Correct capitalization and insert punctuation marks as needed to be correct sentences!

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Assignment 1 Using Capital Letters and All Punctuation Marks Name Class
Correct capitalization and insert punctuation marks as
needed. to be correct sentences
1. everyone defines the term success differently how do you defines it
2. according to american author and editor christopher morley the only success is being able to spend your life the way you want to spend it
3. margaret thatcher former leader of great britain said that success is being good at what youre doing but also having a sense of purpose
4. author vernon howard had this to say on the subject you have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need
5. one of the most well known quotes about success comes from philosopher ralph waldo emerson who wrote that to have succeeded is to leave the world a bit better and to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived

Correct capitalization and insert punctuation marks as
needed to be a correct paragraph
Jack (Jackie) Roosevelt Robinson 1919
–1972 was born in Pasadena California. After excelling in sports in high school and community college he transferred to UCLA, where he lettered in four sports baseball, basketball, football, and track. In world war II he was commissioned second lieutenant in the army. After he was discharged he joined the negro league as a player with the Kansas City Monarchs fora week. In 1947 he was offered a tryout with the Brooklyn dodgers.
Before no African-Americans had been allowed to participate in the minor or major leagues. After signing a contract, Jackie Robinson was sent to the minor leagues and there he played for one year with Montreal a team in the International League.
Following a year in which he was the best hitter in the league he was brought up to the major leagues. During the first year 1947 he showed his greatness and was named the rookie of the year. Two years later he was the most valuable player in the national league and won the batting title with a .342 average. Despite the initial bigoted opposition by some baseball fans and players he performed with dignity courage and skill. Nevertheless he was an independent proud person. In the book Players of Cooperstown Mike Tully wrote he Robinson refused to be someone he was not, refused to

conform to an image of a man who knew his place Because sports is such a high profile activity Jackie Robinson is credited with playing a significant cant role in breaking down the racial barriers in society. In his ten years in the major leagues he helped his team reach the world series six times. He was inducted into the Baseball hall of fame in 1962.

Download 244.97 Kb.

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