Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan by Charles J. Vella, Ph. D

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Drew’s story

My first recollections were in Stokes County where Grandfather Morgan lived with Father and Mother. His name was

Perry and he was a great hunter. He let me shoot the wad out of his gun after he got through cleaning it. That is the first

thing I remember in this checkered life of now turning into my 88th year.

My next was when Father had an auction sale and sold Pink and Heart, our two cows. Jim Tumblin, a cousin, and his

brother bought Heart, put a rope around her horns and tried to lead her and, as she never had a rope on her horns before,

she cut up scandalous and they broke one of her horns off and knocked out one of her eyes. I ran to the house crying and

told Mother to go and take the cows back as those men were going to kill them.

The day before we were to leave, a brother and a cousin came to bid us good-bye. They were both tipsy, and they offered

Mattie 10 cents in silver if she would kiss them. She refused and ran into the house, so I told them I would kiss them for

the 10 cents but they would not pay me, so they left without a kiss.

I was four years old when I sat on Grandpa’s lap and shot the wad out of his gun; and five years old when we moved

away and rented a place of Jim Cardwell near the Yadkin County line, where we lived for about a year, then Father

bought our home-place one and a half miles from Booneville.

There were 200 acres cleared and 40 acres on the west side joining Tom Spencers. After 3 years Father sold the 40 to

Spencer. Mat and I had to go over there every two or three days, pull up a sack of pig weed and carry it home nearly a

mile to feed our pigs. Then we cleared up some ten or fifteen acres on the south side of our home, next to Aunt Kitty

Kruses and Mrs. Crumbles, and worked that for many years.

When I was about nine years old, I took a little shot gun and went out along a narrow path that crossed a little spring

creek. The path was just wide enough to get through the alder bushes and briars for about ten rods, and I stopped before I

started to go down through this place, as it was then nearly sundown. I was standing there in the path when a very big

black animal came down the path to the creek and drank, and as good luck happened to be in my favor, the wind was

blowing from the south.

I was about 4 rods north of the creek after the animal got through drinking. He raised his head looked round, went back

up the path for four or five rods, started off through the thicket, jumped on the rail fence, gave two or three whines,

jumped down and meandered off through the briars and brush. Three days after that he was treed about a mile south of

where I saw him, and was shot by Jim Crumwell — a black bear. The wind blowing from the south is what saved me

from becoming bear meat.

Another close call was with a panther, which had been seen by several people, in the timber west of our place. Nancy,

Mat, Sidney and I took rakes, went up in the timber to rake the leaves from under 5 or 6 big chestnut trees. The chestnuts

always fell off at night, so in order to get them, we had to get there early in the morning before the hogs did. After we

had got them from three or four trees, we heard a woman calling and we answered back. She would answer again and we

noticed she was closer every time she hollered. We kept looking through the timber expecting to see the woman appear

any minute when Nancy said, “Oh! I bet it’s that panther,” and they all broke and ran for their lives.

Of course I was left way behind. I was crying like any kid would and was scared with in an inch of my life. The rest of the

kids were way ahead of me, when I slipped in a hole, fell down and imagined that panther was just ready to spring upon

my back, but by a great effort I got to my feet and ran as I never ran before or since. Well, believe it or not, he was killed

by a man by the name of Jake Horn, a mountaineer, who always carried his rifle hung on the horn of his saddle.

He had been to the mill with a grist of corn and had to wait till nearly sundown. There was a leaning tree that reached

right over the road, and just before he reached the tree, he saw something move in the foliage. He stopped his horse and

sure enough, there was a big animal crouched and ready to spring. He reached for his rifle and down came Mr. Animal

right in the road-a panther, 7 feet from tip to tip. He was hung up at the P.O. at Booneville for several days.

My next narrow escape was in a swimming hole. Mase, Sid and I were just above the path where I had seen the bear.

Mary Jane, Melissa, Saline and Em Dosier from Booneville, the Doctor’s daughters, were at our house, visiting our girls.

They all got on some old dresses and went out to that little pond and went in swimming. I had on my regular long-tail

shimmy, which was all any kids wore in the summer time so I thought I would go in too, and came very near to my

death. First one and then the other of those Gals caught me and baptized me until I was just about gone, as they did not

let me have time to get my breath before another would souse me under. Mase, Sid and Roe Crumwell just happened to

come along, and Mase rescued me, or I guess I wouldn’t be here now to tell about it.

On Christmas morning, we sometimes slipped over to Aunt Kitty Kruse’s house. One time, we picked up some walnuts

without asking for them. When we got home, Mother asked us if we asked Aunt Kitty for them and we told her “No” and

she made us pick them right up, tote them back to the house, tell Aunt Kitty what he had done and ask her to forgive us.

Brother Sid once found a big cow bell in the woods, with a wide leather strap and buckle on it. It was quite sumptuous to

have a bell on your cow in them days, so we children thought we were going to be right in the swim, but Mother told us

we could not keep it, as if it was found on our cow, the owner would claim that we stole it. About that time, there was a

great religious wave sweeping the country. We did not dare whistle, or use words beginning with “By” such as “by

golly”, or call anybody a liar or step on a grave. We were under the Blue Laws of Connecticut.
"My father & mother were both born in VA. Moved to NC when they were around 12 years of age.mccxx" He also went by the name of Drew.mccxxi He was a member of the American Yeoman, Fraternal Bankers, American Bible Society. He was president of Board of Education, City Park commissioner, Game Warden, and Chairman of the State Democratic Committee. He resided Popejoy, IA; Ossian, IA; Iowa Falls, IA; Atascadero, CA.mccxxii
2671 Ross Gorsuch5 MORGAN was born on Aug 30, 1883 in Popejoy, Franklin Co., IA, USA, age 16 in 1900 census.mccxxiii,mccxxiv,mccxxv He He was living at home age 16 in 1900 Census. Ran away from home in Iowa Falls while attending high school at age 16 to play clarinet in the "Breezy Time Orchestra" in Chicago, IL. He then went into railroading, working himself up to conductor on a passenger train circa 1899.mccxxvi He was listed in the census of Andrew Jackson MORGAN and Sadie Douglas GORSUCH in 1900 at Iowa Falls, Hardin Co., IA, USA.mccxxvii He married Nellie Bernice WATT.mccxxviii,mccxxix He and Nellie Bernice WATT appeared in the census of 1920 of Mt. Carmel, IL, USA, age 36, freight railroad conductor. He resided in 1943 in Mt. Carmel, IL, USA, where he had lived for many years as a railroad man, ending as a conductor.mccxxx He married (--?--) ISYLE.mccxxxi,mccxxxii He resided in 1948 in Danville, IL, USA, c/o Elks Club.mccxxxiii He died on Jun 18, 1951 dying of a heart attack while conducting on the train.mccxxxiv,mccxxxv Biography: At 16 years of age, Ross who played a cornet in the city band ran away with a circus band and for many years his whereabouts were unknown. A brutal murder in Chicago at one time was committed by one Ross Morgan. The Iowa relatives were greatly relieved when their Ross Morgan came back to Iowa Falls to see his parents and to tell them that he was not the murderer. He had worked form one job to another until he became a conductor on a railroad passenger train.
26711 Robert Drew6 MORGAN was born on Oct 3, 1915 in Mt. Carmel, IL, USA.mccxxxvi He was listed in the census of Ross Gorsuch MORGAN and Nellie Bernice WATT in 1920 at Mt. Carmel, IL, USA. He was in military service a Navy pilot in WWII. He married an unknown person w/1; a widower.mccxxxvii He married Yvonne DECARLO in Nov 21, 1955 at Reno, NV, USA.mccxxxviii,mccxxxix He and Yvonne DECARLO were divorced in 1974.mccxl He He was a golfer. He died on Feb 22, 1999 at Woodland Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA, USA. Biography: He was an actor and stuntman for at least 17 years in Hollywood. He met Peggy while working on the film The Ten Commandments, in which Yvonne played the wife of Moses and he was a stuntman. They married in 1955. Their relationship was a difficult one. His daughter stated their home life "was not serene and calm." He was an alcoholic. In 1961, while working on How the West was Won, he was accidently run over by a train in Phoeniz, AZ. He lost his left leg, and had severe facial and back injuries. His wife Yvonne was thinking of divorce at the time, but changed her mind and took care of him. They filed a million dollar suit against MGM, but lost the suit. They had significant financial difficulty until John Wayne, the actor and a friend of Yvonne, offered her a role in his next movie (McClintock). She supported the family from then on.mccxli
267111 Bari Lee7 MORGAN was born on Oct 5, 1947.mccxlii She married (--?--) MILLER.mccxliii Her married name was MILLER.mccxliv Biography: Her mother died before she was 8. She was living in Jul, 2000.mccxlv
267112 Bruce Ross7 MORGAN was born on Jul 16, 1956 in Santa Monica, CA, USA.mccxlvi He was living in Jul, 2000.mccxlvii
267113 Michael7 MORGAN was born in 1957.mccxlviii He died in 1997 of a seizure related disorder.mccxlix
26712 Keith McLuen6 MORGAN was born on Sep 26, 1917.mccl He was listed in the census of Ross Gorsuch MORGAN and Nellie Bernice WATT in 1920 at Mt. Carmel, IL, USA.
267121 Janice Rae7 MORGAN was born on Sep 7, 1947.mccli
26713 Kenneth Lee6 MORGAN was born on Sep 26, 1917.mcclii He was listed in the census of Ross Gorsuch MORGAN and Nellie Bernice WATT in 1920 at Mt. Carmel, IL, USA. One of the twins was in military service WWII, in Germany.mccliii
2672 Norvin Dwight5 MORGAN was born on Dec 17, 1887 in Popejoy, Franklin Co., IA, USA, age 13 in 1900 census, age 22 in 1910.mccliv,mcclv,mcclvi,mcclvii He was listed in the census of Andrew Jackson MORGAN and Sadie Douglas GORSUCH in 1900 at Iowa Falls, Hardin Co., IA, USA.mcclviii He graduated on 1906 from Iowa Falls High School, IA, USA.mcclix He graduated on 1910 from Ellsworth College, Iowa Falls, IA, USA, with a B.A.. He was sent to western South Dakota to organize Sunday Schools for the Congregational Society.mcclx,mcclxi He was listed in the census of Andrew Jackson MORGAN and Sadie Douglas GORSUCH on Apr 20, 1910 at Iowa Falls, Hardin Co., IA, USA.mcclxii He moved in Oct, 1910 to Gillette, WY, USA.mcclxiii He married Alfreda Myrtle DEAVER in Dec 8, 1915 at Sheridan, Sheridan Co., WY, USA.mcclxiv,mcclxv,mcclxvi He graduated on 1933 from University of Wyoming, WY, USA, M.A.mcclxvii He He was a teacher at the same school for 39 years and was starting ranching sheep on their 3000 acre ranch 18 miles outside of at Gillette, WY, USA, in 1943.mcclxviii,mcclxix He was a superintendent of schools in 1949 at Gillette, WY, USA.mcclxx He assisted his son in a movie theater in in 1955 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, USA.mcclxxi He corresponded with Norvin Dwight MORGAN on Jul 7, 1956 He thought, because there were so many members of the Morgan family in WY that they should name a peak after them. He corresponded with Norvin Dwight MORGAN in Jul, 1957 Discussed catching 7 skunks in the granary, deodorizing them, and keeping for pets. Cut 5000 bales of hay. He resided a ranch south of Gillette, Story Co., WO; Moorcroft, WO; sold in 1973 to Amax Coal Co. He died on Aug 12, 1977 at Sheridan Hospital, Sheridan, Sheridan Co., WY, USA, from pneumonia following the flu.mcclxxii,mcclxxiii He was the subject of an Obituary on Aug 16, 1977 at Gillette, WY, USA. He was buried at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Gillette, WY, USA.mcclxxiv He Five of his children were in the service in WWII.mcclxxv Biography: He played football and baseball in high school. He tried being a missionary for a year among German Jews but did not feel mature enough to continue. He bought a homestead of 3000 acres about six miles north of Gillette. He worked for the Burlington Railroad until he began teaching. He accepted a position in Gillette in 1911-12, then at Echeta and Powell, WY, where he was principal and coach in 1913-14. He taught at Dike, IA, then Campbell Co., WY for 7 years until 1922. He worked for the Moorcroft school district as superintendent for 2 years. In 1924 he moved to Gillette to accept the position of superintendent at Campbell County High School in Gillete (teaching for 25 years). He taught until Dec. 31, 1949. His home burned down in 1934. He was Wyoming State Commissioner of Education in 1930-1931. In 1950, he had 500 breeding ewes on his ranch and 20 head of milk cows. He also sold oil and coal from his land. He remodedd his home ranch home in 1951. He was a Democrat and belonged to the Congregational Church. He was a member of Co. E. 3rd Infantry U.S. Service of the Wyoming National Guard. He was president of the State Teacher's Association of Wyoming 1932-1933 and Univ. of Wyoming Trustee 1931-1937. He belonged to the Gillette Masonic Lodge, Royal Arch Masons and Knights Templar. He served as a member of the Campbell County Welfare Board. He was a trombonist in the city band.mcclxxvi,mcclxxvii Alert: Genealogy. He was also known as Dwight.mcclxxviii
26721 Darlene Heloise6 MORGAN was born on Apr 16, 1917 in Gillette, Campbell Co., WY, USA, on father's farm.mcclxxix,mcclxxx,mcclxxxi She was educated at University of Wyoming, WY, USA, B.DI.mcclxxxii She graduated from High School, Campbell Co., IA, USA.mcclxxxiii She was a teacher, housewife. Her married name was SMITH.mcclxxxiv She married James Phillip Joseph SMITH Jr in Mar 16, 1939 at Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, USA, Deaver Family Hx, Jay Morgan: 1940.mcclxxxv,mcclxxxvi,mcclxxxvii She was living in 1977 at Moorcroft, WY, USA.mcclxxxviii She was also known as Darleen.mcclxxxix
267211 James Phillip Joseph7 SMITH III was born on Oct 12, 1940 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, USA.mccxc,mccxci He married Vernice Eulalee GIBSON in May 28, 1967 at Buffalo, WY, USA.mccxcii He was a He was in business with his father in 1978 at Moorcroft, WY, USA.mccxciii He was a a mechanic. He was also known as Pokie.mccxciv
2672111 Kenneth James8 SMITH was born on Mar 13, 1969.
267212 Susan Janette7 SMITH was born on Jun 25, 1951 in Douglas, WY, USA.mccxcv,mccxcvi She married Keith MITCHELL at Moorcroft, Crook Co., WY, USA.mccxcvii She married Grant JOHNSON at Moorcroft, Crook Co., WY, USA, h/2.mccxcviii She married James BECHTEL h/3.mccxcix Her married name was JOHNSON.mccc Her married name was BECHTEL.mccci
2672121 Laurie Ann8 MITCHELL was married and had triplets. She was born in Newcastle, Weston Co., WY, USA.mcccii
2672122 Lisa Sue8 JOHNSON was born in Newcastle, Weston Co., WY, USA.mccciii
2672123 Steven8 BECHTEL
267213 Frances Dee7 SMITH was born on Aug 24, 1958 in Douglas, Converse Co., WY, USA.mccciv She married Jeff IRISH.mcccv Her married name was IRISH.mcccvi She and Jeff IRISH had 4 children.
26722 Lyla Geraldine6 MORGAN was born on Jul 9, 1918 in Newcastle, Weston Co., WY, USA, Uran: Upton, WY.mcccvii,mcccviii,mcccix She resided in Newcastle, WY, USA.mcccx She graduated Campbell Co. H.S., Gillette, WY and from University of Wyoming.mcccxi She was a with Pasadena Play House, housewife. She married John Edwin WALTER in Aug 31, 1941 at Gillette, Campbell Co., WY, USA.mcccxii,mcccxiii,mcccxiv She died on Mar 5, 1974 at Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY, USA.mcccxv,mcccxvi Her married name was WALTER.mcccxvii She was buried at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Gillette, Campbell Co., WY, USA.mcccxviii
267221 Kathryn Dee7 WALTER was born on Oct 31, 1942 in Pueblo, Pueblo Co., CO, USA.mcccxix,mcccxx She married Larry DAVIS at CO, USA.mcccxxi Her married name was DAVIS.mcccxxii She and Larry DAVIS were divorced.mcccxxiii She married Ronald Russell PULLING in Aug 7, 1965.mcccxxiv Her married name was PULLING.mcccxxv She was also known as Kakie.mcccxxvi She and Ronald Russell PULLING resided in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.mcccxxvii She was also known as Katherine Ann WALTER.mcccxxviii
2672211 Charlene Lee Walter8 DAVIS was born on Nov 15, 1961 in Greybull, Big Horn Co., WY, USA.mcccxxix,mcccxxx She was adopted by Ronald Pulling. Her name was legally changed to Charlene Lee Walter PULLING.
2672212 Russell Matthew8 PULLING was born on Jun 27, 1966 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., CA, USA.mcccxxxi
2672213 Richard Michael8 PULLING was born on Mar 26, 1969 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX, USA.mcccxxxii
267222 Michele Ann7 WALTER was born on Sep 24, 1949 in Basin, Big Horn Co., WY, USA.mcccxxxiii,mcccxxxiv She married Stephan WAAK.mcccxxxv Her married name was WAAK.mcccxxxvi She has since remarried an unknown person and has two daughters. She also went by the name of Mitzi.mcccxxxvii
267223 Michael John Walter7 WALTER was born on Jun 20, 1951 in Worland, Washakie Co., WY, USA.mcccxxxviii He was a a stereo store manager at Sheridan, WY, USA.mcccxxxix He married Bonnie Rae WILLIAMS in May 21, 1973 at Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY, USA.mcccxl
267224 Kristi Sue7 WALTER was born on Jun 27, 1955 in Cody, Park Co., WY, USA.mcccxli She was living in 1978.mcccxlii
26723 Harriett Lucille6 MORGAN was born on Oct 26, 1919 in Gillette, Campbell Co., WY, USA, or Oct. 25 (born close to midnight).mcccxliii,mcccxliv,mcccxlv She was educated from Campbell Co. H.S. and from Univ. of WY.mcccxlvi She was a secretary. She married Albert Charles BROWN in May 17, 1943 at Omaha, Douglas Co., NE, USA.mcccxlvii,mcccxlviii,mcccxlix Her married name was BROWN.mcccl She resided in Anaconda, MT, USA.mcccli Her married name was GROSS.mccclii She married Alan GROSS h/2.mcccliii,mcccliv She and Alan GROSS were divorced. She resided in 1977 in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, a widow.mccclv She was also known as BROWN.
267231 Albert Charles7 BROWN was born on Oct 28, 1943 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, USA.mccclvi He was in military service Capt. in the army in Germany. He was educated at University of California Engineer. He married Karen Cecelia MCLEAN in Nov 23, 1963 at Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co., MT, USA.mccclvii He resided in 1978 in Inglewood, CO, USA.mccclviii He was a in public relations for Anaconda Comp in 1978 at Denver, CO, USA.
2672311 Krystal Marie8 BROWN was born on Aug 12, 1964 in Missoula, Missoula Co., MT, USA.mccclix She married (--?--) MCCARLEY h/1.mccclx Her married name was MCCARLEY.mccclxi She married Bryan LAMOREAU h/2.mccclxii Her married name was LAMOREAU.mccclxiii
26723111 Hunter9 MCCARLEY was born on Jun 29, 1991.mccclxiv
26723112 Jake9 MCCARLEY was born on Aug 25, 1992.mccclxv
26723113 Trevor9 MCCARLEY was born on Dec 1, 1993.mccclxvi
2672312 Wenzel Albert8 BROWN was born on Sep 14, 1966 in Butte, Silver Bow Co., MT, USA.mccclxvii He married Brenda BROWN.mccclxviii He also went by the name of Deuce.mccclxix
26723121 Jessica9 BROWN was born on Jun 19, 1991.mccclxx
26723122 Trey9 BROWN was born on May 18, 1993.mccclxxi
26723123 Zachary Ray9 BROWN was born on Sep 27, 1999.mccclxxii
2672313 Morgan Troy8 BROWN was born on Jul 31, 1970 in Butte, Silver Bow Co., MT, USA.mccclxxiii
2672314 Alisha Gaye8 BROWN was born on Jan 5, 1973 in Tucson, Pima Co., AZ, USA.mccclxxiv She married Mark SEVERSON.mccclxxv Her married name was SEVERSON.mccclxxvi
267232 Mona Gaye7 BROWN was also known as Mona Jane BROWN.mccclxxvii She was born on Feb 5, 1949 in Butte, Silver Bow Co., MT, USA.mccclxxviii She was living in 1978 not married. She married Tom SCHOOLEY.mccclxxix Her married name was SCHOOLEY.mccclxxx
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