E. A. S. Digital Library Disc 1

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E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 1

1. Amanda Owen Saturn and Your Shadow

2. Buzz Myers Your Last (Void) Planet

3. Edith Custer Heliocentric Charts

4. Erin Sullivan Venus Aspects

5. Ingrid Naiman The Moon and Relationships

6. Julie Simmons Astrology and Aging

7. Marc Beriault Money and Investment

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 1 E

1. Paul Hewitt A 5 hour introductory CD on the basics of Astrology (for beginners)

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 2

1. Jeff Jawer If Astrology Ruled the World 2007

2. Kim Marie Philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology

3. Maritha Pottenger Four Major Asteroids 1989

4. Paul Hewitt Pluto Sexuality and the Dragons 1986 (in four parts)

5. Priscilla Costello Making Peace with Pluto 1995

6. Rick Levine Understanding the Planets 2007

7. Sheila Belanger Tracking Your Life Story 2005

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 3

1. Maurice Fernandez The Yod 2008

2. Paul Hewitt The Twelfth House 1989 (in two parts)

3. Philip Sedgwick Sedna (in 2 parts) 2005

4. Philip Sedgwick The Galactic Core 2007

5. Steven Forrest Linking Inter-aspects 2005

6. Steven Forrest Reaching the Client 2005 (in four parts)
E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 4 (All these lectures are from UAC 2008)
1. Chris Brennan Intro to Hellenistic Astrology

  1. Christophe Schubert-Weller Uranian Astrology

3. Gary Christen Intro to Symmetrical Astrology

4. Gary Christen Speed Analysis

5. Jeff Jawer Nodes of the Moon

6. Ken Hopkins Declination Made Easy

7. Moses Siregar Advanced Transit Techniques

8. Richard Tarnas Harmonies of the Spheres

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 5

1. Alan Oken The Phoenix (Keynote address) (in 2 parts)

2. 4 Articles (published in 2008)

3. Bil Tierney Synthesizing Tips 1987

4. Buz Myers Pluto in Scorpio 1983 (in 2 parts)

5. Donna Cunningham Uranus Transits

6. Erin Sullivan Saturn Transits and Myths

7. Paul Hewitt Solar Arc Directions 1986 (in 2 parts)

8. Rob Hand The Father Complex

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 6

1. Alan Oken Androgyny

2. Brian Clark Chiron

3. Jim Lewis The Peter Pan Complex

4. Liz Greene Neptune Part 1 & 2

6. Liz Greene Mythology and Images of Neptune (in 4 parts)

7. Sandy Hughes The Asteroids

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 7

1. Ulrich Bold Solar Arcs and Progressions (in seven parts)

Each track on this CD is a portion of a weekend workshop held in 2004.

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 8

1. Richard Tarnas At The Threshold of a New World View

2. Richard Tarnas Jung, Cosmology and the Transformation of the Modern Self

Each track on this CD is a portion of a weekend workshop held in Toronto April 2008

(Disc Nine is the completion of this workshop)

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 9

1. Richard Tarnas Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

Each track on this CD is a portion of a weekend workshop held in Toronto April 2008

(Disc Eight is the beginning of the weekend)

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 10

1. Brian Clark Astrology’s Changing Persona

2. Chris McRae Mars 2005

3. Donna Van Toen Mercury (in 2 parts) 2005

4. Donna Van Toen Transits to the Moon’s Nodes

5. Erin Sullivan and Jeff Green Counseling Techniques (2 parts)

6. Martha Lang-Wescott The Etiology of Behavior (3 parts)

7. Sandy Hughes The I Ching and the Planets

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 11

1. Erin Sullivan Mercury Retrograde (in 3 parts)

2. Lois Rodden Higher Octave Transits

(This weekend workshop with Lois Rodden is in 6 parts on this CD)

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 12

1. Sira Beaumayne The Huber System of Astrology was developed in Europe by a

husband and wife team of professional astrologers. They have taught thousands of astrologers who come to study with them from all over

Europe. This weekend workshop is in 9 parts on this CD.

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 13

1. Alan Oken Venus – Esoteric Ruler of Gemini (in 2 parts)

  1. Alexander Ruperti How can astrology meet the needs of modern man? (2 parts)

3. Diana Stone How do we know it’s real? (2 parts)

4. Erin Sullivan Neptune Pisces and the 12th house

5. Joy Harrison-Edge South Nodal Medical Charts 1987

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 14

1. Alan Oken The Transcendental Horoscope (in 2 parts)

2. Diana Stone Rebirthing the Stone (2 parts)

3. Erin Sullivan Eighth House

4. Michael Lutin Karma Astrology and the History of the Soul (2 parts)

5. Paul Hewitt Venus – Morning or Evening Star (in 2 parts)

6. Philip Sedgwick Planetary Returns (2 parts)

7. Toni Glover-Sedgwick Venus (in 2 parts)

E.A.S. Digital Library Disc 15

1. Alan Epstein Keynote Address NORWAC 1987 (in 2 parts)

2. David Pond Addictive Behavior and the Outer Planets (2 parts)

3. Jeff Jawer The Moon (2 parts)

4. Jim Vosper Self Esteem Counseling (2 parts)

5. Julie Schwartz-Simmons Astrology and Dreams (2 parts)

6. Kimberly McSherry Outer Planets Evolutionary Insights (2)

7. Kimberly McSherry Re-emergence of the Goddess (2 parts)

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