Science Campus Hostels (Women) alagappa university

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Science Campus Hostels (Women)


Warden Deputy Warden

Dr. S. Subeena Begum Dr. C. Bala Lakshmi

Mobile : 98944 20264 Mobile : 90920 59192

History of the hostel :

Science campus hostels were established in the year 2012 to serve the needs of the women students within the science campus. A total of 56 rooms are available in the science campus hostels to accommodate around 200 female students pursuing science courses in our university.

University is providing all the sophistication for comfortable stay at hostels and healthy food for good life. We have three buildings namely Lotus Hostel, Rose Hostel and Jasmine Hostel.


Other facilities:

Geycer, Out door game, Indoor games, Medical checkup, UPS, Solar light,

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