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Travis Ray

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2009 Sam Cooke (Teen) Sam Cooke Story Nathaniel George Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center

2008 Robert The Exonerated Paul Steger Nebraska Repertory Theatre

2008 Horton Kigali Sonia Keffer Great Plains Theatre Conference

2008 Santiago A Few Good Men Jason Waxman Lincoln Community Playhouse

2008 Starkeeper/Dr. Carousel William Shomos Lied Center for Performing Arts

2008 Billy Robbins An American Daughter Virginia Smith Howell Theatre

2008 Vince Buried Child Robert Reed Howell Theatre

2008 Jonathon Executive Dance Peter Swanke UNL Lab Theatre

2008 Rafiki/Mufasa Legend of the Lion King Travis Ray UNL Studio Theatre

2007 Dance Ensemble Apartied of Africa Barbra Pringle ASU Convocation

2006 Dance Ensemble The Gospel Michelle Summers Leila Barlow Theatre

2006 Lou Spell # 7 Ebone Gilbert Leila Barlow Theatre

2006 Sprite Invisible Tree Ramona Ward ASU/Children’s Theatre

2005 Shepherd Black Nativity Rodney Wilkerson Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Man # 2 Diary of a Black Man Yohance Myles ASU Acadome

2005 Baby John West Side Story Anthony Sweeting Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Matthew Women in Heat Kim Thomas Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Bartender Blk Love Song #1 Shamerria Harris Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Brother Judas The Church Fight Darlene Shefford Leila Barlow Theatre

2003 Ensemble Shadowlands Tonea Stewart Leila Barlow Theatre

2003 Danny Grease Rebecca Taunton Theatre 308

2002 Zeus The Greek Gods Debra Godwin Theatre 308

2002 Noah The Bible Story Raymond Pettius East Tallassee Baptist

2006 Stand In Honeydripper John Sayles Caps Inc.

2005 Choreographer Time Machine Peter Vogt Vogt Productions

2005 Activist When I Find the Ocean Tonya S. Holley Edmond Pettuis Bridge Shoot

2008 Lead (Commercial) York Gas Company Randy Nogg Torchworks Inc.

2007 Lead (Commercial) The Money Store Donna Hovey Rare Quality Models

2008 Kevin Stand In House of Payne Tyler Perry Tyler Perry Studios LLC

2005 Contestant BET’s The Road Show Timothy Brown ASU/Equinox


2009 House Management A Cool Drink of Water Andrea Frye Horizon Theatre Company

2009 Box office America I Am Exhibit Leesa Carter Atlanta Civic Center

2009 Crew Load out: King Tut Exhibit Dan Parine Arts and Exhibitions

2009 Special Events Tut: The Golden King Arbana Dollani Atlanta Civic Center

2009 Artist Liaison Atlanta Dogwood Festivals Lanna Knapp Piedmont Park-Atlanta, GA.

2009 Special Events Unified Atlanta Auditions Kim Bitz 14th Street Playhouse

2008 Events/Concessions Atlanta Falcons Ryan Hart The Georgia Dome

2008 Makeup Creeper’s Ben Thomas Creeper’s Haunted House

2008 Director Legend of the Lion King Travis Ray UNL Studio Theatre

2007 Box office Self Defense Mary Gatez UNL Studio Theatre

2007 Box office Dirty Hands Brian LaDuca UNL Studio Theatre

2007 Box office Six Degrees of Separation Brian LaDuca Howell Theatre

2007 Director The House of Sham Travis Ray Leila Barlow Theatre

2007 Director Dreams Dance Show Travis Ray Leila Barlow Theatre

2007 Special Events Apostrophe Inc. Banquet Kantrina Linam The Black Box Theatre

2007 Paint Chief The Daydreamer Sandra Lucas The Angelic Temple

2007 Theatre Mgnt A Raisin in the Sun Tonea Stewart Leila Barlow Theatre

2007 Theatre Mgnt Jitney Brian Martin Leila Barlow Theatre

2006 Props Master Othello Alton England Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Lighting Crew Elite Fashion Show Ronnie Doughty Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Wardrobe/Makeup The Trial Brian Martin Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 House Management Into the Woods Lindsey Mc Whorter Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Production Asst. Job Security April Faulk Leila Barlow Theatre

2005 Publicity For Colored Girls Tonea Stewart Leila Barlow Theatre

2004 Special Events Masquerade Banquet Tonea Stewart Maxwell Air Force Base

2004 Publicity/Box office Phaedra Tonea Stewart Leila Barlow Theatre


University of Alabama-MFA in Theatre Management (2009-2012)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln-Acting Program, Harris Smith and Stan Brown (2007-2008)

Alabama State University-BA in Theatre Arts, Tommie “Tonea” Stewart PhD (2004-2007)

Movement/Dance: Donna Todd, Harris Smith, Johnson’s Karate Fitness and Gotta Dance Atlanta.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Martial arts, swimming, dance, gymnastics, yoga, jogging, football, basketball, mascot, bicycling, and theatrical makeup.

Download 15.94 Kb.

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