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رقم المقرر الدولي: DAST201

Curriculum and Process Design Evidence



Course NO.: DAST201

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هياكل البيانات 2Data structures I


فصلي X


اجباري: X



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ماجستير علوم حاسبات-مدرس مساعد


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برنامج المقرر



Data Structure is an arrangement of data in a computer’s memory (or sometimes on a disk). Data structures include arrays, linked lists, stacks, binary trees, and hash tables, among others. Algorithms manipulate the data in these structures in various ways, such as searching for a particular data item and sorting the data.

This course treats structured problem solving, data abstraction, and the comparative analysis of algorithm as fundamental tools of program design.


اهداف المقرر

  1. Understand the recursion techniques.

  2. Describe the binary tree traversal techniques.

  • Evaluate Binary tree traversal (Inorder)

  • Explain how can visit the B.T by using Preorder.

  • Explain how can visit the B.T by using Postorder.

  1. Be familiar with advanced data structures such as:

  • balanced search trees,

  • Complete search tree.

  1. Able to understand the AVL tree.

  2. Explain the insert operation on AVL tree.

  3. Discuss the deletion operation on AVL tree.

  4. Describe the meaning of Red-Black tree.

  5. Learn how can insert elements in red black tree.

  6. Explain the meaning of Graphs.

  7. Understand the types of graphs.

  8. Learn how to traverse graphs.

  9. Explain how dijkstra’s algorithm works.

  10. Be familiar with several sorting algorithms including:

    1. Quick sort,

    2. Sorting & selection,

    3. Radix sort

  11. Be familiar with Weighted graphs

  12. Master analyzing problems and writing program solutions to problems using the above techniques

  13. Amortized analysis

  14. Randomized analysis

  15. Augmenting data structures


مفردات المقرر او المحتوى

الماده العملية

الماده النظرية

Post, pre, inorder traversals

Trees traversals

Week 1

Post, pre, inorder traversals

AVL trees, Insertion

Week 2

Impl. AVL

AVL trees, Deletion

Week 3

Impl. AVL

red-black trees, Insertion

Week 4

Impl. red-black trees

red-black trees, Deletion

Week 5

Impl. red-black trees

Exam I

Week 6

Impl. Graph


Week 7

Exam I

Weighted graphs

Week 8

Impl. Weighted Graph

sorting algorithms

Week 9

Impl. Quick sort

Quick sort

Week 10

Impl. Sorting & selection

Sorting & selection

Week 11

Impl. selection

Week 12

Impl. Radix sort

Radix sort

Week 13

Impl. Radix sort

Exam II

Week 14

Exam II

Algorithm analysis

Week 15


طرائق التدريس المعتمدة لتنفيذ المقرر

  1. Lecture Oral Presentation.

  2. Class Discussion.


توزع درجات المقرر وفق لواحد أو أكثر مما يأتي

  1. 3% for the attendance.

  2. 7% for the homework.

  3. 5% for project.

  4. 15% for the Lab Exams.

  5. 20% for the Exams.

  6. 50% for the final Exam.


المصادر والمراجع - التسلسل حسب الأهمية - :

  1. Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia, Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, John Wiley & Sons, (Fifth Edition, 2011).

  2. Robert Lafore, Data Structures and Algorithims in Java, Second Edition (Second Edition 2003).

اسم التدريسي: م.م حوراء شريف حمزة

رئيس القسم: د. صفاء عبيس

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