Daphne Pearce 21 November 2016

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Brianna Stott

HLAC 1013

Daphne Pearce

21 November 2016

Fitness Journal Assignment


The app that I used for tracking my food intake is called Diabetes:M for Android. It is one that I had already been using for my type one diabetes. I have also tracked my blood sugar and the amount of insulin I took at each meal to help me control my glucose numbers better. I will attach the PDF file from the month here: file:///C:/Users/zfdcmu/Downloads/LogBook%20-%2009%20Oct%202016.pdf

I would also like to state that I work night shifts, so the foods I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner might not make “sense” sometimes since I am on a different schedule.


Breakfast: Mashed potatoes and gravy, corn dog with mustard, cantaloupe, cheese stick X2

Lunch: Quesadilla with siracha, gummy candies

Snack: Cool lime refresher, ½ cake pop

Dinner: Juice, mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, protein bar

Exercise: HLAC 1013


Breakfast: Pizza, diet coke, cheese bread

Lunch: Turkey sub, gummy candies, monster rehab raspberry tea

Snack: Crackers

Dinner: Curry, mango sticky rice

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Applesauce, brie cheese and crackers

Snack: Rice-a-roni

Lunch: Mashed potatoes

Snack: Tootsie rolls, diet coke, crystal light

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Cranberry juice, Rice-a-roni

Snack: Vanilla pudding

Lunch: Sparkling water, beans, pirouette wafers X2, iced coffee

Dinner: Green Chile chicken enchiladas, refried beans, ice cream and sour gummy candy

Snack: Mike’s hard lemonade, candy

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar, probiotic

Snack: Caramels, Vienna sausage, Hawaiian kings rolls, peanut m&ms

Dinner: Chicken Broth, chicken enchiladas, beans

Snack: Cupcake, diet monster

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Wheat Chex cereal, probiotic

Snack: Diet coke, chicken broth, cheese, chocolate covered mangos, sunchips

Dinner: Corn Dog, Baby Ruth candy bar, onion rings

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Probiotic

Snack: Juice, gummy candies

Lunch: Sour cream and onion lays,

Snack: Crystal light, cheese, prune juice

Dinner: Muffin, mac and cheese with siracha, green beans, beef jerky, Gatorade

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar, prebiotic

Snack: Nutrigrain bar

Lunch: Protein bar, muddy buddies, diet dr. pepper, steamed veggies and mushroom chicken, spring roll X2, fortune cookie

Dinner: Buffalo wild wings, protein bar, diet mountain dew, cookie

Exercise: HLAC 1013


Breakfast: Praline Wafers

Lunch: Curry and rice, naan, veggies

Snack: Popsicle, wine, tootsie rolls

Dinner: Hot dog, chips, diet mountain dew, tootsie rolls

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Coffee

Dinner: Curry and rice, mango sticky rice

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Protein bar

Snack: Protein bar, tootsie rolls, crystal light

Snack: Cookie, prune juice, sun chips

Dinner: Curry and rice, wafer cookies

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Protein bar

Snack: Protein bar, Vienna sausage, crystal light

Snack: Sprite zero, Cheese stick X2

Dinner: Pizza, pumpkin bread, caramel mocha latte

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Protein bar

Snack: Popcorn, sprite zero

Dinner: Mac and cheese, salted caramel mocha

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Apple juice, peaches

Snack: Pretzel bites, protein bar

Dinner: Pancakes, hash browns, eggs, turkey bacon, Fresca

Snack: tootsie rolls

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Protein bar

Snack: Strawberry poptart

Dinner: SLAB pizza, tootsie rolls, Gatorade

Exercise: HLAC 1013


Breakfast: Orange slices

Dinner: Curry and rice, iced coffee, mango sticky rice, Malibu rum

Snack: Chips, wafer cookies

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Juice, chips

Snack: Iced coffee, protein bar, diet monster

Lunch: Hot dog, lemonade, cookies

Snack: Strawberry milk

Dinner: Crab mac and cheese, salad, fries

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Vienna sausage, sparkling water

Snack: Protein bar

Lunch: Protein bar

Dinner: Cheesy potatoes, hi-chews, crispitos

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Protein bar

Snack: Crystal light, protein bar

Dinner: Mac and cheese, broccoli, beef jerky, diet monster

Snack: Mentos, chocolate milk

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich

Snack: Juice

Snack: Chocolate, cranberry sprite zero

Dinner: Corn dog, chocolate, soup

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Coffee

Snack: Apple juice, airhead candy

Lunch: Protein bar, crackers and dip

Dinner: Taco bell burritos

Snack: Cucumbers, crystal light, mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce

Exercise: 20 minute walk


Breakfast: Pumpkin spice latte

Snack: Strawberry milk

Lunch: Soup, salad, breadsticks

Snack: Strawberry milk, liquorice

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Pumpkin spice latte, cheese, wafer cookies

Lunch: Hash browns, burritos X2

Dinner: Fish and chips, onion rings

Snack: Protein bar, string cheese

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Omelet, cheese Danish X2, coffee, raisin bran, orange

Lunch: Shrimp salad, watermelon

Dinner: Pizza, carrot cake, gold peak iced tea

Snack: Shake, fruit, protein bar, candy

Exercise: 30 minute walk


Breakfast: Soufflé, strawberries, milk, donuts

Lunch: Fruit, roast beef, potatoes, mixed veggies, assorted cakes

Snack: Candy

Dinner: Duck pot stickers, alligator fritter, mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail, bread, bean soup, ice cream, cherry pie

Exercise: Swimming


Breakfast: Grapefruit, eggs, bacon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, apple fritters, milk, coffee, cottage cheese and peaches

Snack: Ice cream

Lunch: Beef stew, pasta salad, fruit, fried plantains, dumplings, pepper pot soup, key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, cucumbers

Snack: Candy

Dinner: Asparagus soup, stuffed mushrooms, ravioli, crème Brule

Exercise: Swimming, 30 minute walk


Breakfast: Melon, baked apples, prune juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, four slices turkey bacon, apple Danish, coffee

Snack: Protein bar, diet dr. pepper

Lunch: Tuna wrap, steak, fruit, iced tea, ice cream

Snack: Cheesecake, fish taco

Dinner: Quesadilla, egg rolls, chow mien shrimp, broccoli

Exercise: Swimming, 30 minute walk


Breakfast: Omelet, bacon, ham, pastries, banana bread, juice, coffee, melon, cottage cheese and peaches, grapefruit

Lunch: Chocolate covered bread, corn bread, potatoes, steak, coleslaw, fruit, olives, cheesecake, gummy candies

Snack: Ice cream, lemonade

Dinner: Bread, pumpkin soup, mac and cheese with bacon, spinach, chicken breast, apple pie, ice cream, chocolate Penna cotta

Exercise: Swimming, 30 minute walk


Breakfast: Coffee, eggs, fruit, milk, bacon, pastries, hash browns

Snack: Rye chips, diet monster

Lunch: Turkey sub

Snack: Mentos candy

Dinner: Taco bell soft taco, empanada

Exercise: N/A


Breakfast: Protein bar

Dinner: Fries, chicken nuggets, diet coke

Exercise: 20 minute walk


GOAL 1: Take the stairs every chance I get.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I work in a hospital, so whenever I need to go to a different floor I will take the stairs. I will also take the stairs at school and at the mall.

How did I do on this goal: I did really well on this goal. I enjoy taking the stairs anyway because I feel like they are faster than the elevators. I also like that I feel a little bit more accomplished and not as lazy for doing this.

GOAL 2: Eat a vegetable every day.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I am going to leave myself open for better food choices so that I have the option to choose a vegetable at, at least one of my meals.

How did I do on this goal: I really like vegetables so the biggest challenge for me on this goal was to make sure I had some available to eat. I did great and didn’t miss a single day for a week!

GOAL 3: Meditate for 20 minutes every day.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I spend a lot of time in my car since I commute to school and to work; my goal is to clear my mind and think about the positive in my life on these drives so that I can focus on the good that is around me.

How did I do on this goal: This was honestly my favorite goal I set, and accomplished. I feel like it is easy to get down on life and the situations that are happening all around you and sometimes just thinking about the good things that happened that day can really turn your attitude around. I loved this time of day.

GOAL 4: Go to the gym 3 times.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I am going to take the things that I have learned in class and do them on my own, so I know that I can when the class is over and I still want to work on my tone.

How did I do on this goal: This goal was really hard for me. I find that I make a lot of excuses for myself not to go to the gym; even though I pay for a membership. I went 2/3 times and I really enjoyed my time there. . . It was the getting there that I had a hard time with!

GOAL 5: Drink 120 ounces of water every day.

How am I going to accomplish this goal: I will take a water bottle everywhere with me so the water is ready as I need to drink it. I will make incentives for myself (you can have this drink after you have finished this much water).

How did I do on this goal: I did terribly. I really didn’t push myself the way that I thought I would. I did drink more water than I do usually, but I didn’t drink nearly as much as I wanted to! This is something I will definitely keep working on though.

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