The law of georgia
  Circular No 33/1: Page
  The parliament of romania the deputies chamber the senate law
  International trade in endangered species act 2008 act 686
  International Trade (Fauna and Flora) Act 1979
  Title ii-implementation of convention on future multilateral cooperation in the northwest atlantic fisheries
  S. I. No 170 of 2002 Mackerel (Fisheries Management and Conservation) Order, 2002
  Si no 100 of 2002 horse mackerel (fisheries management and conservation) order (No 3), 2002
  Petroleum and natural gas act
  On Cooperation in Research, Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals in the North Atlantic
  Official Journal L 074, 01 Apri1 1995 pp. 10 -17
  Wildlife Regulations 1999
  Official Journal No. L 340, 29 December 1994 pp. 1 -7
  Species at Risk List Regulations made under Sections 10 and 12 of the
  Act No. 194 of 1992 as amended This compilation was prepared on 25 February 2000
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