Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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Format Picture dialog box, can be used to format the following:

    • Colors and Lines: Tab page enables you to modify image color

    • Size: Tab enables you to change the size of an image. Alternatively, the image can be resized using the handles, which appears when the image is selected

    • Layout: Tab page contains various alignment options and wrapping styles that you can apply to an image

    • Text Box: Tab contains alignment options and wrapping styles for the text in a text box. This tab is enabled only when a text box is formatted.

    • Picture: Tab contains options, such as Left, Right, Top and Bottom that enable you to crop a picture. In addition, it enables you to change the color, brightness, and contrast settings of the picture.

    • Web: This tab enables you to provide alternative text that is displayed when the image loads.

  • The steps for copying, moving and deleting images are similar to steps for copying, moving and deleting text.

Background'>Changing the Slide Background

  • In Power Point you can customize the appearance of slides based on your requirements, e.g., change the background appearance of the slide



Change the background of slide

  1. Select the Format à Background command (dialog box displayed)

The Background dialog box contains the options for select the color and pattern that can be applied to the presentation from the drop-down list

  1. Select the required options from the Background dialog box and click either the Apply button or the Apply to All button to apply the selected color or pattern to one slide or all slides respectively.

Using the Slide Master

  • A Slide Master defines the formatting for all the slides in a presentation

  • A Slide Master is a special slide, which is used to define the formatting for all the slides in a presentation

  • If you want a picture or some text to appear on every slide, you can add it to the Slide Master

  • The Slide Master is used to:

    • Modify title area

    • Add footer, date, time and slide numbers

    • Change fonts and styles

    • Apply designs

    • Add pictures



Change layout of slides using the slide master

  1. Select the View à Master Slide Master command (Slide Master panel is displayed see next slide)

  2. Place mouse pointer in the Click to edit Master title style area

    • The heading disappears and cursor is placed at that point

  3. Insert the required title

  4. Similarly, you can add footer in the Footer Area

  • Click the Close Master View button on the Master toolbar changes are applied to all the slides in the presentation

  • If you insert more slides in the presentation, those slides will also have the same format as the Slide Master.

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