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the Award Winning Feature Documentary


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CROSSING BORDERS is a feature documentary that follows four Moroccan and four American university students as they travel together through Morocco and, in the process of discovering "The Other," discover themselves. The film is a cross-cultural tool that is designed to empower by: supporting the development of intercultural empathy and critical thinking skills; and initiating dialogue between different cultures.
"The film Crossing Borders is a truly powerful tool to empower students to think beyond borders."

Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global

The film makes you want to get up and be proactive.”

Student Kelsey Binne, NVCC

International Film Festivals where “Crossing Borders” was selected:

Illinois International Film Festival 2009 (Winner: “Best International Feature Documentary”)

Honolulu Film Festival 2010 (Winner:“Gold Kahuna Award”)

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2010 (Selected for screenings funded by the Greek Ministry of Education.)

DocMiami International Film Festival 2010 (Official Selection)

Awareness Festival 2010 (Official Selection)

Charlotte Film Festival 2010 (Official Selection)

FILManthropy Festival 2010 (Official Selection)

Utopia Film Festival 2010 (Official Selection)

Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival 2010 (Official Selection)

Los Angeles Global Film Festival 2010 (Winner: “Best Documentary”)

Trailer: watch the 3-minute trailer at:

A project by Crossing Borders Education

Non-profit organization for cross-cultural education

Download 8.33 Kb.

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