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Vertical: Industrial
Project: QMS Cloud
Location: Torrance, CA
Competition: This was a highly competitive deal against Siemens
Arconic, Inc. creates breakthrough products that shape industries. Working in close partnership with their customers, they solve complex engineering challenges to transform the way we fly, drive, build and power. Through the ingenuity of their people and cutting-edge advanced manufacturing techniques, they efficiently deliver these quality products that ensure customer success and shareholder value. Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings product range offers the greatest breadth and depth of fastening solutions available including: self-locking nuts, quick-release fasteners, draw latches, threaded inserts, lock-bolts & structural blind fasteners. Through decades of experience working closely with major manufacturers from a myriad of markets, Arconic has developed the capability to engineer and produce special parts to meet specific fastening requirements.
Why QAD: QAD QMS was selected over Siemens IBS QMS Professional: system capability, predictable deployment effort, ability to execute, deep quality process expertise of team, QAD ERP integration and Cloud based solution. Other reasons include:

  • Improve overall efficiency and reduce risk by replacing disparate legacy system(s) with single Quality platform

  • Quality process improvements for Inspection, Rejections, Document Management, CAPA, Customer Returns, Test Reports, Dimensional Reports, Metrology, Stamps

  • Reduce monthly reporting effort

  • Quality platform integration to multiple ERP systems


Vertical: F&B
Project: Update to EE
Location: Fakenham, UK
Customer since
: 1996
Kinnerton is no ordinary brand - it was the first brand to offer character chocolate in the UK, way back in 1978. It is now the fourth largest chocolate producer in Great Britain. The company now employs approximately 1,000 people across its multiple sites.

Every year Kinnerton produces more than 10 million Advent calendars and more than 20 million Easter eggs and, thanks to its broad range, is Britain's most important producer of seasonal goods. Among them are such popular licensed children's and family brands as 'Disney', 'Hello Kitty', 'Star Wars', 'Cornetto' and 'Mini Milk', which have enabled the chocolate specialist to achieve major growth.

Kinnerton's customers include all of the major UK supermarkets as well as regional and discount retailers.

Kinnerton began their QAD journey with a single site in 1996 but since that time the solution has grown as the company has expanded through acquisition and organic growth. In 2012 the entire group was acquired by Zertus GmbH, a German confectionery group with, surprise, surprise, an SAP ERP standard. 

This acquisition added a degree of urgency to the ongoing upgrade discussions between QAD and Kinnerton (who wanted to remain on QAD and avoid SAP at all costs). The group was primarily sat on QAD 2008 SE which would be retired in 2018 (although a sister company within the UK group had already deployed 2014 EE) and that situation could potentially create compliance headaches for Kinnerton.

To drive the process forward the QAD team delivered an Upgrade QScan and worked with the Kinnerton management team to build a comprehensive business case for the upgrade to deliver to Zertus (including some eye watering cost of delay figures!).

We received the final sign off from Kinnerton for Phase 1 of their migration to Enterprise Edition earlier this month.

What's Next: Once the first site is live, the group is keen to deploy the upgraded solution to their remaining sites in the UK & Ireland to ensure consistency throughout their systems and processes. Kinnerton are also in the midst of investigating their demand planning and supply chain solutions at present (our DSCP Team is already engaged). Stay tuned!


Vertical: Automotive
Project: Re-Start and conversion to Enterprise Unified Bundle
Location: Grand Haven, MI

Customer since: 1998
GHSP is a subsidiary of JSJ Corporation located in Grand Haven, MI and established in 1924. GHSP makes up more that 60% of the revenue for JSJ. GHSP is a leading supplier of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems to the automotive and transportation industries. GHSP also provides electronic controls for premium appliance manufacturers.
They have facilities in the U.S., Mexico, and China.

Why QAD: The goal for GHSP is to move to a stable platform that will allow the business to implement additional applications in a phased approach. Their goal is to stabilize the system and take the path of least risk. Risk mitigation was the biggest factor in their decision to stabilize on QAD, and manage their double digit growth.  

Competition: Plex 

Congratulations to: the entire QAD team who helped win GHSP, defend against Plex and re-start a global/growing Auto account which had been off maintenance for 8+ years. This deal has been over two years in the making and initially started as a non-compliant license audit, turned into a competitive RFP bid and eventually a key WIN for QAD. 

What's Next:  Compete and win the professional services business for the upgrade:

  • Upgrade to Enterprise Edition

  • Purchase and implement Automation Solutions

  • Purchase and implement Quality Management System

  • Purchase and implement Transportation Management System


Vertical: Hight Tech
Project: QAD 2016
Location: Southampton, UK
Customer since: 2011
i2O provides a suite of smart network solutions to help water utilities respond to the challenges created by increasing and urbanising population, more extreme weather events, old and ageing infrastructure, an ageing workforce, more demanding and more vocal customers, and a lack of appetite for increasing bills.

The business benefits achieved by i2O’s clients include 20-40% reductions in leakage, bursts, operational costs and energy bills, more than 5 years added to asset life, improved customer service, and a return on investment within 12 months.

In the past ten years i2O systems have been installed in over 25 countries by more than 100 utility companies.
I2O were our third ever QAD Cloud customer in the UK way back in 2011 (when QAD Cloud was still QAD On Demand). Initially deploying to a single site in the UK, this high tech start up spun out from Southampton University has since opened additional offices in Spain, Malaysia and Colombia.

Having implemented EE from the onset i2O have been using the latest version of QAD from the start. However, i2O's senior management felt that the time was right to look at upgrading to the latest release of QAD (and they were also very interested in Channel Islands).

Although a smaller client, the i2O upgrade did have some complex areas, namely the upgrade of some of their Malaysian site's customisations, the new YAB deployment process as well as a move from QRF to Minisoft (in order for i2O to be more self sufficient).

i2O Water successfully went live on the 17th July 2017, on time and on budget.

What's Next: i2O Water have signed up to be an early adopter of Channel Islands, this project is now underway, look out for further information on this in future updates. Stay tuned!


Vertical: Automotive
Project: QMS order
Location: Nashville, TN
Customer since
: 2011
Carlex Glass America, LLC manufactures a wide variety of replacement glass, including original auto glass parts for many Nissan, Ford, Subaru, Hyundai, Lincoln and Kia vehicles. The majority of products supplied to the assembly plants are sold in the aftermarket as top quality replacement parts.

Why QAD QMS: Carlex needed a quality solution that helped solve their needs around automating their APQP/PPAP (Process Flow, FMEA, Control Plan) process. Additionally, they needed it to help meet IATF16949. We illustrated the robustness of the QAD QMS solution over Plex and the value it provided in automating the Carlex QMS process. 

Competition: Plex 

What’s Next: This is just the start.! We will expand as a global quality solution with additional modules, users and sites for QMS.

Procept BioRobotics

Company: PROCEPT BioRobotics is a privately held medical device company committed to providing surgeons with innovative new technology for the treatment of men with prostate disease. Their first product developed was the AquaBeam, an intelligent image-guided robotic system delivering Aquablation, a waterjet tissue resection modality. The AquaBeam is currently for investigational use only in the United States and is not marketed for sale. PROCEPT is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

The competition: Expandable, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, GDE, Epicor. 

Why we won: The client had experience with QAD and was looking for an effective and efficient system in running the life-sciences business.  After evaluating the competition, Procept chose QAD Cloud for its full featured ERP functionality, specifically financials, as well as the benefits of partnering with Strategic to execute the life sciences validation processes.  

Dura Automotive Systems

Dura Automotive Systems, LLC is a leading independent designer and global manufacturer of driver and seating control systems, safety hardware, structural body systems, exterior trim and integrated glass systems. Based in Auburn Hills, MI, USA, Dura has been a QAD customer for two decades. Dura has enjoyed considerable success and today boasts that their products can be found on 300 automotive models for OEMs in the Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific. With 12,000 employees at 36 locations in 15 countries, and revenues of $1.6 billion, Dura serves a long list of automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers, from VW and Volvo to Nexteer and Bosch.

Dura upgraded to eB2 in 2006 but, despite several Q-Scans, studies and discoveries, for a variety of reasons Dura bypassed additional upgrades for long time. With several senior management changes in 2015 (CIO, CFO and COO), however, and our continued efforts, Dura decided to start rolling on EE in late 2016 and bringing QAD Cloud into the mix. With our strategy working, Dura just agreed to a 7-figure maintenance renewal. 

We also recognized that several other solutions and services could help Dura, including more QAD Cloud, QAD Automation Solutions, QAD DSCP, QAD Supplier Portal and QAD QMS. After a long sales cycle, we just closed a substantial 6-figure deal for QAD QMS with further growth potential. We also are making excellent progress on the other fronts as well.



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