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Intro/The Bar Alibi
CALHOUN: Can you state your name for the record?
MORGAN: My name is Matthew Morgan.
CALHOUN: And for the record, are you speaking to me voluntarily?
MORGAN: Yes. Yes, I am.
CALHOUN: Great. Thanks, Matthew. A few days ago, around eight o’clock, there was an armed robbery at a liquor store. Detective Brady has talked to you a little about this already, right?
CALHOUN: Okay. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so I won’t go over all the details with you again if Detective Brady already talked to you about that.
MORGAN: That’s okay.
CALHOUN: We’re looking into that robbery, as you know, so I’m going ask you some questions about some things we’ve found and about what you’ve been doing for the last few days. All right?
MORGAN: Yeah, that’s fine.
CALHOUN: Okay. Good. We’re going to try to get this sorted out as quickly and easily as possible, all right?
MORGAN: Yeah, yeah.
CALHOUN: Good. All right. Let me start by asking you what you were doing on the night of October 9.
MORGAN: October 9?
CALHOUN: Yeah. What were you doing?
MORGAN: I think I was out at O’Hannolans. That’s a bar a few blocks from my apartment, maybe about half a mile.
CALHOUN: Okay. When were you there?
MORGAN: Maybe from six to twelve midnight. I went there after work, so...
CALHOUN: You talk to anyone there?
MORGAN: Yeah, a few people: the bartender Harold and this girl Macy who’s there a lot. I think my friend Tommy was there, too, but I don’t remember for sure. I go there a lot, and sometimes it blurs together, you know?
CALHOUN: If I ask the people you named if you were there, they’d say you were there?
MORGAN: Yeah, they should. I mean, I don’t know why they wouldn’t.
CALHOUN: Okay. What did you do there?
MORGAN: At the bar? Just had a few drinks and talked to some people. You know, the kind of thing you do at a bar.
CALHOUN: All right. Did you go to a liquor store at all?
MORGAN: That night, no, I don’t think so.
CALHOUN: Did you go anywhere else?
MORGAN: Not that I recall. I think I went straight home from the bar.
CALHOUN: How did you get home?
MORGAN: I walked. O’Hannolans isn’t too far from my place. Short walk.
CALHOUN: All right. So these people that you mentioned – if I were to talk to them, is there a reason anyone would say they didn’t see you there?
MORGAN: Like if you asked Harold or Macy. No. No, they’d say I was there, I think, unless they forgot.
CALHOUN: You think they could have forgotten?
MORGAN: Like I said, I go there a lot, so maybe, yeah. Maybe they would forget, but I don’t know. You’d have to ask them.
Car (standard)
CALHOUN: What kind of car do you have?
MORGAN: I have a Taurus. A Ford. But it went missing a few days ago.
CALHOUN: When exactly?
MORGAN: After work four or five days ago. I reported it.
CALHOUN: You reported it stolen?
MORGAN: Yeah. I called it in when I saw it was gone. It should be- You should have a record of it. I mean, there should be a report.
CALHOUN: If you reported it, yeah, there should be a report. I’ll look that up. But your car, it’s a Ford Taurus?
MORGAN: Yeah. I think you guys found it.
CALHOUN: That’s right. We found it in an alley. There were some things we found in it. I want to ask you about some of that stuff. What kind of stuff do you keep in your car?
MORGAN: You know, normal stuff. Spare tire, couple of tools in the trunk. I keep a spare jacket in there. I think I’ve got a roll of paper towels in the trunk.
CALHOUN: All right. Is there a reason we would find a baseball bat in there?
MORGAN: A bat?
CALHOUN: Yeah. Like, an aluminum bat.
MORGAN: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I keep it in the trunk.
CALHOUN: Okay. We found that there. So that’s yours?
MORGAN: Yeah, that’s mine. I keep it in there for protection. You know, just in case. I’ve never actually hit anyone with it, though.
CALHOUN: All right.
CALHOUN: You know how the cash drawer at the liquor store was pried open?
MORGAN: Yeah, Detective Brady told me that.
CALHOUN: Yeah, it was pried open. Is there some reason a [crowbar]/[screwdriver]/[metal tool] we found in your car would match the marks we found on the cash drawer?
MORGAN: The marks on the cash drawer?
CALHOUN: Yeah, is there a reason-
MORGAN: No, I don’t think that would- I don’t think so.
CALHOUN: There’s no reason?
MORGAN: I mean, I have tools in my car.
CALHOUN: Could one of them match the marks on the cash drawer?
MORGAN: I guess maybe. I mean, I’ve got tools in my car, so, like, maybe.
Gun evidence
CALHOUN: What about a gun?
MORGAN: A gun? What about a gun?
CALHOUN: Do you own a gun?
MORGAN: No, sir.
CALHOUN: We found a gun in the trunk of your car.
MORGAN: In the trunk?
CALHOUN: Yeah, in the trunk. I know you said you don’t have a gun, but is there some reason we would find [your skin cells]/[your fingerprints]/[forensic evidence linked to you] on that gun? The gun we found in your car.
MORGAN: Man, I have no idea. That doesn’t make sense.
CALHOUN: Is there some reason-?
MORGAN: No, no. I don’t think so.
CALHOUN: All right.

Mask trace
CALHOUN: Under the driver’s seat of the car, we found a ski mask.
MORGAN: A ski mask?
MORGAN: That’s odd. I don’t think that’s mine.
CALHOUN: Okay. It was under the seat. If we had our forensics guys check it out, do you think they’d find [sweat]/[hair]/[trace evidence] that matches you in there?
MORGAN: It could be mine. I don’t know.
MORGAN: I don’t know. I don’t think it’s mine, so no, I don’t think so.
CALHOUN: So that’s not possible?
MORGAN: It’s possible. It’s just not, you know- I don’t know for sure. I don’t want to say definitely no.
Bottle biological evidence
CALHOUN: Also in your car, we found a broken whiskey bottle.
MORGAN: Where?
CALHOUN: It was in your car. The bottle was broken, but if we were to check the mouth of that bottle, do you think we would find [your saliva]/[your blood]/[biological evidence linked to you]? Is that possible?
MORGAN: I don’t think so. I mean, I don’t drink in the car. That’s, like, not safe, you know?
CALHOUN: Yeah. So there’s no reason we’d see that?
MORGAN: The only thing I can think of is that I had a bottle with me at some point, and it broke while I was driving. Maybe that’s how it got there.
CALHOUN: Let me ask you about some other stuff now. We’re still sorting through a lot of the things we saw in your apartment, but some things there are raising some questions.
MORGAN: What kind of questions?
CALHOUN: Well, for instance, do you think it’s possible in your apartment we would find [a bracelet]/[a watch]/[jewelry] that was reportedly taken from a customer during the liquor store robbery?
MORGAN: I don’t know why that would be, no. No, I don’t think so.
CALHOUN: Not possible?
MORGAN: Well, I guess, sometimes people come over and leave their stuff behind by mistake. Someone could have left it behind.
CALHOUN: All right, yeah. Have you had anyone over in the last week?
MORGAN: Yeah, I had a little party a few nights ago.
CALHOUN: How many people were over?
MORGAN: Maybe six or seven.
CALHOUN: If I talk to those people, do you think any of them is going to say they left that stuff behind?
MORGAN: I don’t know.
CALHOUN: You don’t know?
MORGAN: You’d have to ask them.
CALHOUN: In your apartment, could there have been [credit cards]/[driver licenses]/[identifying documents] from customers from the liquor store?
MORGAN: In my apartment?
CALHOUN: Yeah. In your apartment.
MORGAN: I don’t- I don’t think so, no.
MORGAN: Yeah, no. I don’t think so. I can’t see how that stuff would have gotten there. Unless somebody left it there by mistake, I don’t see how it could be there.
CALHOUN: Let me ask you about something else. Is there a reason we would have found a red sweatshirt in your apartment with the same kind of [tear]/[stain]/[distinctive marking] the perp had on his sweatshirt?
MORGAN: Uh... I don’t know. I have a red hoodie, yeah, but I don’t really know about what you’re talking about. I didn’t see this robbery, but I guess it’s possible I have a similar hoodie. It’s possible.
CALHOUN: It’s possible?
MORGAN: Yeah. It could happen.
Electronic device
CALHOUN: Okay. You know how I mentioned that the guy we’re looking for took things from the customers in the store?
MORGAN: Yeah, I remember.
CALHOUN: One of the customers said the guy took [a smartphone from him]/[an iPod from him]/[an electronic device from him]. If we check through the stuff in your apartment, do you think we’re going to find a device like that one?
MORGAN: Like that guy’s?
CALHOUN: Yeah. Is there a reason we’d find his device in your place?
MORGAN: No, I don’t think so. Unless someone, like a friend of mine or something, left one just like it behind by mistake in my place.
CALHOUN: Okay. All right.
CALHOUN: Let me ask you about something else. In the liquor store, we found a footprint. It seems like the guy we’re looking for tracked mud in and left this muddy footprint.
MORGAN: Okay. What’s that got to do with anything?
CALHOUN: That’s what I’m getting to. Do you think it’s possible we would find [a pair of boots]/[a pair of sneakers]/[some footwear] in your apartment that would match that footprint?
MORGAN: Is it possible? Yeah, I guess it’s possible. Lots of shoes are the same.
CALHOUN: You think it’s possible?
MORGAN: Yeah, I think maybe it’s possible I happen to have the same shoes or something. I’m not saying I did anything, but I’m saying it’s possible.
CALHOUN: It’s possible we’d find something that matches that footprint?
MORGAN: Sure, maybe that could happen.
CALHOUN: Yeah, all right.
CALHOUN: Your car is black, right?
MORGAN: Yeah, a black Ford Taurus.
CALHOUN: Right. Okay. Is there some reason [a witness would report seeing you]/[ surveillance camera footage would show you]/[you would be observed] getting out of a black car and putting on a ski mask near the liquor store that was robbed?
MORGAN: Maybe it could be someone who looks like me. I mean, lots of guys look like me.
CALHOUN: So you could have been seen there?
MORGAN: I’m saying maybe someone who looks enough like me.
CALHOUN: But it’s possible?
MORGAN: Yeah, I mean- Again, I’m not saying I did anything like that. I’m just saying there are people who look a lot like me, and maybe this guy looked a lot like me.
Defensive wound
CALHOUN: There’s another thing I want to ask you about.
CALHOUN: During the robbery, there was a fight between one of the customers and the perp- the guy we’re looking for.
MORGAN: Is that right?
CALHOUN: Yeah. When you came into the station, we checked out the stuff you had in your pockets and took some pictures of you. We noticed you had a wound on your arm. Your left arm.
MORGAN: Yeah, that’s right. It’s really just a scratch. No big deal, you know.
CALHOUN: Yeah, but that wound – is there a reason that wound would have [a bitemark]/[the DNA]/[scientific evidence] that matched the person who got into the fight with the perpetrator?
MORGAN: I got hurt playing ball in the park with some friends.
MORGAN: So no, I don’t think that’s possible.
CALHOUN: No? Okay. When did you get hurt?
MORGAN: A couple days ago.
CALHOUN: Do you remember exactly?
MORGAN: I don’t know exactly, but it was a couple days ago. I was in the park about a mile from my place.
CALHOUN: And you were with friends?
MORGAN: Yeah. Four or five people I know there.
CALHOUN: If I talk to those people, are they going to be able to tell me about how you got hurt?
MORGAN: I don’t know if they’ll even remember, but yeah, they should. They should be able to. The thing is, it was no big deal, so they might not remember.
CALHOUN: All right. Okay.
CALHOUN: I haven’t got anything else to ask you for now, I think.
MORGAN: All right. So what’s going on now? What happens now?
CALHOUN: We’ve got to look into a few more things. I’m going to check on some things, some of the things we talked about. After that, I’m probably going to have some more questions for you, if that’s all right.
MORGAN: Yeah, that’s all right.
CALHOUN: Good. Thanks for cooperating with this investigation. I’m going to ask the officer outside to see you out, okay?
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