½ M. Sc coa important quuestions faculty: Dr. S. Jhansi Rani answer the following in brief

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Faculty: Dr. S.Jhansi Rani


  1. What are Segment Registers?

  2. What is a Micro Program? How is it different from a program?

  3. Draw the Instruction Word format and indicate the number of bits in each.

  4. How many 128 * 8 memory chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 4096 * 16?

  5. What is the use of I/O Processor?

  6. What is Cache Memory?

  7. What is a Uni Processor System?

2. Essay Questions


1. Design a 4 bit Combinational circuit decrementer using four full adder circuits?

2. Draw a Bus system Diagram with three state Buffers and a decoder.

3. Explain about floating point representation with example?

4. What is Decoder? Explain 3-to-8-line decoder with diagram?

5. Explain the Half Adder and Full Adder?

6. Explain the various types of Flip flops.

7.Simplify the following Boolean function using k map and draw the circuit using logic gates F(A,B,C,D) = _(0,1,2,3,7,8,10) + d(5,6,11,15)


1. Explain the Instruction Execution cycle with State Diagram?

2. With a neat diagram explain the design of Accumulator Logic.

3. With a neat diagram explain the Design of Basic Computer.

4. What are the different types of computer instructions?

5. Explain the addressing modes of computer with example.

Unit – 3

1. Explain the difference between Hardwired control and Micro programmed Control? Is it possible to have a hardwired control associated with a control memory?

2. Explain the Design of Control Unit?

3. Explain the memory hierarchy in a computer system with block diagram?

4. Explain with example Associative memory?


1. What are the different Modes of Transfer? Explain Direct Memory Access

2. Explain RISC

3. Write the Instruction Formats in computer

4. Explain the General Register Organization.

Unit – 5

1. What is Priority interrupts? Explain in detail.

2. Explain Asynchronous data transfer.

3. Explain modes of Data Transfer.

4. Explain the following briefly

a. DMA

b. IOP

c. Serial Communication
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