Deceptive Practices and other events

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Village of Harwood Heights Public Safety Bulletin

Mayor Arlene Jezierny

Chief of Police James O’Grady

Deceptive Practices and other events

23 Jan 15-10 Feb 15, 1500-1315 hours. Disorderly Conduct. 4747 N Harlem. Hair Cuttery. Victim stated she received 2 obscene phone calls from an unk male caller. HHPD Detective Division investigating.

15 Feb 15, 1654 hours. Deceptive Practice. 7400 W Argyle St. Victim reported writing a check for $520.00 to a Toler Tech LLC company, 117 180 th Ave to fix her Kimble account that she found on Amazon and that they had not fixed it as of yet. A stop payment was placed on the check.

Burglary / Thefts / Criminal Damage to Property

4-6 Feb 15, 2000-0915 hours. Theft. 4865 N Oriole. Victim stated His ADT alarms computer was taken apart and the computer on the panel was taken by unk off(s). Victim further stated the residence locks had been removed from the doors and placed on a shelf within the home. HHPD Detective Division investigating.

7 Feb 15, 1908-1915 hours. Theft of lost or mislaid property. 4701 N Harlem. Burlington Coat Factory. Victim stated while standing in front of the store’s service desk she had dropped an envelope containing $118.00 in U.S.C. onto the floor by accident. CCTV recorded a F/H subject picking up the envelope by the service desk completing a transaction with a credit card then walked out with the envelope on her person. HHPD Detective Division investigating.

9 Feb 15, 1327 hours. Retail Theft. 4725 N Harlem. Marshall’s. Loss prevention agent observed a F/W subject remove perfume, lotion, clthes and lingerie and place them inside of her purse who exited the store not paying for said items. The subject was then stopped by Marshall’s loss prevention agent outside of the store. A Kalydzhieva, Iliyana F/W 23 YOA, 509 E Circle Dr Arlington Heights was placed into custody for Misdemeanor Retail Theft on signed complaint.

10 Feb 15, 1050 hours. Retail Theft. 7401 W Lawrence. Mariano’s Market. Store manager stated that he observed a M/W subject place a 750 ml bottle of Skol vodka up his left coat sleeve then walk outside the store. Subject later ID as a Panasewicz, Rafal 35 YOA, 4736 N Olcott HH was stopped by store managers and placed into custody by HHPD for Misdemeanor Retail Theft on signed complaints.

30 Nov 14-10 Feb 15, 1424 hours. Theft. 4738 N Harlem. Minic Logistics Inc. Victim stated he leased 4 IL apportioned plates to a Scott, Anthony, 301 GW Jackson Ave, Unit #110 Corsicana Texas and has not received his payment of $4,000.00 from him. Plates entered as stolen by HHPD and Detective Division investigating.

12 Feb 15, 1800 hours. Retail Theft. 7401 W Lawrence. Mariano’s. Store manager stated he observed a M/W subject described only as wearing a black jacket, blue jeans with a tear above the right knee and black dress shoes leave the store with a cart of groceries that had not been placed into bags and that had not been paid for enter a grey Ford IL plate N565753 which registered to a Benavente, Sharon M and a Hernandez, Christopher L 9401 Sumac RD, Desplaines IL. The store manager will provide HHPD with CCTV of the incident which will be TOT the Detective Division. Store manager wishes to pursue this incident with signed complaints.

2 Feb 15, 1130-1200 hours, reported 13 Feb 15. Theft of lost or mislaid property. 7401 W Lawrence. Mariano’s Market. Victim reported he had lost his wallet inside of the store. Wallet contained an IL ID, SS card, $600.00 in U.S.C all hundreds, Bank credit card which was cancelled.

16/17 Feb 15, 2015-0800 hours. Burglary/ Theft from Motor Vehicle. 6413 W Sunnyside. Victim stated that an unk off(s) had entered his white 2014 Dodge Ram van and removed over $2,000.00 in power and hand tools. HHPD Detective Division investigating.

18 Feb 15, 1700 hours. Theft from Building. 6842 W Gunnison. Victim stated that unk off(s) had cut the wires and removed the DirecTV cable box from the rear outside wall of his residence valued at $150.00. Victim also noticed that the cable box from 6844 W Gunnison was also taken but no complainant reported this at this time.

26 Feb 15, 1220 hours. Theft. 4416 N New England. Victim stated that 2 U.P.S. packages were removed from her porch valued at $143.00. Neighbors surveillance camera video shows a F/W or F/H in a silver minivan took the packages. HHPD Detective Division investigating.

27 Feb 15, 1454-1505 hours. Theft. 6677 W Montrose. Victim stated a U.P.S. package was taken from his front porch by unk off(s) valued at $29.45.

28 Feb 15, 1930-1957 hours. Burglary, Residence/Forced. 4430 N Narragansett. Victim stated that unk off(s) had pried open the rear door of his residence. Rooms ransacked but nothing reported missing at this time.

Crimes against Persons

31 Jan 15, 1048 hours. Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon/ Possession of a Controlled Substance. W/B 6400 block Montrose. HHPD Traffic stop led to the driver being arrested for a suspended license. Search of vehicle upon tow incident to arrest led to the recovery of a green clear baggie of a white powdery substance later field tested for cocaine and a black .25 caliber Beretta handgun found within vehicle. Charged with traffic offenses, Aggravated UUW and Possession of a Controlled substance was a Guo, Qi Grang, M/O 30 YOA, 6800 W Forest Preserve Drive, HH.

3 Feb 15, 1515-1614 hours. Possession of Cannabis. Gunnison and Newland. HHPD investigating a crash and upon towing a vehicle a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance was located within the vehicle and later field tested positive for Cannabis. The driver a Mignogna, Loren M F/W 22 YOA 3804 N Albany, Chicago was issued a local ordinance ticket for Possession of Cannabis.

4 Feb 15, 2220-2224 hours. Assault. 6400 W Montrose. McDonalds Restaurant. Victim stated 4 M/H subjects came into the restaurant threatening to kill him because he had not heard the drive thru order and had asked them to repeat it. CCTV captured the incident which was turned over to the HHPD Detective division. Offenders are described as follows:

  1. M/H 20-25 YOA, 5’10”– 6’0” tall, thin build, facial hair, grey jacket, grey running pants.

  2. M/H 20-25 YOA, 5’9”-5’10” tall, med build, wearing a brown skull cap, grey coat, grey pants.

  3. M/H 20-25 YOA, 5’8”-5’10” tall, med build, wearing a grey coat with a hood, grey pants.

  4. M/H 20-25 YOA, 5’6”-5’8” tall, med build, stocky build, wearing a grey jacket, grey running pants and orange shoes.

19 Feb 15, 1500 hours. Assault/Disorderly Conduct. 4715 N Harlem. Game Stop. Store manager stated that a M/B subject attempted to return a membership card and he informed the subject he could not take it back being it was against store policy when the subject became irate and started knocking down merchandise display racks then told the manager he was going to get him. Subject left store and was located by HHPD officers in the alley at 7200 block Leland. Store manager brought to that location and made a positive ID of the subject. A Porter, Demetris C 36 YOA, 2434 W Lunt Ave, Chicago was arrested for Assault/ Disorderly Conduct on signed Misdemeanor Complaints.

21-22 Feb 15, 1830-1130 hours. Disorderly Conduct. 7540 W Strong St. Victim stated that unk off(s) had egged his white 2015 Toyota Sienna while it was parked on the street.



Home repair scams/ Ruse burglaries. Reminder: Do not allow anyone into your residence that you do not know and didn’t call for service.

Scam artists knock on your door offering to repair something in or around your home for a very low price. They ask you to pay upfront and you will never see them again or if you allow them inside your residence, they will distract you and steal your valuables.

All Village Employees/PublicWworks have IDs on them at all times. Ask for ID and call 911 for verification.

The content of this document and any attachment is law enforcement sensitive and for official use only. Any further disclosure or dissemination of this information without the approval of the Harwood Heights Police Department is prohibited. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in civil, criminal, or disciplinary action.

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