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Conus Virgo Linking with the Higher self. Attracting others of like mind for a common purpose. Lynx Cowrie

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Conus Virgo

Linking with the Higher self. Attracting others of like mind for a common purpose.

Lynx Cowrie

Animal magnetism, attraction, power, clairvoyance.

Money Cowrie

Prosperity. Especially for those who need to learn that money is a fair exchange for their talents and energy.

Moon Snail

Cleanses the subconscious, stimulates problem-solving dreams.

Murax Endiva

Connecting the soul into the body, Earth connection and power, business success.

Ovula Ovum

Goddess energy, rebirthing, deep transformation, assistance, awakening to the Universal energies.

Pacific Deer Cowry

Healing energy for the inner Totem animal. Communicating with its energy and drawing its assistance into one's life.

Pacific Starfish

Expanding one's range and influence, reaching out to Divine abundance, finding star like qualities within.

Pink Murax

Love, charisma, drawing together Heaven and Earth, embodying one's Higher Self, soul mate attraction, drawing sweetness into one's life.

Pink Urchin

Safety, protection, inner child work, Living in a state of grace.

Royal Cloak

10th house issues, Perceiving one's own royalty, opening to expect and receive more from the Universe.

Sand Dollar

Dispels illusions, clear knowing, seeing the truth.

Stromb Canarium

Growing through joy rather than pain, speeding up one's evolutionary vibration, releases negative karma.

Tiger Cowrie

Cleanses the Aura, reclaiming soul fragments, Higher destiny.

Trocus Maculata

Spiraling deeper within, recognizing underlying patterns that have created pain. Dream recall and psychic sensitivity.

South American Birds

Altimira Oriole

Following the energy in relationships, becoming aware of the third entity that is created when two people come together in a romantic relationship and the ability to nurture and protect this aspect of the union.

Barred Antshrike

Merging of polarities, understanding the true nature of duality and how it can be directed to bring about positive change and growth.

Barred Forest Falcon

Quieting the mind, finding peace within the silence. This allows for new thoughts, images and symbols to appear spontaneously. These in turn can be experimented with to create new levels of reality and physical experience.

Bat Falcon

Seeing a problem or question from more than one perspective, turning it around so that it becomes a stepping stone rather than an obstacle. Also cleans the lower chakras, especially the root chakra and the chakras in the feet.

Black Cowled Oriole

Using the darkness as a mantle of protection for those who need to hide their light due to attack by others. Sliding in and out of dangerous situations freely and easily to bring healing to a person or place. Escape from a dangerous person or situation. Understanding and releasing what inside of you led you into that situation to begin with.

Black Faced Antthrush

For those who feel they are poorly understood or unacceptable to others, this essence helps them to identify and release the energy they are projecting through their aura that creates such feedback.

Black Headed Trogon

Very helpful while undergoing the process of recapitulation, an ordering of one's life experiences as practiced by ancient Toltec Shamans. This essence can be used alone to stimulate and automatic reordering of one's experiences, but the process is shortened when this essence and the actual practice are used together.

Blue Black Grassquirt

A trickster essence that shakes up known reality when one is ready to make major life changes but is unsure how to proceed. Cuts past ties that limit freedom and mobility.

Blue Black Grosbeak

Taking responsibility for one's life and actions, cleaning up of one's energy fields and physical environment. Tackling long standing projects and clearing them away easily.

Blue Crowned Motmot

Spontaneous creation through new thoughts that give birth to something unique. Accessing the inner daimon or genius for inspiration and guidance. Recognizing that we are all highly creative in numerous ways, not just through the arts such as painting or sculpture.

Buff Bellied Hummingbird

For those who are controlling, fearing a loss of power if they let go of people, situations or even a fear of turning things over into the hands of Spirit. Allows one to stand back and let things resolve themselves, people be who they are and get on with our own lives.

Chestnut Collared Woodpecker

Calls in Shamanic healing energies from around the world. Don't be surprised if a Celtic and Asian shaman show up together in your healing circle! Intuitively knowing which healing tools to use in a given situation.

Collared Aracari

Opening the mind to new belief systems, trying them on for size so to speak. Keeping what suits and disregarding the rest. Especially helpful for very close-minded people. I have also noticed that this essence is great for when you are using an essence and are not sure it will work, this essence helps to allow for the healing to occur. Also works with other healing modalities the same way.

Eye Ringed Flatbill

Scouting ahead to observe what pitfalls may stand in your way before embarking on a new project or life change. Using shamanic techniques instinctively to clear problems before they arise. Excellent essence for the inner shaman/healer so that its prescience may be felt and honored more fully.

Ferriginous Pygmy Owl

Dark nights of the soul, feeling as if one, like Persephone, has been kidnapped and dragged down into the underworld kicking and screaming. This essence acts as a guide so that we can find our way home again.

Golden Fronted Woodpecker

Calls in new opportunities that are truly "golden" and the ability to discern these from ones which are not. Motivates a person to grasp opportunities as they arise, moving on them swiftly rather than assuming that the door will remain open indefinitely. Also gives courage to those who fear to make a move towards their goals because of fear of the unknown.

Gray Crowned Yellow Throat

Unites the lunar/solar energies for greater balance and expression. Clears muddied intuitive insights, pulls the proper guidance in then empowers you to act on it.

Green Backed Sparrow

Carrying the Christ love and energy into areas that need it most. Empowers a person to feel safe and protected wherever they go and whatever they do. Helps one to forgive pain caused by others in the past. Experiencing the true Christ, not someone else's perceptions of him.

Green Breasted Mango

Subjective knowing, basing belief systems on one's experiences of the Universal flow rather than doubting your experience because others tell you what you have experienced cannot possibly be real or good. Opens the heart chakra and links it with the crown.

Groove Billed Ani

The spirit of oneness and unity, we all spring from the same source. Finding one's proper rhythm of growth and rest while allowing others to find their own pace. Not pushing your self or another to go faster than what is proper.

Hooded Oriole

For those who need to retreat from their family, friends or the world and yet suffer from guilt while doing so. It's important to take time to replenish the self in order to continue to nurture others. Also for those who are unable to allow this down time for themselves even when they know they need it desperately.

Ivory Billed Wood Creeper

Strong light prescience, sheds light in the darkness, helps one to find the proper path when you have been pulled off course. A really beautiful essence that draws good luck, happy surprises and good fortune.

Laughing Falcon

Seeking and finding joy, transmitting the essence of joy and laughter around the world to bring harmony and peace. Expecting divine surprises, miracles and experiences in everyday life. Bringing the healing power of laughter to others. An excellent essence for comedians and clowns.

Mottled Wood Owl

Blending in when it is proper to do so, attracts positive attention from others while giving a stiff warning to those of negative intent. Also helps one to blend many elements together in harmony, integrating all of the inner selves so they function as a complete unit.

Northern Bentbill

Cures grumpiness, depression is eased, restores a more cheerful point of view. Expecting things to go right rather than wrong. Often this change of attitude makes all the difference in the world.

Olivaceous Wood Creeper

Brings peace to troubled minds and souls. Helps to restore the harmony in a room where an argument has occurred. Disperses negative energy, promotes forgiveness and reconciliation.

Painted Bunting

Vision questing, seeking guidance from spirit and understanding the message when it arrives.

Pale Wing Trumpeter

Becoming more aware of the messages Spirit and the Universe are sending you each day. Feeling awake, aware. Following your inner guidance from moment to moment. Draws Angels both in human and spirit form. Communicating clearly with others and really hearing what they have to say.

Pygmy King Fisher

Finding lost treasures, both of the soul and the material. Realizing that Spirit has a vast store house of treasures for each of us that is only waiting for us to claim them.

Razor Billed Curasow

Cutting through illusion, seeing the truth behind a person's intent, not relying on their words or actions. Cutting the ties that bind you through karmic connections. All karma is up for cleansing.

Ringed Kingfisher

Resonates with the symbol of infinity, the number 8. We become more aware of the vast resources of energy available to us in all their forms. Grasping the concept of an eternal now, the total expansiveness of the Universe that is growing ever more expansive still. There is always something more to experience.

Rose Throated Tanager

A beautiful essence that resonates well with both the rose flower essences and essential oil. Expression verbally of the Christ love for all things, releases judgment of self and others. Very nurturing and supportive. A delightful essence for children of all ages, especially those who have been traumatized or abused.

Roadside Hawk

For being aware of inner beliefs that are waiting beside your path to sabotage your goals or pull you off course. Repels manifestation of same in human form.

Ruddy Ground Dove

For realizing that ultimately all spiritual experience must be anchored in the body to be shared with the earth plane. We are not meant to leave the body behind as some religions postulate, but are intended to evolve the body along with the soul so it may share in the rewards. Assisting one in staying attuned to the spiritual while remaining fully grounded in the physical.

Slate Headed Tody Flycatcher

Knowing that who and what you are is a unique expression of Universal energy. Seeing the beauty that dwells within you and sharing it with others. Helping others to bring out the best in themselves.

Smoky Brown Woodpecker

This essence can be used to initiate shamanic out of body journeys and when the journey is complete, to fully reground into the physical body so that the knowledge gained can be shared with others and put to practical use.

Squirrel Cuckoo

At times we all need to take a risk, do something so totally out of character in order to grow and expand within ourselves. This essence helps a person to play the part of the fool to liberate and heal themselves or another yet protects them from the consequences of folly. Only good shall be gained.

Striped Cuckoo

For realizing that time is merely a framework we use to measure our experiences, but time in and of itself need not have a direct impact on our physical bodies. It is our belief in the aging process that creates it as our physical experience.

Tawny Winged Woodpecker

Receptive gratitude, being open to receiving all the blessings of this beautiful Universe. Coming into the prescience of Spirit not to ask for anything specific, but to stand waiting with open arms to receive that which Spirit longs to give us.

Thick Billed Seed Finch

Retaining one's power and energy, not leaking it away through misuse or ignorance of its value, nor by allowing others to steal our thunder from us.

Yellow Billed Cacique

Moving on, releasing the ghosts of the past. Refusing to do the "sleep walk" anymore, choosing instead to actively wake up and pursue enlightenment in whatever way is proper for you.

Yellow Mangrove

Harnessing one's will, focusing it on that which is of benefit for yourself and others. Very helpful for those whose will is so strong, that it pulls them into difficult, even dangerous situations. The will is meant to be a servant of the self, not captain of the ship.

Yellow Olive Flycatcher

Doing what needs to be done with cheerfulness and a sense of grace. Especially helpful for people whose path of service involves a lot of travel or movement that produces frequent upheaval in their personal lives. Helps them to connect with those who can smooth out the rough spots.

Yellow Tailed Oriole

For people who are unaware of how much love and light they bring into the world through their day to day actions. Often these people are highly supportive of others who they feel have tremendous gifts to share with others but in the process forget to acknowledge their own gifts.

Yellow Throated Euphonia

Releases feelings of guilt that arise because you refuse to be a sacrifice for another. Particularly helpful when an adult child feels tremendous pressure to be the sole support for a parent or sibling. This support can be financial, emotional, physical or spiritual, even to the point where life force is leaked away to the supportee because the supporter has been made to feel that they are responsible for that persons very survival. This essence helps the supporter disconnect from the situation and establish proper boundaries.

Yellow Winged Tanager

Being willing to sign a contract with Spirit stating that you now are willing to receive everything you could ever desire and more. As Brooke Medicine Eagles states in her book " Buffalo Woman comes singing," The time has come when those who choose to stay on the earth plane must agree to having it all. Those who don't are simply holding back those who are willing to have it all.

White Collared Seedeater

Releasing the limitations imposed by transits of Saturn. Grasping the core of the lessons easily so that they don't have to be experienced as issues in day to day life.

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