DirWell Web Directory Announces Their Free Affiliate Program For Website Owners To Make Money Today

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DirWell Web Directory Announces Their Free Affiliate Program For Website Owners To Make Money Today

(1888PressRelease) DirWell.com, a Web Directory of superior quality that was launched recently, now provides a lucrative opportunity to website owners to make money by partnering with DirWell Affiliate Program.

(1888PressRelease)  - The Founder, Faisal Nawaz and Admin/CEO Muhammad Asim Farooq of DirWell.com, an innovative and quality-conscious web directory of high standard, are excited to invite Affiliates to be a part of the new high-return Directory Well Affiliate Program.

Asim Farooq, who has years of experience behind him, says "Affiliates joining DirWell Affiliate Program will be entering into a partnership with us and our goal is to ensure they stand to gain, while they help us scale greater heights."

Affiliate Programs offer a great potential for Webmasters to make money through Residual Affiliate Commissions. DirWell intends to reward well for each buying customer brought about by the marketing efforts of its affiliates.

"We consider our affiliates as joint venture partners and our expertise ensures affiliates get to the money faster - - for the long-term," said Faisal Nawaz, the Creative Head at DirWell.

DirWell's free affiliate program is easy to join and webmasters can advertise the web directory services on their websites. All visitors that convert into buyers of DirWell's listing services will earn commission on each sale.

Asim revealed further details: "On joining the affiliate program, our affiliates will start earning 20% in commission on each sale made by referring DirWell web directory services."

The web directory offers 20% on each approved Directory Listing and commissions are paid instantly to the affiliate account. Withdrawals to Paypal are convenient and will occur after the conditions stated on the http://www.dirwell.com/affiliates/ page are fulfilled.

DirWell provides the highest quality of support to its affiliates. This is done by providing them with all sorts of promotional material to be used on their websites. There are several other features DirWell Affiliates will be given access to.

The Affiliate Program in-charge says, "Dedicated affiliate managers are assigned to DirWell affiliates, to guide and support them, and ensure timely payments. The DirWell Affiliate Program offers a win-win situation where the affiliates stand to make money right from the very start."

Website owners are encouraged to sign up for the Directory Well Affiliate program to make money as DirWell Affiliates!

DirWell.com offers result-oriented solutions to businesses and expects to soon become one of the fastest growing affiliate programs in the web directory industry. They have a huge network of sites listed under different categories, which is continually growing. This wide reach allows DirWell affiliates to generate traffic successfully through the different types of websites they own and make money today.

About Directory Well

DirWell.com CEO, Muhammad Asim Farooq is an SEO expert who has helped manage the promotions and management of several major directories like iGuides.org, which received the phpLD directory of the month award on phplinkdirectory.com

The current portfolio of the directory consists of more than 2,000 websites in over 10,000 categories, including several authority websites; such as rehabilitation centers, research centers, child welfare organizations, animation sites, comic and movie sites, video games sites, and many more spreading over all categories. Additionally, it makes available free and useful information on various niches to attract Internet users. The directory is soon expected to generate several thousand unique visitors per day, making it a very active Web directory.

For more information about DirWell.com Web Directory, please contact:

Faisal Nawaz, Founder
Muhammad Asim Farooq, CEO
DirWell.com Web Directory

Tel: 923214440828

admin @ DirWell.com

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