Brief summary about graphics formats

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Brief summary about graphics formats

There are many of media file formats. They can be pictures, sounds or video formats. Some of the formats are supporting more media files, some of them not.

Graphics formats
They are used to present digital pictures, photographs, illustrations, art pieces and other graphics materials.

GIF – (Graphics Interchange Format) was made by a company called CompuServe Inc. in 1987 and they made it better in 1989. It’s one of the most used formats for graphics information. GIF is supporting only 265 colours and maximum size of picture 16348 x 16348 pixels.

GIFF – Is the only format supporting a set of pictures going after each other. It’s making an illusion of movement, that’s why it’s very popular on the internet.

JPEG – (Joint Photographic Expert Group) This kind of format is one of the most widespread. It’s biggest plus is mostly a low capacity. It’s a standard in coding pictures mostly photographs.

TIFF – (Tagged Image File Format) This was made by company Aldus together with Microsoft. It’s a format made for using typography. You can see this in scanners. TIFF files are a very huge and that’s why you don’t see it on the internet so often. TIFF files are not losing any information.

PNG – (Portable Network Graphics format) let you keep pictures with maximum of 16.7 million colours. Older internet browsers are not supporting these formats.

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