Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan by Charles J. Vella, Ph. D

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. Dr. Charles J. VELLA PhD contributed many boxes of the genealogical research that her grandmother Vivian Imogene Uran wrote on their Houghton, Uran, and Morgan lineages to the current author Charles J. Vella. Biography: Lived in Des Moines IA. Lived at 3511 Dillon, Cheyenee WY in 1993-1994. Moved to Algona, IA. In 1994-2008 was living at Rockford IA. She sent the author, in 2006-2007, many boxes of the genealogical material of the Uran family that her mother kept, including many pictures. She received Imogene Uran's white graduation dress and her bible and her 2084 perfume bottle collection, as well as the bible of her great grandmother May Morgan's bible, and a whie apron from Clarinda Tender Houghton.
26A2331 Sabra Shay8 WILSON was born on Jan 19, 1973 in Iowa City, IA, USA.mmxxx She was also known as Shabra Shay BIJANI. She adopted Gulamabbas BIJANI.mmxxxi She resided with Rene WILSON between 1977 and 1983 in at Riceville, IA, USA. She was killed on Dec 4, 1978 at Des Moines, IA, USA.mmxxxii She was buried on Dec 8, 1978 at Riverside Cemetery, Riceville, IA, USA. She was the subject of an Obituary Sabra Shay Bijani was born January 19, 1973 in Iowa City, Iowa and passed away December 4, 1978 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Sabra had lived in Des Moines for several years before coming to live in Riceville with her mother and sister in 1977. This was her first year in school which she enjoyed very much and made many friends, not only with her class members, but with other older students.

She is survived by her mother, Rene Bijani; sister, Kaniz Shammim, at home; maternal grandparents, Ellen V. Wilson, Riceville, Iowa and Bill J. Wilson, Dublin, Georgia; paternal grandmother, Zanub Bono Bijani, Des Moines, aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends.

Funeral services were held December 8, 1978...Internment was in Riverside Cemetery in riceville on Dec 14, 1978 at Riceville Recorder, Riceville, IA, USA. She was also known as Sabra Shay Wilson BIJANI.mmxxxiii

26A2332 Kaniz Shammim8 BIJANI was born on Mar 3, 1976.mmxxxiv She resided with Rene WILSON between 1977 and 1983 in at Riceville, IA, USA. She graduated in 1994 (from high school in Cheyenne, CO). Kaniz Shammim BIJANI was a partner of Lazaro Alejandro Leon HERNANDEZ. Her married name was MUNSEN. She and Troy Lazaro BIJANI resided in Jan 12, 2002 in Rockford, IA, USA. She married Paul Allan MUNSEN, son of Laura Ann EICHEMEIER, in Apr 11, 2006 at Las Vegas, NV, USA. As of Oct, 2006, the address of Kaniz Shammim BIJANI was at PO Box 146, Rudd, IA, USA,
26A23321 Troy Lazaro9 BIJANI was born on Jun 13, 1996 in Mason City, IA, USA.mmxxxv,mmxxxvi He and Kaniz Shammim BIJANI resided in Jan 12, 2002 in Rockford, IA, USA.
26A23322 Kamina Desirae9 MUNSEN was born on Jul 8, 2006 in Mason City, IA, USA.
26A23323 Ellen Keanna9 MUNSEN was born on Sep 5, 2008.
26A234 Jone7 WILSON was born on Feb 19, 1953 in Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, Fulton, GA, USA.mmxxxvii,mmxxxviii Her married name was JONES. She married James Ray JONES in Aug 16, 1975 at Pine Forest Methodist Church, Dublin, GA, USA. She was a a clerk typist for a hardware store in 1976. As of between 1996 and 2000, the address of Jone WILSON and James Ray JONES was at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, (an unknown value). She was a secretary for Springdale Baptist Church in 1997. She corresponded with Jone WILSON on Jul 18, 2000. She She inherited Imogene Uran's 1910 wedding dress and Clarinda Tender's Gospel Hymns.
26A2341 Kelly Michelle8 JONES was born on Mar 29, 1980 in Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA.mmxxxix As of 1996, the address of Kelly Michelle JONES was at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, (an unknown value). She was educated at Dublin Community College, Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, in 1997. She was educated at University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA, in Sep, 2000 majoring in business management.mmxl She married Matthew Brian FITZPATRICK in May 1, 2004 at Dublin, GA, USA. Her married name was FITZPATRICK.
26A2342 Crystal Rae8 JONES was born on Feb 13, 1982 in Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA.mmxli She lived at at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, on between 1996 and 2000. She graduated on Jun, 2000 High School.mmxlii She was educated at Southern University, Statesboro, GA, USA, in Sep, 2000 majoring in accounting.mmxliii Biography: High school cheer leader. Played the flute.
26A2343 Katie Nicole8 JONES was born on Apr 13, 1984 in Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA.mmxliv As of 1995, the address of Katie Nicole JONES was at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, (an unknown value). She lived at at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, on between 1996 and 2000. Biography: Plays the clarinet.
26A2344 Carrie Lynn8 JONES was born on Jul 10, 1986 in Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA.mmxlv As of between 1995 and 2004, the address of Carrie Lynn JONES was at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, (an unknown value). She lived at at 207 Ramsey St., Dublin, Laurens, GA, USA, 31031, on between 1996 and 2000. She graduated on May 23, 2004 from West Laurens High School. Biography: Plays the trumpet.
26A24 Margaret6 URAN was born on Oct 13, 1917 in Wellsburg, Grundy, IA, USA.mmxlvi,mmxlvii She was baptized in 1923 at Presbyterian Church, Waterloo, IA, USA. She was a a secretary. Her married name was Margaret LONGANECKER. She graduated on May, 1936 from Riceville High School.mmxlviii She married Leonard Calvin LONGANECKER Jr, son of Leonard Carl J. LONGANECKER and Effie D. (--?--), in Jan 25, 1947 at Hapeville, Cobb, GA, USA, at Presbyterian Parsonage.mmxlix She and Leonard Calvin LONGANECKER Jr were divorced on Jan 27, 1950 at Osage, IA, USA.mml Her name was legally changed to Margo LOVELIFE.mmli As of 1995, the address of Margaret URAN was at 214 Grand Ave #2, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA, USA, (an unknown value). She died on Mar 21, 1998 at Oakland, Alameda Co., CA, USA. Biography: Margo gave the following history in 1994 (to Charles Vella): She was born in Wellsburg, IA. Her family moved to Waterloo, IA. She was baptised at age 6. She went to the grade school in Riceville and then to high school there. She belonged to the high school glee club, basketball team, and played flute in the band. She played the flute, piano, and vibraphone. She was living in Riceville in 1950 with her husband Leonard. She graduated in 1936 from Riceville High School. She joined the Congregational church during high school. At age 19, with Ellen, she left home and went to work for 3 years as a maid at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. She helped to support Ellen. She went to the American Institute of Business for 9 months in Des Moines, IA and graduated in 1940. She belonged to the Phi Rho Zeta Fraternity and the YWCA. She spent five years in Des Moines with Ellen, working as a stenographer at Meredith Pub. Co., Flynn Milk co. and USO. In 1945 she went to Atlanta, GA to join Ellen and stayed there until 1947, working as a secretary/bookkeeper at USO, Veterans Admin. Guidance Center, and Rick's Dept. Store. In 1948, she (being pregnant) and Leonard (Len) went to Riceville, IA, and then to Fort Dodge, IA where Vaughn was born. She was a charter member of the Riceville, IA United Service Women (later Amvets) and served as historian of Riceville Amvets. They moved to Central City, IA for 1 year from 1947 to 1948. Len was a mortician there, but he lost his business in Apr. 1948. Len then went west and disappeared. She stayed with her parents until she moved to San Francisco in Dec. 1951. There she stayed with her brother, Marshall, for 6 weeks and at 176 Peralta Ave, San Francisco, CA. She moved to Oakland in 1965 and worked for various insurance companies, lawyers, travel agencies, and a bank. She was finally a secretary for 12 years for the County of Alameda. She changed her surname to Margo Lovelife on April 14, 1977. She retired on April 1, 1980. She lived in Oakland, CA.

She was politically active for a long time in local issues facing seniors and the disabled, being a president of the Grey Panthers and a co-founder in 1983 of the United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County (USOAC)(and three times its president), a nonprofit community organization. Her passion was in improving transportation for the elderly and the disabled and she helped create a city Department on Aging as well as a master plan for four senior centers in Oakland. She worked tirelessly for these causes. In the last two years of her life, she believed she had chronic fatigue syndrome. She became increasingly more house bound and was treated for depression. A memorial service was held on March 27, 1998 at the Oakland Senior Center that she helped to found. This included the mayor of Oakland, Elihu Harris, vice-mayor Nate Miley, members of the City council, representatives of AC Transit, the City Planning Committee, the Senior Center Boad, USOAC, and the Oakland Gray Panthers. All eulogized her as a tireless fighter for senior rights.mmlii

26A241 Vaughn Dennis7 LONGANECKER was born on Oct 11, 1947 in Lutheran Hospital, Fort Dodge, Webster, IA, USA.mmliii,mmliv He was christened in 1948 at United Church, Central City, IA, USA, on Easter.mmlv He was in military service between in 1969 U. S. Army; He took his training at Fort Houston, TX, and Fort Gordon, GA. Private, Army medic. Arrived in Vietnam in Feb. 1969. He married Suzanne Laura ROELS in May 25, 1975. As of 1997, the address of Vaughn Dennis LONGANECKER was at 5045 SW 173rd Ave, Beaverton, OR, USA, 97007, As of Oct, 2002, the address of Vaughn Dennis LONGANECKER was

Biography: He was born in the Lutheran Hospital at Fort Dodge, IA. His mother and he moved to San Francisco in Dec. 1951. They lived with his Uncle Marshall for 6 weeks and then at 176 Peralta in Bernal Heights for 10 years. He attended George Washington High School for 1 year. Then moved to Layfayette, CA for two years, and went to Acalanes High School. In Oct. 1965, they moved to Oakland. He went to Fremont High School. He went to Iowa for 6 months to work on farms after he graduated. He came back to Oakland and learned carpentry. He joined Vista for a few weeks and then was drafted. He served for two years, with one year in Vietnam, serving as a medic (because he was a conscientious objector). He hit the road; went to Louisiana; bought a van; and drove across the country. He worked as an orderly. He then went to Mt. Diablo Jr. College for 1 year. He went to Petrolia, CA and lived on the land for three and a half years. He built an A-frame on the land. He went to school on the G.I. bill, at Redwoods Jr. College; he met Laura there. They married and moved to Sebastopol and bought some land there. He worked as an orderly at Santa Rosa Hospital. They moved to Crawfordsville, near Eugene, Oregon in 1980. He worked as an orderly at various hospitals in Eugene. He received his nursing degree. They moved outside of Portland about 1988. He worked as a nurse in several hospitals. In 1994 he started doing homecare nursing through an agency. Vaughn and Lara were devout Christians, worked as Republican Precinct Committee members. Vaughn worked with the Oregon State Christian Heritage Month Proclamation Steering Committee. In 2002 he returned from a mission to Romania and was working on setting up the care ministry at his church that he had been doing on my own for eight years. He was also working on Oregons state quarter design.

26A2411 Oriah8 LONGANECKER was christened after Jul 9, 1977 at CA, USA, with the name of Oriah Zephaniah Longanecker-Roels. He resided in 1995 in Beaverton, OR, USA. He was in military service in between Jan, 1997 and Jan, 2001 in San Antonio, TX, USA, U.S. Air Force; Intelligence Electronics Tech School in Texas; assigned to Northern Japan. He married Sarah NICOLL in Jan 16, 1997 at Hillsboro, OR, USA.mmlvi As of Sep 29, 2003, the address of Oriah LONGANECKER was . As of Aug, 2005, the address of Oriah LONGANECKER was at Vandenburg Airforce Base, Santa Maria, CA, USA, (an unknown value). Biography: Originally Longanecker-Roels until 1985, when Roels was dropped. He dropped baptismal middle name of Zephaniah. In 1996 he worked in construction and had completed 1 1/2 years of college. Met Sarah in school. He was a 1st Lieut in the Air Force OSS/Intelligence division.
26A24111 Aidan Andrew9 LONGANECKER was born on Aug 18, 1997 in Tigard, OR, USA.
26A24112 Jillian Grace9 LONGANECKER was born on Nov 3, 1999 in Japan.mmlvii
26A24113 Addison Mae9 LONGANECKER was born on Feb 10, 2003 in Ft. Lewis, Pierce Co., WA, USA.mmlviii
26A24114 Callyn Brooke9 LONGANECKER was born in 2008.
26A2412 Ariana8 LONGANECKER was born on Jan 19, 1982 in Crawfordsville, Linn Co., OR, USA.mmlix She resided in 1995 in Beaverton, OR, USA. She was educated at Emmaus Bible College, IA, USA, in 1999 a one year certificate program.mmlx She Did home tutoring with a few courses at Westview High School. Loved to do minatures in 2003. She was educated at Oregon State University, Corvalis, OR, USA, in 2004 B.S. Wildlife Biology. She Spent 3 months in New Zealand doing a wild life biology internship in Nov, 2004. She She has a job as the Naturalist at the interpretive center, Gateway to Discovery Natural Resource Center at the Oregon coast, Seaside /Gearhart in 2005.
26A2413 Brittany8 LONGANECKER was born on May 17, 1985 in Crawfordsville, Linn, OR, USA.mmlxi She resided in 1995 in Beaverton, OR, USA. She was educated in 2002 a senior at home. Biography: She played the piano. She was home schooled by her mother. In 2005 Brittany will return to school in Jan. and plans to major in Music , minor in Business later. At this time she works for Nordstroms . She has a dual position. She plays piano for 6 hours ina day and she also works in customer service.
26A25 Donald Maxwell6 URAN was born on Aug 1, 1921 in Wellsburg, Grundy, IA, USA.mmlxii,mmlxiii,mmlxiv,mmlxv He was baptized in 1923 at Waterloo, IA, USA, Presbyterian Church. His Social Security Number was 478-12-2168.mmlxvi He was a in the the Merchant Marines in between 1942 and 1950. He married Dorothy May THOMAS in May 13, 1955 at Seattle, King Co., WA, USA.mmlxvii He and Dorothy May THOMAS had no children. He died on Aug 28, 1978 at Seattle, King Co., WA, USA.mmlxviii,mmlxix He was the subject of an Obituary Donald M. Uran

Age 57, of 216 N. W. 67th. Much loved husband of Dorothy (Helen) Uran. Dearly loved father of JoAnne Schubert and Art Weyh, Havre, Mont. Brother of Margaret Longanecker, Oakland, Calif.; Ellen Wilson, Riceville, Ia.; Marshall uran, San Francisco. Five grandchildren. Member of the Mrechant Marine for 42 years and of M.F.O.W. Services Thursday, 3 p.m., at Wiggen and Sons Chapel. Internment, Restlawn. Memorials may be given to your favorite charity on Aug 30, 1978 at Seattle Times, Seattle, WA, USA. He was buried on Aug 31, 1978 at Restlawn Cemetery, Seattle, WA, USA. He was the subject of an Obituary Donald Maxwell Uran was born on August 1, 1921 in Wellsburg, Iowa to Dr. Joseph A. Uran and Vivian Imogene Morgan Uran. He died on August 28, 1978 in Seattle, Washington during a lung cancer operation. The family moved to Riceville, Iowa on August 1, 1925.

Donald attended two years of the Riceville High School where he played basketball and football. In October, 1938, he left with his brother marshall for Los Angeles, California whre he spent 1 year as a student at the Frank Wiggins Trade School.

With the consent of his parents he entered the U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Training Station at Port Huneneme, California on July 13, 1942. He graduated on November 13, 1942 as Fireman. He had been a Merchant Marine during the World War II and to the present time which totaled 42 years.

On May 13, 1955 Donald and Mrs. Dorothy (Helen) Weyh of Seattle were married.

He is survived by his wife Dorothy (Helen), daughter Jo Anne Schubert and son Arthur Weyh, Havre, Montana, brother Marshall Uran, San Francisco, California; sisters Ellen Vivian Wilson, Riceville, Iowa and Margo Lovelife, Oakland, California and five grandchildren.

Funeral services were held on Thursday, August 31, 1978 at 3 P.M. at the Wiggen and Sons Chapel in Seattle, Washington. Internment was in Restlawn, Seattle, Washington....They resided at 216 Northwest 67th Street, Seattle, Washington 98117 on Sep 7, 1978 at Riceville, IA, USA. Biography: He attended Riceville high school for 2 years. According to his brother Marshall, he was asked by his father to leave town because of his behavior. He left for Los Angeles with Marshall in 1938. He spent 1 year as a student at the Frank Wiggins Trade School. He worked as a trucker between 1939 and 1941. He joined the Socialist Worker's Party. He enlisted in the Coast Guard on Dec. 23, 1941. He graduated in 1942 as a fireman. He enlisted in the Merchant Marines from 1942 to 1950. He was repeatedly elected as union delegate on board ships to represent the crew to the captain. He traveled around the world (including Malta). He had 5 commendations from the War Shipping Adm., as he had been in direct action in five different war zones. He returned to Riceville in 1950, then to San Francisco with Margaret and Vaughn in 1951. He continued as a merchant marine, working as an oiler in 1951. He lived in Seattle, WA from 1953 until his death. He married Mrs. Helen Weyh in 1955. He also went by the name of Don.
26A251 Arthur7 WEYH
26A252 JoAnne7 WEYH married Larry SCHUBERT. Her married name was SCHUBERT.
26A3 Maxwell5 MORGAN was born on Oct 25, 1893 in Clarence, Cedar, IA, USA, Oct 1893, age 6 in 1900 census.mmlxx,mmlxxi He was listed in the census of James Hamilton MORGAN and Lydia May HOUGHTON in 1900 at Dayton, Cedar Co., IA, USA.mmlxxii He graduated on 1912 from Glenwood High School, Glenwood, IA, USA.mmlxxiii He graduated on 1918 from Iowa State College, Ames, IA, USA. He enlisted in Jun 20, 1918 in WWI: ambulance driver in U.S. Army, 2nd Lt, Comp. 4.mmlxxiv He ended military service in Dec 3, 1918.mmlxxv He was a a creamery owner and orchard farmer. He married Laura Marian FRY in Jun 7, 1923 at Terrace Park, OH, USA, also Cincinnati, OH.mmlxxvi He corresponded with William Henry MORGAN on Aug 31, 1951 at Rogersville, TN, USA, Gave his family.mmlxxvii He corresponded with Cornelia B. ANDERSON on Sep 17, 1951 at Rogersville, TN, USA.mmlxxviii He corresponded with Elbert Benjamin MORGAN on Sep 20, 1951 at Rogersville, TN, USA.mmlxxix He corresponded with Grace Leone HAUSER in Oct, 1951 at Richmond, CA, USA, Discussed her mother and grandmother in NC. He died on Jul 28, 1961 at St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL, USA.mmlxxx,mmlxxxi He's was ashes were interred on Oct 24, 1961 at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington Co., VA, USA, section 36, Grave 1222.mmlxxxii Biography: He attended high school in Sigourney, IA. He attended a course at Tabor College at Tabor, IA in 1911 in business administration. He graduated in 1912 from Glenwood High School. He was a small man with blonde hair and blue eyes, and weighed 150 lbs. (per Dairy Farmer article). He went to Iowa State Agricultural College at Ames, IA in 1913. He belonged to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. In 1915 he farmed for 1 year for his uncle Fred near Albion. He graduated with a B.S. in Agriculture in 1918 from Iowa State College, Ames. He played on their basketball team. In 1918 he enlisted in the army and served in motor transportation (as an ambulance driver) in the States, not overseas. He was discharged in 1918 and went to Mandan, ND, where he was the Morton County agricultural agent for 3 years. He conceived dairy cattle breeding circuit at Flasher in that county. While he was county agent, he urged pit silos until the county had twice as many as any other two counties in ND. In 1922 he become a State Livestock extension specialist with the North Dakota Agricultural College at Fargo, ND. In less than a year the work under his charge had expanded to a point where it was necessary to put in another man to help carry on the work. He recommended a division between dairy stock and other animal husbandry phases, and he choose the former. He helped to import 750 dairy cows (thirty-five carloads) into ND. He married Marian Fry in 1923 at Cincinnati, OH. In 1925 he became the production manager for 11 years for the Fairmont Creamery at Moorehead, MN, within commuting distance from Fargo. He specialized in bronze turkeys and he won several prizes for champion turkeys. He lived at Fargo, North Dakota at 1326 9th St., South. In 1936 he started his own creamery, the Morgan Creamery Co., in a building he owned in Fargo and ran it for 11 years. In 1938, at the death of his mother, he tracked down his father through the florist who sent flowers to funeral. He worked for the war effort in 1942 in milk distribution in Washington D.C. when the government was considering milk rationing. While there, he had a heart ailment which caused him to sell his creamery and retire. He prided himself on raising quality animals, i.e., his introduction of dairy cows into ND. He raised barkless Basenji dogs; mink and silver fox, and chinchillas in his double garage. He belonged to Episcopal Church and the Masonic Lodge. His daughter Jan was the bookkeeper for the mink and fox portion of the business. He built a home in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1953. He ended up living in 5-518th, Redington Beach, St. Petersburg 6, Florida. He started a fruit nursery six miles from his home and raised Lichee fruit trees for ornamental trees. He had several heart attacks and died in 1961.

Max and his sister Imogene worked for 6 years on the Houghton Genealogy and for 7 years on the Morgan Genealogy. According to Imogene, he spent $3000 researching in Washington DC, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana for family information.mmlxxxiii He also went by the name of Max.

26A31 Janet6 MORGAN was born on Feb 2, 1926 in Fargo, Cass Co., ND, USA.mmlxxxiv,mmlxxxv She graduated on 1943 from High School, Fargo, Cass Co., ND, USA.mmlxxxvi She graduated on 1947 from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, in English.mmlxxxvii Her married name was LARSON. She married Dr. John Albert LARSON Jr in Aug 15, 1950 at Fargo, Cass Co., ND, USA.mmlxxxviii She and Dr. John Albert LARSON Jr were divorced on Apr 18, 1963. Biography: Graduated from Central Senior High School in 1943. Attended Univ. of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mich.; graduated with B.A. in English in 1947. In 1948 worked for Proctor and Gamble research. Married 1950 to John Albert Larson, Jr. Moved to Evanston Il. In 1949-50 attended Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School in Chicago, Il. Worked for 1 year at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Was self-described job hopper. In 1950 at Apt. 705, 1705 Northwesten Apts, Evanston IL. Lived at 223 Crystal Court, Little Rock Arkansas in summer 1953. Lived at Knoxville TN where John was studying at University. Was in a psychiatric hospital in 1961 when father died. Divorced in 1963. Lived at Evanston IL from 1957 to 1977, when she moved to Albequerque NM, then to southern CA with brother, then to San Francisco in 1978. Changed name to Jan Francisco in 1988. Lived at 180 Turk, Apt 910, in San Francisco until 12/1992.mmlxxxix As of between 1992 and 1997, the address of Janet MORGAN was at Jan Francisco, 3761 Park Blvd Way, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA, USA, 94610, 510-530-9333, (an unknown value). As of 1997, the address of Janet MORGAN was at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, USA, (an unknown value). Her name was legally changed to Jan FRANCISCO. She also went by the name of Jan.
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