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ean of Postgraduate Research

Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Extension: 7285

Email: lucy.johnston@canterbury.ac.nz

Summer Research Scholarship Scheme


Project Application Form

Please complete and submit the application form as a WORD document and send to summerscholarships@canterbury.ac.nz

The Project

Title of Project (max 30 words):

Visualisation of 3D Architectural Building Models in Augmented and Virtual Reality
Project Leader(s):

Adrian Clark
Host Department/Organization:

Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ)
Other persons involved in this topic/activity:

(List other significant members involved along with their affiliation to the research project.)

Name Affiliation to project

Simon Shearer Industry Partner
Ken Beckman Project Manager
Brief outline of project

Describe the proposed research project – maximum of 400 words (box will expand as you type).
Note that this information will be published on the web in order to attract student applicants and therefore be mindful of any Intellectual Property issues
In this research project, students will be investigating and developing a mobile application capable of visualising 3D architectural building models using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.
A common problem in architectural design and construction is that an expert knowledge is often required to fully understand the exact nature of the final three-dimensional design of a building given only two dimensional plans and renderings. This can lead to misunderstanding and conflict between the designers and the client, and can be a major factor in projects running behind time, over cost, or even complete failure.
One of the biggest strengths of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies is the ability to allow visualisation of virtual data in way that is easily to understand, and intuitive to interact with. This research project aims to explore the use of AR and VR as a tool to demonstrate the proposed design of construction plans to non-expert end users, and develop a tool that could be used by an architectural firm or construction company to enable better understanding of their products.
If the project involves work away from the University campus (e.g., at fieldwork sites) please detail all locations.
The successful application may be required to visit the founder company offices for meetings and to gain insight from the industry.
If the student be required to work outside of normal university hours (8am-5pm) please provide details

Benefits student will gain from involvement in the project

Describe the research experience and skills that the student will acquire through involvement in this research project – maximum of 100 words.
The successful applicant will gain skills in research and development in cutting edge technology, learn techniques for mobile application development, get a greater understanding of working on research projects with industry partners, and develop their abilities as a software developer. There is the potential that the student may also learn some web development and database development as part of the project.

Specific student requirements

Please provide details of all requirements you have for the student to work on this project – for example, if specific courses/experience are necessary.
While not a requirement for the project, an ideal candidate would have knowledge of Augmented Reality, Computer Graphics and mobile application development. Knowledge of the Unity game development engine and C# would be beneficial. Some knowledge of databases and web technologies may be useful.

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