Delaware Valley Grantmakers Affinity Group Roles and Responsibilities

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Delaware Valley Grantmakers

Affinity Group Roles and Responsibilities

Delaware Valley Grantmakers (DVG) is made up of a wide variety of Grantmaking members that represent a wide range of funding interests. To allow for the facilitation of more in-depth exploration of issues and to promote better collegiality, DVG when driven by member’s desires establishes affinity groups. Groups function in a variety of ways, including: networking and the exchange of information among members, advocacy for an issue or cause within philanthropy or beyond, pooling money for collaborative funding. Affinity groups are open to all DVG members and general informational meetings are publicized to all members through the website and monthly e-updates.

To better facilitate these groups and to clarify expectations, DVG has developed the following list of roles and responsibilities.
Each Affinity Group is responsible for:

  • Conceptualizing and articulating the purpose of the affinity group.

  • Organizing informational programs, including inviting speakers, creating agenda and encouraging attendance.

  • Taking minutes and/or program notes at each meeting and making them available to DVG. These program notes may be posted on the member’s only area of the website at the affinity group’s request.

  • Identifying participants for the affinity group. Membership should be made up of primarily DVG funders. Nonmember funders may participate but are asked to join DVG within six months (one year??) of participation. Nonprofit organizations and representative from the public sector may be invited to affinity group meetings when deemed appropriate by the affinity group leadership and DVG staff.

  • Designate leadership for the group. A Chairperson is required, but leadership may take other forms, including co-chairs, and a steering committee.

DVG is responsible for:

  • Assisting with the planning and implementation of affinity group program.

  • Assigning a specific staff person to act as a coordinator for each affinity group.

  • Providing a presence on the DVG website, which will enable groups to post or attach resource links and articles.

  • Advertising programs.

  • Act as fiscal sponsor if requested. An additional signed memo of understanding between the parties is required.

Procedures for Program Implementation


  • DVG will provide a staff person to assist in the coordination of the affinity group’s activities.

  • There will be a chairperson, or co-chairs for each affinity group. The chair(s) will act as a liaison between the group and DVG staff.

  • DVG staff will coordinate conference calls and/or in-person meetings of affinity group steering committees when they exist. Steering committees are not required, but encouraged.

Meeting/Content Scheduling

  • Each affinity group is responsible for coordinating speaker’s time, content, and expectation, in coordination with DVG staff. A list of speakers’ contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses) will be given to DVG staff.

  • DVG staff will coordinate available dates and will help to secure space for meetings. The hosting member and DVG will confirm needs for equipment, food and materials.

  • Affinity group members will submit names and addresses of additional invitees.

  • DVG may invite nonmember prospects to affinity group meetings.

  • Materials can be sent out in advance to registered participants. With advance notice, DVG staff will copy materials for the program.

  • DVG will be responsible for registering attendees and will provide a list in advance to the affinity group.

  • The affinity group members will assume the cost of speakers’ fees or other associated costs of programming.


  • The affinity group will submit title and descriptions of programs to DVG at least one month in advance of the program for inclusion in the monthly update. The affinity group will work with DVG staff on other publicity, as needed, including email alerts, web site announcements.

  • DVG will include Affinity Group program listing in its monthly email update and on the website calendar of events. In addition DVG will send an email invitation to Affinity Group members at least two weeks in advance of a program.

  • DVG will from time to time highlight the work of its Affinity Groups in DVG e-updates, newsletters, website postings, and other communication tools.


Food needs should be discussed with host sites when setting up programs. DVG is unable to pay for food costs. Affinity groups may use DVG’s conference room at no cost for meetings if scheduled one month in advance.


Thank-you letters are sent to the speakers through mail or email. These letters can be sent out by DVG staff, and may be written either by the staff or the affinity group. It is the shared responsibility of the DVG staff and the affinity group to determine the process for the letters.

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