Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

Font dialog box contains the following options: Font

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  • The Font dialog box contains the following options:

    • Font: - list box for available fonts

    • Font style: - enables the selection of font style, such as Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic

    • Size: Enables selection of font size

    • Effects: Contains various options to modify text appearance

      • Underline: - used to underline the text.

      • Shadow: - used to apply shadow effect to the text.

      • Emboss: - to make text appear as if it has been raised

      • Superscript: - makes the text the superscript of the text that is placed before the selected text.

      • Subscript: - makes the text the subscript of the text

      • Offset: - used to specify the distance of the superscript or the subscript from the baseline of the text.

      • Color: drop-down list of colors

      • Default for new objects: to store current settings of new slides

Modifying the Font in the Entire

You may want to replace an existing font on all slides with a different font. E.g., the headings on all slides are Arial. You want to replace the font style with Bookman Old Style. To manually change the font of all instances of the text will be tedious and time-consuming. PowerPoint enables you to change all instances of the font at the same time. Steps to replace fonts:

    1. Select Format à Replace Fonts command (Replace Font dialog box is displayed)

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