The kiwanis club of greater columbus, georgia club history

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"The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus was convened Monday, February 4, 1963, at 5 p.m. at the Wynnton Branch of The First National Bank of Columbus. Present were William J. Schloth, President; William G. Scrantom, Vice President; James Henry, Treasurer; and Board members Cy Adams, Jim Fay, Ben Moon, Murphey Pound, Lee Redmond, and Frank Murray." These facts are recorded in the first official minutes of the club. Secretary Billy P. Mixon was absent at this first meeting of the Board as was director Frank A. Venable.

Charter Night was held March 18, 1963, at the Martinique with wives of members and guests invited. Lieutenant Governor, Division II, Georgia District, A. O. Blackman, IV was the presiding officer. Sixty-two names of Charter Members are listed in the official program for Charter Night. Jack S. Schiffman, President of the sponsoring Columbus Club, introduced each of the Charter Members present. Entertainment was provided by a group from the new Greater Columbus Club, known as the Kiwanitones Quartet, consisting of Thomas B. Cunningham, R. Douglas Duncan, Jr., Billy P. Mixon, and Wyndell L. Taylor. Marion C. Snead, Governor, Georgia District presented the new club charter which was happily accepted by club president Bill Schloth and the new Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus was officially on its way.

By accepting affiliation, our club adopts THE OBJECTIVES OF KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL which are:

  • TO GIVE primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life; TO ENCOURAGE the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships;

  • TO PROMOTE the adoption and the application of higher social, business, and professional standards;

  • TO DEVELOP by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship;

  • TO PROVIDE through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities;

  • TO COOPERATE in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and good will.

Emphasis is placed on informative and enjoyable club meetings, good fellowship, continuing membership growth and development, good citizenship, and service to community through altruistic means with particular regard to aiding local youth and its senior citizenry.

Almost immediately a weekly bulletin, first called the Blue Print, was published and was circulated among the members. It was initially considered that only young men between the ages of 25 and 45 would be invited to membership in the new club, but no set policy was established. Despite this fact, The Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus has retained its youthful flavor up to the present. By the end of the first year, membership had increased to 73.

Service to community is supported by fund raising events listed below. Over the life of the club, these fund raisers have brought in a total of over $36,000 which has been returned to the community in the form of financial support for Kiwanis community projects. About $25,000 of this amount was realized through the club's sponsorship of two exhibition baseball games featuring the Atlanta Braves and their farm clubs.

Some of the specific activities and accomplishments of the club through the years are listed below:

  • Club chartered with 62 members.

  • Furnished library to Columbus Boys Club.

  • Provided merit badge counselors for Boy Scouts.

  • Began publishing the weekly bulletin.


  • Sponsored Travel and Adventure Series of films.

  • Invitations issued to allied officers at Fort Benning to attend club meetings.

  • Nursing scholarships given to benefit students and Medical Center.

  • Financial assistance given to South Columbus Girls Club.

  • Aid given to young girls at the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Orphans Home.


  • Sponsored a horse show to raise funds.

  • Nursing scholarship program continued.

  • Increased support to Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home, by helping move to new location, purchasing station wagon, giving Christmas party.

  • Provided trees and shrubs to Columbus College.


  • Horse show held for second year.

  • New Key Club organized at Hardaway High School.

  • Nursing scholarships continued.

  • Provided prayer tents for Easter.

  • Host club for joint Ladies Night held in October.

  • Sponsored Kids Day in December.

  • Gave support to South Columbus Boys Club building program.


  • Sent four youths to Camp Safety Patrol.

  • Assisted in organizing Girl Scout troop.

  • Nursing scholarships continued.


  • Sent four youths to Camp Safety Patrol at Lake Blackshear.

  • Supported Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  • Continued nursing scholarships.

  • Held Ladies Night celebrating fifth anniversary of club.


  • Sponsored Atlanta Braves vs. Columbus Astros exhibition baseball game.

  • Contributed substantially to Listening Eyes School for the Deaf; made expansion of school possible.

  • Provided an all-weather play area to the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home.

  • Sponsored a number of underprivileged children at Fresh Air Camp.

  • New Key Club organized at Kendrick High School.

  • Helped South Columbus Boys Club.


  • Sponsored another Atlanta Braves exhibition baseball game as fund raiser.

  • Sent Key Clubbers to Atlanta to attend drug abuse seminar.

  • Gave financial aid to Muscogee Civitan Mental Retardation Fund.

  • Gave assistance to South Columbus Boys Club.

  • Again gave substantially to the Listening Eyes School.

  • Gave assistance to the Salvation Army kettle drive at Christmas.


  • Contributed to Columbus Jaycees Summer Lunch Program.

  • Sponsored an exhibition baseball game between the Columbus

  • Astros and the Richmond Braves, a farm club of Atlanta.

  • Helped Open Door Community Day Care Center.

  • Provided air conditioning for Armed Services U.S.O.

  • Sent 12 children for two weeks to YMCA day camp.

  • Sent 15 boys to Boy Scout camp for one week.

  • Club membership reached the 100 mark.


  • Continued OPERATION DRUG ALERT by supporting the Community Organization for Drug Abuse Control (CODAC).

  • Conducted pilot project for burglary prevention.

  • Assisted the Salvation Army kettle drive.

  • Aided the Open Door Community Center, a youth project.

  • Raised money for new tractor for Boy Scouts.

  • Organized grade school anti-smoking campaign.

  • Gave athletic scholarship to Columbus College.

  • Sent six boys for one week to Boy Scout camp. S

  • Sent 10 youths to Salvation Army fresh air camp.

  • Sent two Key Clubbers to national convention in Washington D. C.

  • Gave more financial support to Listening Eyes School.

  • Gave substantial donation to Valley Schools, Inc, for mentally retarded children.

  • Sponsored a country music show at the auditorium as a fund raiser.


  • Ladies Night observed on club's tenth anniversary.

  • Helped Boy Scouts conduct Keep America Beautiful Day.

  • Provided youth vocational counseling.

  • Conducted nursing home visitation

  • Participated in the Kiwanis billboard project on Spiritual aims.

  • Assisted the Salvation Army kettle drive.


  • Sponsored business management seminar as fund raiser.

  • Supported Boy Scouts working with KAB Day.

  • Awarded a Columbus College scholarship.

  • Contributed to CODAC.

  • Contributed to the American Red Cross.

  • Contributed to Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Center.

  • Cooperated in joint project, "Kiwanian of the Year."


  • Sponsored second management seminar.

  • Conducted pre-retirement seminar.

  • Assisted Boy Scouts in KAB Day.

  • Assisted in setting up the YMCA National Youth Program using Mini-bikes.

  • Gave aid to the Diagnostic Learning Center at Columbus College.

  • Continued Columbus College scholarship.


  • Sponsored a third management seminar.

  • Participated in Kiwanis major emphasis program, The Younger Years; disabilities.

  • Continued Columbus College scholarship.


  • Participated in Kiwanis major emphasis program, Safeguard Against Crime— Lock your Car! Prevent Auto Thefts.

  • Sponsored fourth management seminar.

  • Gave additional support to YMCA mini-bike program.

  • Aided handicapped Boy Scout troop.

  • Continued Columbus College scholarship

  • Conducted several nursing home cookouts

  • Distributed seedling trees

  • Sponsored a college entrance preparatory workshop

  • Sponsored Safeguard against Crime for Women seminars at Columbus College



William J. Schloth


Bethell Edrington, Jr.


William G. Scrantom, Jr.


Morton A. Harris


Dr. James W. Ward


Dennis W. Calhoun


Samuel P. Greer


Derward W. Terry


James L. Fay


James P. McCallie


William E. Dillard, Jr.


E. G. (Buddy) Sparks


David G. Lewis (9 Months) *


B. Joe Bowers


Murphey Pound, Jr.


W. Carroll Ward

*Due to change in Kiwanis calendar year

Dr. H. Stanley Benson, Jr.

Thomas B. Cunningham *

William E. Dillard, Jr.

James L. Fay

R. Brooks Griggs

Morton A. Harris

Robert G. Hecht

C. Robert Koon

James H. Mainor

A. Ben Moon *
Murphey Pound, Jr.
Lee R. Redmond, Jr.
William J. Schloth
William G. Scrantom, Jr.
Derward W. Terry
* Both Tom Cunningham and Ben Moon have perfect attendance since the club was organized.

Committee for the compilation of the first history of the club: Randy Braswell, Chairman, Doyle Butler, Tom Cunningham, Bethell Edrington, Jr.
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