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Document Contents
Section 1

Function & Specification Guide

  1. Introduction Page 5

  2. Product Positioning & Target Markets Page 6

  1. Smart MFP benefits Page 7

  1. What’s’ new? Page 8

  1. Key Features Page 10

  1. Easy Device Installation Page 14

  1. New technology Page 16

  1. HyPAS solution Page 18

  1. Key Feature Comparison Page 22

  1. Item codes Page 26

  1. System configuration Page 27

Section 2

Sales & Marketing Guide Page 28





1. Introduction
Affected by the severe market conditions, we often see customers requesting document management solutions that must fit severe budget constraints. As a result, conventional A3 MFP customers migrate to traditional printer vendors offering robust, professional, yet low price A4 multifunctional products.
Featuring professional functionalities that address the issues of loss of productivity, data security, document output cost control, and compatibility with modern IT environments, Smart MFP were the first Kyocera ECOSYS A3 size MFPs. Together with the FS-1x28MFP, FS-3x40MFP and the FS-C2x26MFP, the A3 MFPs round up the Kyocera ECOSYS MFP line up therefore offering dealers without trained service personnel a full set of easy to install and maintain multifunctional products.
By offering these concepts, since 1 year KYOCERA Document Solutions has been selling FS-6025/6030MFP very well, and increasing its share in the market.

To expand more our share and meet customers’ requirement, these new FS-6525/6530MFP will support HyPAS technology, which are well accepted by other HyPAS models.

Positioned against competitors’ professional A4 MFPs for higher output volumes and finishing capabilities, Smart MFP HyPAS feature reliable and durable engines that minimize the machine downtime; innovative customizable colour operation panel to enable easy access to the functions that end users really need; advanced HyPAS functionalities that assist the modern document workflow. They are designed with the user in mind, particularly in office environments where the flexibility to copy and print A3 size paper is still important.
Even more advanced technology, these models are still appealing to acquisition cost oriented customers who need a low priced A3 MFP and finishing options or mid to high end A4 MFP that are in the same price segment as the entry level A3 MFPs

*F: Fax is optional

2. Product Positioning and Target Markets
The A3 mono MFP,FS-6525/6530MFP are best fit for customers looking for budget-conscious solutions for their professional document output management. The price of the Smart MFP is competitive against professional, high end A4 MFPs, therefore bridging the gap between cost conscious A4 MFPs and larger, more robust A3 MFPs.
Target customers come from two main segments:

  1. Customers that historically used A4 MFPs, want to remain within the budget and find the A3 size as an additional benefit.

  2. A3 MFP customers that historically used A3 MFPs and need an A3 size device; however due to budget limitations cannot afford typical fully equipped A3MFP.

Typical office environment would be small office with up to 20 users, whether in a small company or as a branch office of a larger company.

The new A3 MFP’s are easy to install and run with a maintenance cycle of 300,000 pages for the mono device.
This model is able to expand HyPAS technology for customers, who potentially require the customized business tool with one-touch operations.

  1. Smart MFP Benefits

  • Ease of use

    • Easy device installation with wizard style navigation

    • Easy daily operation with customizable colour touch panel

    • Easy maintenance and paper jam clearance

  • Flexible Paper handling

    • Paper capacity of up to 1,600 sheets

    • Reversible Document processor

    • Job separator to divide the output from different users

    • 500 sheet stapling finisher

  • High productivity

    • Powerful controller that can process any document type and size

    • Durable and fast document processor

    • “Send to” network functionality

    • Environmental Low TEC value device

  • Highly Advanced Technology

    • Expandable HyPAS technology

    • Secured network data transfer via IPsec and SSL encryption

  1. What’s new?

HyPAS expandable

By attaching the compact flash card, these models enable to expand HyPAS application solution. For required customers, these models can offer compatible HyPAS application as A4 HyPAS MFPs, and develop new HyPAS solution to meet customer’s requirements as well.


Increased Memory capacity

From these new models, the standard memory capacity is increased from 512MB to 1GB, and there are several improvement and benefits for memory functions.

One of the benefits is to able to use the Job Retention feature such as Private Print as standard function. There is no need to attach the additional memory to activate these features.
The second one is to able to copy the document regardless the contents without any memory overflow, because 1GB standard memory enables to put a full sheet contents into the memory.

Thanks to the big standard memory, there will be any problem or disturbance by the multi access, so it is possible sending scan data while data is printing.

The last benefit is to print the multiple pages faster, so that customers workflow is always efficient.

18% decreased TEC value
TEC Value (Typical Electricity Consumption) is the value, which is determined by the Energy Conservation Center to comply with "International Energy Star Program."

More specifically, this is the power consumption of equipment such as printers (the amount of power consumption) during a theoretical week in an office.

When the TEC value of MFP or Printer is less than or equal to reference value of International Energy Star Program, then these products are certified as fit for "the International Energy Star Program."
Compare to the former models FS-6025/6030MFP, these new models decrease their TEC value approximately 18% from former models. Comparing the competitors’ products, these new FS-6525/6530MFP are quite environmental models

  1. Key Features

Reliable device based on the ECOSYS concept

Kyocera mono ECOSYS MFPs have been awarded from the prestigious BLI and BERTL institutes as reliable and high quality devices. The former model FS-6030MFP was awarded by BLI ‘Highly recommended’, ’Reliability certified’, and ‘Pick of the year’ in 2011. The new model FS-6525MFP and 6230MFP are adopted 100% from this reliable FS-6030MFP.

d:\2010\next a4 mfp\pictures\logos\ribbon - kyocera mita fs-3140mfp 50th anniversary europe.jpg
Easy to use, customizable colour touch panel

The newly developed, 4.3 inch, colour touch panel has been designed in a way to make the access to the commonly used functions much easier. The screen can be easily customized for each of the 20 user accounts, giving each user its own screen whenever he logs in to his account.

panel 6025_eng

The touch screen features two operation modes; one where the settings are selected in a way similar to the conventional MFPs and the alternative mode where the end user is guided through the most important settings with wizard style navigation.

There are three main ways to customize the touch screen:

  1. Set default values for each user so there is only one button to press therefore avoiding the possibility to press “a wrong button”.

  2. Combine several settings and dedicate one button for them in which case the end user gets guided through the selected settings. This way instead of searching for the settings the end user goes through them by pressing the “next” button therefore shortening the whole process.

  3. The possibility to or to bring a hidden setting “up front” by creating a shortcut button that refers to this specific function.

One more very useful feature is the simple login. Instead of logging in by entering the username, the end user can log in only by selecting his account from the touch screen, with the option to verify the entry with a password.

Scan functions

The digitalization of documents for the purpose of the document workflow or simply for archiving is easier with the send-to functionality. All three models are capable of saving the scanned documents directly to folder on the server, the PC, as an e-mail attachment or even directly to a USB memory stick. The files can be scanned as jpeg, pdf and tiff file types. The device is TWAIN compatible.

Paper handling

Same as former models, FS-6525/6530MFP can have up to four different paper inputs, including the 100 sheet MPT. The 500-sheet standard paper cassette and two additional 500 sheet paper cassettes create a total paper input capacity of 1600 pages.

The output tray has a job separator that comes as standard equipment; therefore, separating the output from different users and preventing the documents mix up.
Automatic duplex print/copy/scan/fax

The duplex function reduces the use of paper in the office by enabling the user to print on both sides of the paper. It also enables the duplex copy – a possibility to combine several one-sided documents in one double sided document.

The 50-sheet reversible document processor comes as standard with both devices. It enhances the productivity for handling documents consisting of several pages. In case of copy, scan and fax of double sided documents, instead of copying each page separately, the end user can place the document in the unit and press the start button. The job is automatically done by the unit.
USB host and PDF direct print

Both mono and colour models have a USB host which enables users to print out PDF files stored on a USB stick. The feature supports PDF/TIFF/XPS files saved up to the third file extension. The user just has to connect the USB stick to the printer and select the required file. The USB host also supports scan to USB functionality where the scanned documents can be directly sent to the USB memory.

Users can also print PDF files without launching the Acrobat application. Simply by right-clicking the file they want to print, they can select the option for PDF direct print. This saves time and increases the users’ productivity.
Quiet design

The Smart MFP HyPAS have print noise level similar to the one of a desktop printer. The quiet design was realized with closed driver unit and the compact LSU polygon mirror that decrease high pitch noises.

Compact body and 360° design

The Smart MFP have a body size similar to the high end A4 MFPs from HP, Samsung or Lexmark, it can fit easily in any office environment. The 360° design means that the device is nice no matter how you turn it around.

Low power consumption

By implementing newly designed ASIC board and white light LED the Smart MFP HyPAS achieve only 0.9W (former model was 1.0W) power consumption in sleep mode.

Standard Gigabit network connectivity

As a workgroup device the Smart MFP has standard gigabit network connectivity with the highest standards for network security (SSL, IPsec). The data sent to the MFP is encrypted which means that in case of unauthorized network access the intercepted data will be unusable for the third party.

When sharing printers with multiple users in a network environment, the set-up and administration become major areas of concern for network managers and administrators.
Additionally the Smart MFP HyPAS offer one more slot for optional gigabit network interface.

KX 5.x driver

  • Quick Print Tab in KX 5.x driver for simple selection of most frequent settings

  • Complete profiles in KX 5.x
    for easy support of dedicated document requirements

  • With application based profiles in KX 5.1 desired settings are always provided

    • Example: Outlook could be linked to a profile with 2in1 and b/w output

  • Security Watermark plug-in

    • As Plug-in, KX driver (after Version 5.1) support ‘Security Watermark’. KX driver enable to print out documents with guard pattern (simultaneously transparent text is implanted) When this document is scanned for copy, scan, fax, the transparent text is printed out or sent out

Print-out the guard pattern from KXdriver


When this document is scanned,



Job cannot be stopped

Transparent text is printed out or sent-out

Maintenance kit for FS-6025/6030MFP
MK-475 - Maintenance kit for the engine

The lifetime of the machine can be extended to 600k, using the 300k maintenance kit MK-475. The content of the MK is:

(a) Drum unit 300,000 sheets

(b) Development unit 300,000 sheets

(c) Fixing unit 300,000 sheets

(d) Transfer unit 300,000 sheets

(e) Paper feeding coil (MP tray) 300,000 sheets

(f) Primary paper feed unit 300,000 sheets

(g) Separation pad (MP tray) 300,000 sheets

(h) Registration cleaner 300,000 sheets

MK-470 - Maintenance kit for the document processor

(a) Feed roller 300,000 sheets

(b) Retard guide 300,000 sheets

(c) Retard roller 300,000 sheets

  1. Easy Device Installation

Document Finisher

Paper feeder installation

Cabinet – CB-470 and CB-472

Both wooden and metal cabinets are designed to serve a paper storage and increase the total height of the Smart MFP, therefore bringing the touch screen interface at a more convenient hight level for daily operation,

Base Unit – CB-471 and CB-473

Both wooden and metal castor base units are designed only to increase the total height of the Smart MFP. They do not offer any storage capacity.


One of the most important aspects for network ready printers is the aspect of security. This means that unauthorized access and information leakage through the network should be prevented.

The new ECOSYS, A3 MFP’s support SSL, the IPsec which increase security by encoding the IP packets and the user recognition protocol IEEE802.1x. All this helps prevents illegal access of information by 3rd party, information leaks and internet fraud.

  1. Technology

Operation Area

The Color Touch Panel provides simple individual user panel registration as well as simple user authentication.


The improved coil on the fuser prevents output curling and enables faster warm up of only 20sec. from sleep.

NEW after printing the job data, while device is in sleep mode, the former FS-6025/6030MFP keep on warming the fuser 1 minute. However, these new FS-6525/6530MFP switch off the fuser after printing immediately while the device is in sleep mode like other TASKalfa series, so that TEC value can be decreased approximately 18% from former models.
Surrounding Drum 

The mono MFPs have the 300,000 pages long-life a-Si drum.

The new roller charge system allows lower ozone emissions, therefore making the device more environmental friendly.
Driving Unit

The driving unit features Single Driving Motor which emits lower, non-irritating noise

Std. & Optional Cassette

Both standard and optional paper cassettes can handle paper weights from 60gsm to 160gsm, giving more flexibility to the end user in the media choice.

Multipurpose tray

The MPT can handle paper weights from 52gsm to 256gsm and offers paper capacity of up to 100 sheets.

Controller & Hardware

The improved controller performance allows lower energy consumption. The energy consumption in sleep mode is 0.9W.

Imaging and Scanning Unit

The imaging and scanning unit support for color scan, while the white light LED further more support the overall low energy consumption of the MFP.

To further enhance the reliability and the uptime the ISU was put in a closed housing.

The device reliability is further improved by designing simplified media delivery route which not only decreases the probability for a paper jam occurring but also enables easy paper jam clearance even if one occurs.

The output tray has a “media full sensor” which prevents the paper from falling over the device in case the tray is full.
The standard job separator prevents outputs from different users get mixed.


Thanks to its powerful HyPAS technology, the FS-6525/6530MFP additionally* offer maximum support for solutions. The devices can easily be customized and integrated into existing workflows or even connected to business applications like Document Management Systems with same usability of other KYOCERA HyPAS supported models such as TASKalfa i series and A4MFP series. This is suitable from small size customers to large account customers with total solution. (* optional Compact Flash card is required)
Solution Compatibility Overview

Solution Compatibility Matrix

Hardware Options

USB Card Readers

UG-33 (ThinPrint)

Print Document Guard Kit (A)

Download 212.14 Kb.

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