Credit Hours: 3 Semester: Spring 2008 Instructor Information Professor Name

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Bethune-Cookman University

Course: Computer Applications Prefix/number: CS 132B

Credit Hours: 3 Semester: Spring 2008

1. Instructor Information

Professor Name: Mubarak Banisakher

Telephone: 386 481-2675

E-Mail Address:

Office: Science Hall 202

Office Hours: MWF 10:15AM – 11:40AM and TR 11:20AM – 2:00PM
2. Prerequisites: None
3. Course Description

Introduction to computers and a brief survey of modern computer hardware and software. The primary focus of the course is on practical applications of computers, including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

4. Textbook and Optional Materials

  1. GO with MS Office Brief Value Pack W/Student Data Files (2nd Edition). Pearson Education (Prentice Hall). ISBN 0536214913.

  2. Students will need a convenient way to store, carry, and keep their data handy. A good USB flash drive with 512MB or greater storage capacity is a must have item for this class.

5. Main Course Goal

The primary goal of this class is to enhance student’s employability profile by equipping them with basic computer skills they will need to survive in today’s business environment. This course is designed to introduce students to microcomputers/PC’s applications by giving them hands-on experience using standard office software packages such as Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.).

6. Course Competencies/outcomes

  1. Student displays know-how in the use the Windows operating system.

  2. Students can demonstrate competencies in the use of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, and Web page creation.

  3. The student can demonstrate competency in the use of electronic mail, information location and retrieval, and use of the World Wide Web as an educational tool.

7. Objectives

  1. To provide students with an overview of Windows operating system.

  2. To provide students with an understanding of basic computer hardware and an introduction to software concepts.

  3. To give students a multitude of experiences using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software desktop publishing, and web page construction, with particular emphasis on application to the field.

  4. To enable students to communicate via electronic mail and to efficiently locate and retrieve information via the Internet.

  5. To enable students to apply their computer knowledge to specific applications within their field.

  6. To introduce students to recent innovations in computer applications and critical issues relative to computer use.

8. General Requirements/Student Expectations:

Attendance is required at all classes. I reserve the right to lower your grade by a letter grade if you miss three or more classes. Please note: various assignments MUST be completed and turn-in during class. Other assignments can be completed outside of class using appropriate hardware/software. Detail instructions on how to turn-in assignments will be given before each assignment.

  1. Read the section to be covered prior to class and arrive on time.

  2. Unless otherwise stated, all assignments and projects are to be INDIVIDUAL work. General discussion is allowed and assistance in understanding or reviewing work covered in class, but not the exchange of files or copying of an individual's work. ALWAYS try the assignments BEFORE asking for help from ANYONE.

  3. Participate in class discussions.

  4. Be responsible for any material missed when you are absent.

  5. Disabilities: If you need special consideration due to a disability documented by the college, please inform me during the first week of class and I'll be pleased to accommodate you.

  6. Academic Dishonesty: Cheating of any form will not be tolerated. Students plagiarizing assignments will automatically receive an "F" for the course. Any student found guilty of mishandling/damaging BCU computing facilities will be referred for disciplinary action that could result in probation or suspension.  Please remember that academic dishonesty includes initialing the attendance sheet for another student who is not in attendance or late for class.

9. Methods of Instruction

A mixture of lectures and demonstrations combine with PowerPoint presentation slides. Each student will have an account in lab 131 machines where the student will save

His/her lab assignment in a folder under the student name.
10. Course outline: Activities/assignments

Note: The following is a tentative schedule. Students are required to complete and submit their assignments on due dates. Students are encouraged to work ahead of this schedule for the assignments and use other computer labs or their personal computers.

Do Word Project 1” in the Laboratory Assignment column means “do the entire project on a PC.” submit the project through the Blackboard emails as an attachment please.

Weeks & Dates

Reading Assignment
Laboratory Assignment


1 Jan 14

1. Word Project 1A,

1. Do Word Project 1A

Chapter one word


2 Exam 1

Jan 21

1. Word Project, 1B

1. Do Word Project 1B



3 Jan 28

1. Word Project 2A ,

1. Do Word Project 2A


4 Exam 2

Feb 4

Word Project 2B

1. Do Word Project 2B



5 Feb 11

Word Project 3A

1.Do Word Project 3A


6 Exam3

Feb 18

Word Project 3B

1.Do Word Project 3B



7 Midterm

Feb 25

1. Excel Project 1A,

1. Do Excel Project 1A


8 Spring break

Mar 3

1. Excel Project 1B

1. Do Excel Project 1B



9 Exam4

Mar 10

1. Excel Project 2A,

1. Do Excel Project 2A



10 Exam 5

Mar 17

Excel Project 2B

1.Do Excel Project 2B


11 Mar 24

Excel Project 3A

1.Do Excel Project 3A



12 Exam6

Mar 31

Excel Project 3B

1.Do Excel Project 3B


13 April 7

. PowerPoint Project 1A,1B

1.Do PowerPoint Project 1A



14 Exam7

April 14

1. PowerPoint Project 2A, 2B

1. Do PowerPoint Project 2A


15 April 21

PowerPoint Project 3A, 3B

1.Do PowerPoint Project 3A



Final Exam



This total is subjected to changes through out the semester by canceling some exams or adding some.

Daily read the announcement page on Blackboard please



11. Technology

Navigating the Internet and Email is part of this course. As a result, you must follow all turn-in instructions carefully and save your assignment in the computer that assigned to you by the instructor .

12. Assessment/Grading scale

There will be several labs assignments, several lab tests, multiple-choice tests, and class projects from the book. Late assignments will not be accepted. All tests must be taken on scheduled date and time. No make-up test will be given, unless prior arrangements are made and agreed with the Instructor. Evaluation will be based upon student performance and completion of individual assignments and in-class exams. Evaluation is broken out as follows:

Lab Assignments(Projects) 20%

Tests (multiple-choice) 25%

Midterm exam 20%

Final exam 25%

Attendance and participations 10%

GRADING SCALE: A (90 - 100 %); B (80 - 89 %); C (70 - 79 %); D (60 - 69 %) F (Below 60 %)

You may complete any Cases and Places exercise at the end of a project, any of the exercises at the end of the Integration Features, or any exercise in the Integration Case Studies section for 5 points, up to a maximum of 25 points. Each Cases and Places exercise must come from a different project.
b. If you discover an error in the grading of your work, please discuss it with me ASAP! As a rule, you and I should discuss any grading problems within five days after the distribution of test grades. Please, do not wait until the end of the course to bring up problems with test one. You will find that I am very reluctant to change a grade after two weeks.
c. Makeup Test Policy:

    • NO makeup tests will be given without a five day advance notice that the student will not be present for a scheduled test, or an extreme emergency situation arrives. I reserve the right to refuse to give a makeup test without suitable proof that an extreme emergency have occurred. A makeup test will likely be different from the original test and may be more difficult.

General Requirements

Regular class attendance is required. Completion of assignments will entail time spent at a personal computer during class hours and outside of class. Students may complete assignments outside of class, where hardware/software is appropriate to meet requirements.

All the reading, training materials, and lab assignments are from the textbook. All students must activate their BCU e-mail account. You must submit your assignments on the due date by the way the instructor indicated it in the course schedule, if it is online or hybrid it has to be submitted through the blackboard, if it is face to face it has to be saved in the assigned computer in lab 131.

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