Course title: Phonetics and Phonology Credit

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COURSE TITLE: Phonetics and Phonology (Credit: 1)


Phone: 62311784(O), 64954863(H) Mobile: 13811477203

FOR STUDENTS: 1st year MA students of Foreign Language Education

CLASSROOM HOURS: 2 hours / week, 10:10-12:00am, Wednesday Room 303, SRR

Length: the first half of the Autumn Term, academic year of 08-09

  1. OBJECTIVES (Bilingual: English+Chinese)

Through this short course, the students are expected to be able to

    1. speak English with correct pronunciation and prosodic patterns,

    2. discuss issues in English phonetics and phonology, and

    3. discuss issues in teaching the pronunciation of English to Chinese learners.


(1) 掌握正确的英语发音和发音规则,

(2) 讨论英语语音学和音系学方面的问题,

(3) 讨论英语语音教学方面的问题。


(for one credit: 6 lectures, 2 reading weeks, 1 exam)

  1. Introduction; organs of speech 导论;发音器官

  2. IPA, speech transcription 国际音标;语音撰写

  3. English vowels and consonants 英语的元音和辅音

  4. Phonological rules 音系规则

  5. Reading week 读书周

  6. Suprasegmentals; intonation 超音段特征;语调

  7. Features; phonological theories 区别特征理论;音系学理论

  8. Reading week 读书周

  9. Exam 考试周


1. Ladefoged, Peter. 2006. A Course in Phonetics. 5th ed. Boston, MA.: Thomson Wadsworth. (It is to be reprinted in August 2008 but don’t know if it will come out for the course.)

2. Gimson, A. C. & Alan Cruttenden. 2001. Gimson’s Pronunciation of English. 6th ed. London: Arnold. (Reprinted by FLTRP in 2001)

3. Yavaş, Mehmet. 2005. Applied English Phonology. Oxford: Blackwell.

D. RECOMMENDED READINGS (plus online resources)

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The class is taught in English and will be done in the following format: lecture + pronunciation practice + discussion.


  1. Class participation and performance (30%)

  2. Written exam (70%)

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