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change the partition key

you have a solution that stores data in Azure cosmos DB. you observe millions of reads per minute within a collection. queries read many properties of the collection. what should you index in the collection

  1. all the properties

  2. none of the properties

  3. only specific property that will be queried

  4. only the ID property

You have an Azure cosmos DB instance that uses the strong consistency level and 10,000 request units per container. your application is enabled. the instant store restaurant information including location, menu items and staff. you currently store information for 1000 restaurant location, 500 menu items, 10,000 staff members. you select the location ID as partition key. how many logical partitions will be created for the container?

  1. 500

  2. 1000

  3. 10,000

  4. 10,000,000

you are developing a web application that stores data in Azure cosmos DB. the web application must use the core API and allow millions of reads and writes. the web application will store a person’s information including first name, last name and city and state. which two values will determine the physical partitions for the database?

  1. amount of provision throughput

  2. total data storage

  3. consistency level

  4. partition key

  5. indexed properties

You are developing a web application that stores data in Azure cosmos DB by using core API. the web application will store the first name, last name, city and state for employees. you need to select a partition key value for the data. which value should you use?

  1. first name

  2. last name

  3. city

  4. item ID

API Management
you deploy an API to API management. you must secure all API operations. operations must use a client certificate for gateway authentication on the deployed API. you need to configure the API to use the certificate. which section of the API should you configure?

  1. front end

  2. inbound processing

  3. outbound processing

  4. back end

you deploy an API to API management. you need to control access and segment access levels to the API. what should you use?

  1. Azure resource groups

  2. API management groups

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