Degree: Bachelor of Science (B. S.)

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unm college of education

Major: Health Education

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Program Code: BS-HED-ED

Department: Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences (HESS)

Program: Health Education (non-licensure program)


The Health Education Program strives to ensure a quality course of study that prepares students to address the health problems of the 21st century. The importance of vital health is moving to the forefront of the nation's social, economic and political agenda. The public focus continues to shift from treatment and rehabilitation to disease prevention and education/promotion of health.

The Health Education Program provides students with a course of study emphasizing principles of prevention and promotion of health within a multicultural and multilevel context.

The program focuses on health education at the community level and consists of 122 credit hours and prepares students in the design, implementation and evaluation of community prevention programs in a wide variety of populations and settings.

Academic Advisor:
College of Education

Undergraduate Advisement

Travelstead Hall

505-277-3190 (phone) (email)
Program Coordinator:
Health Education Program

Johnson Center

505-277-5151 (phone)


Requirements to Apply:

Applications accepted year round

Applications are online at

At least 26 hours of University coursework

Complete HED 171 with a “B” or better

GPA of 2.5 or higher


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