Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry Meritorious Professor (bps 22) and Dean

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Curriculum Vitae

Tel# Residence: +92-22-2611995

Office: +92-22-2771558

Fax: +92-22-2771382

Cell: +92-334-2639078

Email: c.bhawani@ieee.org
Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry

Meritorious Professor (BPS 22) and


Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology,

Jamshoro, Pakistan

Personal Profile
At present I am the Dean, Faculty of Electrical, Electronics, & Computer Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) Jamshoro. I have varied experience in diversified fields such as Electronics, Telecommunication, Microprocessor Technology, Internet of Things, Telemedicine, Wireless sensor networks etc. After completing his first degree in Electronic engineering discipline in 1983, I did PhD in the field of Microprocessor Based Intelligent Instrumentation from the school of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton, UK in 1990. .

I have remained PhD examiner and expert to evaluate promotion applications for several European and Pakistani universities. I supervised/co-supervised 13 PhD’s and more than 50 MPhil/Master’s Thesis in the area of ICT. My list of research publication crosses to over 60 in national and international journals, IEEE and ACM proceedings. I also have credit of becoming one of the editor of books “Wirseless Networks, Information Processing and Systems”, CCIS 20, and “Emerging Trends and Applications in Information Communication Technologies”, CCIS 281, and “Wireless Sensor Networks for Developing Countries”, CCIS 366 published by Springer Verlag, Germany in addition to more than dozen books published nationally. I am recipient of Higher Education Commission (HEC) University Best Teacher Award 2001 (Awarded by Federal Minister of Education) and National Cultural Award-2002 in recognition of achievements in the field of Engineering Profession (Awarded by Federal Minister of Culture, Tourism, Minorities affairs, 23 Sep 2002) and Presidential Highest Academic Distinction Award (Izaz-e-Fazeelat) in 2009.

I am also actively serving national and international professional and scientific bodies in various capacities including: Chairman IEEE Communication Society (COMSOC), Karachi Chapter, Region10 Asia/Pacific, Fellow IEP, Senior Member, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Inc. (USA), SENIOR Member, Association of Computer Machinery (ACM), USA, Member IEEE Industrial Electrical Society, Member IEEE Communication Society, Member IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, Member IEEE Education Society, Member IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society, Member, The International Society for Telemedicine & e-Health (ISfTeH), Switzerland, Member, World Federation of Engineering Organization (WFEO), France, Member, International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Member Engineering Accreditation Committee PEC, Member Governing Body PEC (2012-2014), Expert reviewer ICTR&D, and various HEC reviewers/experts Committees, Honorary Consulting Editor “Engineering Review” and “Wire and Wireless” Magazine.

Also I have been a Lead person for four European Commission Erasmus Mundus exchange programs “Mobility for Life”, “STRoNG-TiES” (Strengthening Training and Research through Networking and Globalisation of Teaching in Engineering Studies), INTACT (It's Time for CollaboratioNTowArds Close CooperaTion) and LEADERS (Leading mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering educations and ReSearch).


  • Ph.D.(1990), Department of Electronics & Computer Science, University of Southampton (UK).

  • B.Eng. Electronics (1983), Department of Electronic Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET), Jamshoro- (PAKISTAN).

Designation Period Duties
Meritorious Professor (BPS-22) and Dean, 2011 to date Teaching, Research

Faculty of Electrical, Electronics & Administrative

& Computer Engineering
Director, ** 2008 to Teaching, Research

Institute of Information & April 2011 & Administrative

Communication Technologies
Full Professor 1996 to date Teaching, Research

Department of Electronics & Biomedical Eng. & Administrative

Mehran University of Eng. and Technology (MUET)

Jamshoro (Sindh) PAKISTAN.

Associate Professor 1990 – 1996 Post Graduate Teaching &

MUET, Jamshoro Administration
Lecturer** 1983 – 1990 Teaching & Research

MUET, Jamshoro

** On postgraduate study leave abroad (England) between 1984-1989

** Visiting Research Fellow at School of ECS, University of Southampton, UK between 2007-2008
Spent 05 years in Southampton between 1984-1989 to do my PhD. I also carried out one year Postdoctoral Fellowship from the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK between 2007-08. I also participated in various workshops at ICTP, Trieste Italy as a regular Associate/Gust Scientist of ICTP from 1996 to 2011. Also, I chaired Technical Session in USA, UK, China, UAE, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Pakistan, and Belgium. Being lead person of Erasmus Mundus Mobility for life project, and Erasmus Mundus Visiting Fellow, I spent one month at university of Aalborg Denmark in 2010 and University of Limerick Ireland in 2013. MUET was the only University of Pakistan of The Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window project, Lot 11, Asia Region which aimed at funding higher education via student and teaching staff mobility activities between Europe and Asia. It fully funded 32 Such Mobility / Scholarship from MUET to EUROPEAN Universities.
I am having more than thirty (30) years of teaching, research and administrative experience. This includes 5 years of research work, which was carried out at University of Southampton England led to the degree of Ph.D. This research work was mainly concerned with the development of a novel on-line computer-aided microprocessor-based instrumentation for the rapid evaluation and display of the complex permittivity of polymer dielectrics in the low-frequency range for polymer industry.

For the last more than 21 years or so, I have been teaching at the under-graduate as well as postgraduate level subjects of Computer Architecture, Microprocessors and Interfacing techniques, Embedded Systems, Applications of Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing, Internet of Things, Mobile & Wireless Communication,, Computer Networking, Programming languages (C & Assembly), Distributed Computing, e-commerce etc. at the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) Jamshoro, Pakistan.


  • Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Embedded systems

  • Simulation & Modelling

  • Internet Technologies

  • Mobile Computing

  • Telemedicine and eHealth

  • Free Space Optics

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Research Supervisor/co-supervisor of:

  • Already produced 13 PhD’s , and three are about to finish.

  • Supervised / co-supervised more than Fifty (50 ) ME/MPhil students between 2001-2015.

  • Supervising 2-3 groups of final year undergraduate students every year.

Research Papers Published:

  • More than Thirty (35) Research Papers Published in HEC Recognized national/International peer reviewed/ /Indexed / impact factor Journals

  • More than Twenty (25) Research Papers Published in Proceedings of International and National Conferences


  1. Bhawani Shanker Chowdhry , Faisal Karim Shaikh, Shamshad Ali, Emad Felemban, , Faisal Karim Shaikh, Shamshad Ali, Emad Felemban, “Experimental Evaluation of Vibration Response Based Bridge Damage Detection Using Wireless Sensor Networks”, Wireless Personal Communications, November 2015, Volume 85, Issue 2, pp 499-510 [ISSN: 0929-6212]

  1. Piyar Ali Jatoi , Aftab A. Memon, B. S. Chowdhry, M. Ghazanfar Ullah, Shiraz Latif

An Efficient Hybrid Cryptographic Algorithm, Consuming Less Time for Exchanging Information in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Wireless Personal Communications

November 2015, Volume 85, Issue 2, pp 449-46.

  1. Musavi, S.H.A., Chowdhry, B.S., Kumar, T., Pandey, B., and Mumar, W., “IoTs Enable Active Contour Modeling Based Energy Efficient and Thermal Aware Object Tracking on FPGA”, Wireless Personal Communication, 2015 [DOI 10.1007/s 11277-015-2753-z Impact Factor: 0.979]

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  1. Memon, I., Kumar, P., Memon, N.A., and Chowdhry, B.S., “Secure Covrage Tree Construction Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks”, An International Journal of Wireless Personal Communication, Volume 82, No. 1, Springer, May, 2015 [ISSN: 0929-6212, Impact Factor : 0.979]

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