David N. Williams

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David N. Williams

30403 Abelia Road Santa Clarita, CA 91387 ♦ (661) 993-0518 ♦ hbar2028@dnw3d.com

Seeking position as:

3d Art Lead
Art Coordinator / 3D Technical Aritst

3d Modeler / Animator / Character Rigger

Video Editor / Graphic Animator

A seven year experienced art generalist, enthusiastic to take on further management positions coordinating assignments to teams of artists. Provides exceptional motivation and mentoring for employees to finish tasks efficiently and on time. Organization and time estimation skills keep projects on track and on budget.


Autodesk 3d Studio Max 2009

Newtek Lightwave




Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe After Effects CS4

Adobe Premiere CS4

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Promotion 6.0

Adobe Flash CS4

Adobe Illustrator CS4


Lead 3d Technical Artist / Art Manager / Artist 2004-Present

WayForward Technologies, Inc., Valencia, CA

Responsible for delegating art tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel. Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals. Giving feedback to make art acceptable for proper game optimization. Worked extensively with programmers in order to implement game features and functionality. Insured art was created to art reference, art director's comments and worked properly. Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work. Character and environment modeling, FX, character rigging motion graphics, video editing were other tasks I specialized in.
♦ Warner Brothers, Batman, Brave and the Bold, Wii: Environment Artist Ships Fall 2010

Universal, Despicable Me, DS: Character Modeler and Rigger Ships Summer 2010

Warner Brothers, Galactic Taz Ball, DS: 3d Technical Artist / Manager Ships Fall 2010

Disney.com Games, Lightning Storm, PC/Flash: 3D Technical Aritst / Manager 2010

EA, Unannounced DS Game: 3D Technical Aritst / Manager / Artist Canceled 2008

Brash Entertainment: Space Chimps, DS: 3d Generalist, Video Editor 2008

Disney, Unannounced DS Game: 3D Technical Aritst / Manager / Artist Canceled 2008

Leapfrog, Android Invasion, Didj: Menu creation / Art Cleanup 2008

Leapfrog, Fists of Foam, Didj: Menu creation / Art Cleanup 2008

Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Big City Dreams, DS: 3D Technical Aritst/ Artist 2008

Konami, Contra 4, DS: Motion Graphics / Video Editing 2007

Dreamworks, Shrek, Ogres and Dronkeys, DS: Video Editing / Localization 2007

Warner Brothers, Duck Amuck, DS: Video Editing / Localization 2007

♦ THQ, SpongeBob Squarepants, “Creature from the Krusty Krab,” DS: Titles / Menus 2006

♦ Disney, American Dragon, “Attack of the Dark Dragon,” DS: Titles / Menus / Cut Scene Director 2006

Disney, American Dragon, “Rise of the Huntsclan,” DS: Titles / Menus / Cut Scene Director 2006

Scholastic, Nickelodeon Toon Twister 3D, PC / Mac : Environments / Cleanup Animations 2004
Contractor / Animator / Modeler 2005

Mobile Entertainment, Burbank, CA

Lead artist that created animated characters, environments, and props for mobile games.
Superscape, Gladiator 2D, 2D Mobile Game (Brew) 2005

Wayne Gretzky’s All Star Super Skills, 2D Mobile Game (Brew) 2005


Contractor / Animator / Modeler / Editor 2006-Present

J. Arthur and Associates, Valencia, CA

Responsible for converting CAD files to functional 3d models, texturing, rigging, lighting, and animating surgical techniques for trade show videos and for doctor training videos. Creating 2d motion graphic animations to demonstrate surgery for implant surgery.
Contractor / Animator / Modeler / Editor 2005-Present

Novus Technic, Inc., Valencia, CA

Modeled and textured characters, helmets, and sets, lighting, animating, videotaped footage for 3d comps, and video editing for website animations and for in store demonstation videos.
Contractor / Animator 2006

Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Animated still images of studio grounds for two website introduction animations.
Contractor / Animator 2005-2006

Sparkhill, Burbank, CA

Created special effects, original footage, motion graphics, 3d modeling and animation, lower thirds, title animations, for DVD extra content.
♦ “Vanished: Sacrifice” Mobi-sodes Special Effects (HD) 2006

♦ “Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Partners in Rhythm,” Title sequence (SD) 2006

♦ “Symbiote Spider-Man, The Saga of the Black Costume,” Title sequence (HD) 2006

♦ “Fantastic Four Special Edition,” Title sequence, and Jack Kirby Intro sequence (HD) 2006

♦ “The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection”, Intro Video to Bonus Disc. (SD) 2005

♦ “Wizard of Oz special edition” various 2D animations and lower thirds (SD) 2005

Contractor / Animator 2005

Digital Domain, Venice, CA

Created 3d models, rigged, previsualizations, animated, lit, and textured for television commercials
Best Buy / EA, Spectacle / Holiday, Commercial (HD) 2005

American Express, Pong, Commercial (HD) 2005

Contractor / Animator / Modeler 2004

Warner Brothers, Feature Animation, Sherman Oaks, CA

Modeled, textured, lit environments, and animated cameras for 3d backgrounds.
20th Century Fox, Fat Albert, Film 2004
Contractor / Artist 1997-2000

Walt Disney Imagineering

Created molds of sculptures, and reproduced them in fiberglass, carbon fiber, vacuum form for animated props for theme parks.
♦ Tokyo Disney Sea and Disney's California Adventure 1997-2000


Foundation Institute: Valencia CA, 3d animation school, Certificate of Completion 2001

California State University, Northridge, Northridge CA, Bachelors of Art 1997


Eagle Scout 1989

Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006

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