Draft 3 Group 2 Survey Questions State Broadband Task Force

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Draft 3 Group 2 Survey Questions

State Broadband Task Force

Draft V3.0
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Please add in other ideas or thoughts, even other questions that you think would be useful. This is important information as we are writing the State Broadband Internet Plan. We need to know how it is for you, what works, and what would be better. Our contact information is below if you would like to contact us. Thank you very much.
Do you read online or download news:

☐ Daily/public news

☐ Family/friends news

☐ Work news/updates

☐ Other

☐ None
I read news online for (check all that apply)



Community Council, Native Council, Regional Council, etc


None ___________________

I use email: (check all that apply)

For work

☐ For business

☐ For community (Native council, city council, non-profit, church, etc.)

☐ For home/family

☐ Other _________________________________________

☐ Not at all
How important is reading the news this way to you: (select one)

☐ Very important

☐ Important

☐ OK

☐ Unimportant

Not at all important

☐ Other: _____________________________
I own or use: (select all that apply)

Desktop computer

☐ Laptop computer

☐ Cell phone

☐ Smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc)

☐ Mp3 player (iPod, etc.)

☐ Tablet device (iPad, Kindle, Galaxy, etc)

☐ Digital camera or video camera (other than on phone)


☐ Electronic game device (Wii, XBOX, Nintendo, etc.)
I access the Internet at:

☐ Work (please name) ________________________________

☐ School

☐ Home

☐ Library

☐ Store/cafe

☐ Other (please name) ________________________________

☐ None
I use the Internet for: 

☐ Business

☐ Work

☐ Study

☐ Research/learning/training

☐ Entertainment (whatever YOU call entertainment - music, video, games, chatting, Skype, writing, blogging, facebook/twitter, etc) ________________________________

☐ Online banking or paying bills

☐ Applying for a job

☐ Researching products I may buy

☐ Travel planning

☐ Keeping track of my records

☐ Taking classes

☐ Maps
I use technology personally or with work for:

☐ Email

☐ Writing

☐ Finding information on the internet

☐ Maintaining information (database, spreadsheet, grant info, govt Regs, etc)

☐ Multi-media presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc)

☐ Multi-media creation (home or work movies, podcasts, DJ, etc)

☐ Digital photographs and images

☐ Communication and sharing (blog, website, Wiki, etc.)

☐ Social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
Sometimes I:

Update for virus protection

☐ Update software or system

☐ Help others to use the internet

☐ None of the above

Education and the Internet:

I have in the past or am now taking a class online


I have given a class online


I have studied classes for no credit online, just to learn

I go to YouTube or similar sites to:

Find fun videos, TV or movies

☐ Learn how to use programs or software

☐ Fix machines or use tools

☐ Repair computers, learn software

☐ Listen to music, watch music videos

☐ Other: 

☐ Never
I do online research with:


☐ Google

☐ YouTube

☐ State of Alaska website

☐ Pick/Click/Give

☐ SLED (State Library Electronic Doorway)

☐ Online schools or libraries

☐ Bling

☐ Yahoo

☐ Other

☐ Never
I would like practical workshops in:

☐ How to use a computer

☐ Basics of using the Internet 

☐ MSOffice (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

☐ Business programs (accounting, marketing, signs, taxes, building websites, etc)

☐ Digital photography

☐ E-commerce (selling online like eBay, Craig’s List, etc)

☐ Music or video production

☐ Website design, blogging

☐ Social media (Facebook, twitter, etc) for home or business

☐ Online education

☐ Other

☐ None
Do you want faster Internet?

What would you start doing now that you can’t do if you had faster Internet? 

☐ At work __________________________________

☐ At home __________________________________

☐ At school __________________________________

☐ Nothing different
What would a fast Internet connection allow you to do more easily? 

☐ At work __________________________________

☐ At home __________________________________

☐ At school __________________________________
How would really fast internet help your:

☐ Community __________________________________

☐ School __________________________________

☐ Work __________________________________

☐ Home __________________________________

☐ Education __________________________________

☐ Other _______________________________________________________

☐ Not help _____________________________________________________
If you work at a clinic, school, public safety, public utility, airport or a Native/city/borough/state office:

☐ Do you have any internet: yes/no

☐ Do you want faster internet: yes/no

☐ What would you do with faster Internet (write as much as you like): ______________

May we contact you with follow up questions about how you use and access the Internet?

By phone (enter your phone number and hours (day or evening) _____________________

By email ___________________________

Who could we speak with about the impact of high speed Internet on your community?

Mayor/council ______________________________

Native Corp. _________________________

School _________________________

Clinic _________________________

VPSO _________________________

Local business ______________________________________________________

Local non-profit org __________________________________________________

Local residents ______________________________________________________

Other __________________________________________________________
What did we forget to ask? What do you want to tell us? __________________________________________________________________________

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