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Charles H. Martin Telephone: (915) 544‑8486 Home

3807 N. Stanton (915) 747‑7055 Office

El Paso, Texas, 79902 (915) 747‑5508 Department

Ph.D., Tulane University

M.A., Tulane University

B.A., Texas A&I University [now Texas A&M University—Kingsville], summa cum laude

Choice Selection, An “Outstanding Academic Title for 2011,” for Benching Jim Crow. 2011

College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Service Award, University of Texas at El Paso. 2010.

Emma Lou and Gayle Thornbrough Award, Indiana Historical Society (for Best Article Published during 2002 in the Indiana Magazine of History). 2002.

Fellowship for College Teachers. NEH, 1994.

Research Grant. University Research Institute (UTEP). 1993.

Travel to Collections Grant. NEH, 1989, 1985.

Category "B" Fellowship. NEH, 1980.

Summer Seminar for College Teachers Fellowship. NEH, Columbia University, 1976.

John T. Monroe Dissertation Fellowship. 1970‑1971.

National Defense Education Act Title IV Fellowship. 1966‑1970.

Professor, University of Texas at El Paso, 2011-present.

Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso. 2001-2011.

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at El Paso. 1992‑2001.

Lecturer, University of Texas at El Paso. 1978‑1982, 1984‑1986, 1987‑1989, 1990‑1992.

Visiting Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso. 1989‑1990.

Instructor, El Paso Community College. 1982‑1983.

Instructor, Austin College. 1976‑1977.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbia University. Summer, 1977.

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, Gadsden Program, 1972-1976

University of Texas at El Paso: Graduate Studies in United States History (U.S. Civil Rights

Movement; Civil Rights & Black Power; U.S. Since 1945); Graduate Seminar in United States History (U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s); Texas History Since 1821; The United States Since 1941; Junior‑Senior Seminar in History; African American History; The New South; Survey of U.S. History (honors and regular sections)

El Paso Community College: Survey of United States History

Austin College: The U. S. Since 1945; History of the South

Columbia University: History of the South; Southern Radicalism

University of Alabama, Gadsden: The U.S., 1917‑1945; The U.S. Since 1945; Black History; New South; Social History of the U.S. Since 1865; U.S. Foreign Relations; The U.S., 1877‑1916

Benching Jim Crow: The Rise and Fall of the Color Line in Southern College Sports, 1890-

1980. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2010.

Diamond Days: An Oral History of the University of Texas at El Paso. Edited with

Rebecca M. Craver. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1991.

The Angelo Herndon Case and Southern Justice. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University

Press, 1976.

Hold That (Color) Line! Black Exclusion and Southeast Conference Football.” In Higher Education and the Civil Rights Movement, edited by Peter Wallenstein. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2008, 166-198.

“Jim Crow in the Gymnasium: The Integration of College Basketball in the American

South.” In Sport and the Color Line: Black Athletes and Race Relations in

Twentieth-Century America, edited by Patrick B. Miller and David K. Wiggins.

New York: Routledge, 2003, 233-250. Revised and expanded from International

Journal of the History of Sport, 10 (April 1993).

The Color Line in Midwestern College Sports, 1890-1960.” Indiana Magazine of History, 98 (June 2002): 84-112.

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"The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow in Southern College Sports: The Case of the Atlantic Coast Conference." North Carolina Historical Review, 76 (July 1999): 253‑284.

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"Internationalizing 'the American Dilemma': The Civil Rights Congress and the 1951

Genocide Petition to the United Nations." Journal of American Ethnic History, 16

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"Race, Gender, and Southern Justice: The Rosa Lee Ingram Case." American Journal of Legal History, 29 (July 1985): 251‑268.

"The International Labor Defense and Black America." Labor History, 26 (Spring 1985): 165‑194.

"Southern Labor Relations in Transition: Gadsden, Alabama, 1930‑1945." Journal of Southern History, 47 (November 1981): 545‑568.

"Oklahoma's 'Scottsboro' Affair: The Jess Hollins Rape Case." South Atlantic Quarterly, 79 (Spring 1980): 175‑188.

"Communists and Blacks: The ILD and the Angelo Herndon Case." Journal of Negro History, 64 (Spring 1979): 131‑141.

"White Supremacy and Black Workers: Georgia's 'Black Shirts' Combat the Great Depression." Labor History, 18 (Summer 1977): 366‑381.

"Negro Leaders, the Republican Party, and the Election of 1932." Phylon, 32 (Spring

1971): 85‑93.


Member, Dissertation Committee: Scott Comar, “The Tigua Indians.” In progress.

Member, Dissertation Committee: Roland Rodriguez, “Horseman Presence, Patrol, and

Protection: Hispano Rangers of the Texas-Mexico Frontier.” In progress.

Member, Portfolio Committee and Dissertation Committee: Timothy E. Nelson, “The

Significance of the Afro-Frontier: Blackdom, Boyer, and Borderlands 1900-1930.” In


Member, Dissertation Committee: Melanie Rodriguez, pending completion of portfolio.

Chair of Ph.D. Committee and Director of Ph.D. Dissertation: Winifred Dowling, “The Border at War: World War II Along the U.S.-Mexico Border.” 2010.

Chair of M.A Committee and Director of M.A. Thesis: William Moody, “Presidential Visits to

El Paso.” In progress.

Reader, M.A. Thesis [Economics]: “An Econometric Approach for Modeling Population Change in Doña Ana County, New Mexico.” September 2014.

Reader, M.A. Thesis [Economics]: Iliana M. Resendez, “Residential Electricity Demand in Arkansas.” August 2014.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Juan Carlos Varela, “The Farah Strike of 1972.” 2013

Reader, M.A. Thesis [Political Science]: Janette Gonzalez-Soliz, “9/11 and the War on Terrorism: Iraq War Narratives and Sacrifice Model.” 2013

Reader, M.A. Thesis [Political Science]: Daniel Call, “Exploring the Determinants of Gay Rights Policies at the State Level.” 2013.

Chair of M.A. Committee and Director of M.A. Paper: Andrew Klooster, “The Church of St. Clement and the Progressive Era: Constructing a Progressive Identity in the City of El

Paso, 1870-1920. 2012.

Chair of M.A. Committee and Director of M.A. Paper: Raagan Miles, “Women and the Suffrage Movement in Texas.” 2012.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Izul de la Vega, “Demystifying Narratives: Re-Presenting the Death of Ricardo Falcón.” 2012.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Rebecca Prado, “El Paso and the Fiery Cross of Klandom.” 2012.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Abby Weiser, “Historical Memory and the Texas Centennial in El Paso and the Border Region.” 2012.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Jessica Diaz, “From a Booming Enterprise to a Shameful Existence: The Controversial Life of the Red-Light District in El Paso, TX.” 2012.

Reader, M.A. Thesis [Political Science]: Adrian Acosta, “Natural Rights and Equality: The Case of Injustice in the Senate.” 2012.

Reader, M.A. Paper: María Lopez, “The Chicano Movement, Juvenile Delinquency and the Conflict between Mexican American and the Police in El Paso, 1968-1978.”  2012.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Eugene Wyatt, “Diffusion of English Iron Technology to Colonial America.” 2011.

Reader, M.A. Paper [English]: Juan Sybert-Coronado, “Mark Twain and the Creation of Compassionate American Humor.” 2011.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Joanna Camacho-Escobar, “’Toro Macho, padrote como ese, denguno; no nacio pa yugo: Language and Identity in Puerto Rico, 1948-1968.” 2011.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Sandra I. Enríquez, “Closing Inequality Gaps to Climb the Social Ladder: Mexican American Class Action and Educational Activism in El Paso.” 2011.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Monet Munoz, “Exiled Democracy in a Sea of Dictatorships: The Caribbean Legion’s Masculine Rhetoric, 1945-1954.” 2011.

Chair of M.A. Committee and Director of M.A. Paper: Eduardo Garcia, “’En La Jugada’: Sports, Segregation, and Masculinity in El Paso, 1940-1950.” 2010.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Scott C. Comar, “Indigenous Resistance in the El Paso Borderlands: The Tigua Indian Land Dispossession and the Salt War of 1877.” 2010.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Daniel Skertchly, “El Paso During World War II: ‘Unlike Any Other City.’” 2008.

Reader, Undergraduate Honors Thesis [Political Science]: Jose Ramirez, “A Study of Two High Schools.” 2008.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Krista B. Stephan-Ward, “Voices in the Desert: Civilian and Army

Perceptions of Indians in the Southwest, 1846-1886.” 2006.

Chair of M.A. Committee and Director, M.A. Paper: Patrick Pynes, "'Come One, Come All': The Farm Labor Issue in El Paso County." 2004.

Chair of M.A. Committee and Director of M.A. Paper: Gloria de la Garza Paxson, “The El Paso County Criminal Courts and Mexican-American Defendants: Unequal Justice

During the 1920s.” 2003.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: B. James Barrera, "The 1968 Edcouch‑Elsa High School Walkout: Chicano Student Activism in a South Texas Community." 2000.

Director, M.A. Paper: Terry Cody, "The War on Poverty in El Paso." 2000.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Harry C. Barber, Jr., "The Culmination of Cold War Naval Policy: The Carter and Reagan Administrations." 2000.

Co‑Director, M.A. Thesis: Jeff Schulze, "The Rediscovery of the Tiguas: Indianness,

Identity, and Recognition in the Twentieth Century." 1999.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Joel Wendland, "W.E.B. DuBois: Re‑Imagining and

Re‑Constructing the African American Community, 1900‑1940." 1998.

Director, M.A. Thesis: Richard Dugan, "Benefit of Location: The National Rationing

System and El Paso, Texas, 1942‑1945." 1997.

Director, M.A. Paper: Linda Loy, "The El Paso Press and the Holocaust." 1996.

Reader, M.A. Paper: Linda Loy, "The Cherokees and the Civil War." 1996.

Director, M.A. Paper: John C. Dechon, "The Women's Land Army: Its Contribution to

the War Effort and Role in Changing Negative Female Stereotypes, 1941‑1945." 1994.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Christe C. Armendariz, "Inconspicuous But Estimable Immigrants:

The Japanese in El Paso, 1890‑1948." 1994.

Director, M.A. Thesis: Margarete Erika Thompson, "German Immigration to the United

States and Texas During the 1840s: A Study in Hardship and Success." 1993.

Director, M.A. Paper: James E. Harrison, "The Troubled Marriage Between American

Industry and Housewives During World War II." 1993.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Yong‑Bing Guo, "The Alliance for Progress and Central America."


Director, M.A. Paper: Willa J. Douglass, "It's a Family Affair: Family Run Mexican

Restaurants in El Paso, Texas, 1940‑1960." 1992.

Director, M.A. Paper: Stanford B. Bernheim, "The Pittsburgh Courier and the Quest for

Full African‑American Participation in World War II." 1992.

Director, M.A. Paper: Bruce D. Kilbourne, "The Office of War Information and Hollywood: Politics and Propaganda in American Films During World War II." 1992.

Director, M.A. Paper: Clement D. Eagan, "Utilization of Black Manpower in the United

States Army, 1940‑1945: An Opportunity Squandered." 1992.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Geoffrey J. Olson, "The Second Indochina War and Canadian‑American Relations: Cooperation or Conflict?" 1992.

Director, M.A. Thesis: Raul Flores‑Simental, "The 1983 Municipal Elections in Ciudad Juarez: Political Opposition on the Northern Border." 1990.

Reader, M.A. Thesis (Music): Janet Deneen Johnson, "A Historical Analysis of the Negro

Spiritual." 1989.

Director, M.A. Paper: Mary Ann White, "Social and Political Upheaval as Reflected in the

Underground Press of the 1960s." 1986.

Reader, M.A. Thesis: Robert Emmett Melia, "The Road to Tchepone: South Vietnam, the

United States, and the Invasion of Laos, 1971." 1986.

Director, El Paso History Day. 2005-present.

Undergraduate Advisor. 2004-2007, 2009-present.

Co-Coordinator, Frances Harper Student History Conference. 2010-2014.

Chair, Library Committee. 2009-2015.

Member, Graduate Program Committee. 2007-2008, 2010-2011, 2011-2012.

Member, Merit Committee. 2001-2002, 2007-2008, 2008-2009.

Member, Advisory Committee. 1992‑93, 1995‑1996, 2009-2010.

Chair, Undergraduate Committee. 2004-2007.

Member, Undergraduate Committee. 1999‑2000.

Chair, Symposium Committee. 1992‑1993.

Chair, Oral History Committee. 1997‑1998.

Faculty Advisor, Phi Alpha Theta Honorary Society. 2002-2005.

Coordinator, UTEP-NMSU Phi Alpha Theta Joint Student Conference on History, 2005.

Member, Oral History Committee. 1990‑91, 1991‑92, 1992‑93, 1995‑1996, 1997‑1998.

Member, Search Committee, Nineteenth Century U.S. Position. 1995‑1996.

Member, Search Committee, Oral History/Public History Position. 1998‑1999.

Phone‑a‑thon Coordinator, UTEP Fund for Excellence. 1996‑1997, 1997‑1998, 1998‑1999.

Member, Library Committee. 1999‑2000, 2000‑2001, 2004-2005, 2009-2010.

Member, Long Range Planning Committee. 1999‑2000, 2008-2009.

Talk on "LBJ in History." Phi Alpha Theta, November, 1991.

Judge, El Paso History Day. 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005.

Faculty Senate Committee on Committees. 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014.

Faculty Senate Academic Policy Committee. 2014-2015.

Member, COLA Tenure and Promotion Committee. 2011-2012, 2012-2013.

Member, Faculty Senate. 1996‑1998, 2004-2006, 2014-2015. Alternate: 2012, 2013, 2014.

Member, COLA Advisory Committee on Recruitment and Retention. 2011-2012.

Chair, Faculty Senate Graduate Scholarship Committee. 1997‑1998, 2002-2003.

Member, Faculty Senate Graduate Scholarship Committee. 1995-1998, 2000‑2003.

Coordinator, Institute of Oral History. "History of the University Project" for UTEP's

75th Anniversary (some of the interviews collected during this project appeared in

Diamond Days). 1987-1991.

Chair, President’s 1966 NCAA Championship Exhibit Committee. 2003-2004.

Member, Faculty Senate Student Welfare and Grievance Committee. 2004-2007.

Member, University Heritage Commission. 2008-2009.

Member, Quincentennary Committee. 1990‑91, 1991‑92.

Member, World War II Commemoration Committee. 1993‑1994.

Member, Faculty Senate Catalog and Calendar Committee. 1997‑2000.

Member, Search Committee for Assistant Director of Disabled Student Services Office.

Fall, 2007.

Coordinator and Lecturer, course on "American Politics: From Roosevelt to Reagan."

UTEP Center for Lifelong Learning. Fall, 1995.

Consultant, UTEP Centennial Museum. Exhibit on "El Paso During World War II."

September, 1996.

Talk on movie “The Perfect Game.” Black History Month, UTEP, February, 2013.

Talk on “Sports and Racial Change,” to Sociology 3390, October, 2013.

Talk on “The Racial Integration of College Sports,” Special Science Majors Seminar, October,


Talks on “The 1966 Texas Western Championship Basketball Team.” UTEP SmartSTART

Program, June, 2004, June 2005, June 2006.

Talk on "The Civil Rights Movement in Historical Perspective." UTEP Center for Lifelong Learning. March, 1994.

Talk on "The History of Juneteenth." UTEP Juneteenth Celebration. June, 1994.

Talk at Golden Nugget Award breakfast of the College of Education. October, 1999.

Judge, Oral History of World War II Contest for High School Students. UTEP Institute of

Oral History. Spring, 1995.

Chair, Session at Conference on "World War II: Border Home Front." UTEP Institute of

Oral History. April, 1995.


In-Service Workshop, El Paso Independent School District. 2011, 2012, 2013.

History Day Presentation, Gifted & Talented Coordinators, Socorro ISD. September, 2012.

Presenter, Region XIX Conference for Social Studies Teachers. September, 2012.

Invited Guest, Luis Saenz Program, KTEP. 2010.

Presentation to pre-AP World History Class, Parkland High School. September, 2009.

Invited Guest, Barthy Bird Radio Program, KTEP. 2008, 2009.

In-Service Workshop, El Paso Independent School District. October, 2008.

Board of Directors, El Paso County Historical Society, 1990‑1992, 1995‑1997.

Director, World War II Historical Memories Contest, EP County Historical Society. 1994‑1995.

Judge, Seventh Grade History Fair, El Paso Independent School District. 2010.

In-service Workshop, Parkland High School. November, 2007.

In-service Workshop, El Paso Independent School District. September, 2006.

Outside Evaluator, 6th Grade Special Projects, El Paso Independent School District. May, 2007.

Member, Board of Directors, American Youth Soccer Organization, Region 272. 1980‑1995.

Area Director (West Texas and Southern New Mexico), American Youth Soccer Organization. 1985‑1997.

Referee, American Youth Soccer Organization. 1980‑present.

Invited Guest, "Street Pulse" Radio Program Celebrating Martin Luther King Day.

Station KPRR. January, 1996.

Member of Panel, "News Extra" Program on "Don Haskins and the 1966 Miners." KVIA

Channel 7. February, 1997.

Guest on “El Paso Sports Showcase,” Time Warner Cable, Cable Chan. 7. January, 2004.

Talk on "The Racial Integration of Southern College Sports." First Presbyterian Church

Men's Breakfast Group. July, 1997.

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