dorm/apart. vs. home

  • Extra-curricular activities; ROTC programs

  • 2 types of examinations

  • Curriculum-specific:

    • Articles of Confed. vs. Constitution

    • Anatomical systems

    • CPRs; Twins; Bi-Polar I, II, III

    • Capitalism vs. Communism/socialism

    • Russia: USSR vs. now (Iraq, Afghan.)

    • Pre- vs. post-revolutions (Egypt)

    • Contacts, glasses, LASIK

    • Manic vs. Depressive stages

    • Gandhi, MLK, Mother T, Pope JP

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