Easter 2005 Media Resource List

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Easter 2005 Media Resource List
By: Anthony D. Coppedge
Originally published in the March 2005 issue of the Church Media Hotlist Newsletter

I’m pleased to be able to bring you a solid list of products and services that will help your church use media more effectively. From hardware and software manufacturers to creative content developers and even church financing, this year’s Easter Resource List is sure to provide you with a wealth of resources! Each company has been listed alphabetically by category, along with pictures, descriptions and web links for you to take back to your church leadership.

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360 Systems

Mission Management

Altec Lansing


Analog Way




Creative Pastors

Parting Water

Digital Hotcakes


Digital Juice





Sunday Plus

Highway Video

Toshiba LED


Vertical Sky

Media Shout

Xtreme Structures

Midnight Oil Productions


Mission Management & Consultants - MMC is one of the premier Church, School & Christian Ministry finance firms in America. We are an experienced team of bankers and professionals, called to the ministry of obtaining financing for Christian organizations; whether for new financing, restructuring existing debt, or a combination of both. Call one of our Church Finance Specialists direct at (321) 231-8747 or for more information and a free on-line analysis, visit our website.


Media Content

Churchslides.com - Dedicated solely to helping churches use quality thematic images for PowerPoint or other worship software, ChurchSlides.com has very good quality images at extremely affordable prices. Search by Holiday, such as Easter, or by keyword, such as “Cross”. Either way, you’re bound to find a graphic set that includes between six to 20 images! With a simple and easy to use website, ChurchSlides.com makes searching for the right images a snap using their Category Browser.


Creative Pastors - Whether you’re looking to launch an entire series or simply download a service outline, CreativePastors offers powerful resources to assist you in building an innovative and meaningful Easter experience. During March, receive 10% off on all CreativePastors kits for our most popular Easter series. From sermon development and video materials to worship ideas and graphic design, our kits provide a complete set of tools for each series. (Not valid with any other discount or offer.)


Digital Hotcakes - Enhance your worship and captivate your congregation with the new, inspiring Digital Hotcakes Worship Series. Place these stunning motion backgrounds behind scripture or song lyrics in your favorite worship presentation program. This professional quality series will reinforce your message while keeping you within your budget. The Worship Series consists of 5 useful volumes.


Jump Backs - Digital Juice Jump Backs are the industry-standard for animated backgrounds. They can often be seen on network television programs, as well as in church settings. Since every animation is seamlessly loopable, they can play as long or as short as necessary. These animations were created by diverse teams of animators and are only $99 a volume. The entire collection now contains over 1,000 animations spread across 26 volumes.


Presenters Toolkit - Digital Juice Presenter's Toolkit is for all who want to enliven or enrich their output from PowerPoint, Keynote, Office or any other software application that uses graphics, video or music. With all new backgrounds (4,500), photos (4,500), music (900), illustrations (6,700), animations and video (3,200), the Presenter's Toolkit is ideal for churches. Along with the free indexing software that makes this collection easy to use, this is an outstanding value at only $349.


VideoTraxx - Digital Juice's VideoTraxx stock footage libraries each consist of more than 3,000 clips of royalty-free stock footage, spanning 32 DVDs, for $599. VideoTraxx gives producers immediate access to thousands of high-quality film and video clips for the price they would typically pay for just a handful of shots from other sources. VideoTraxx 3 joins VideoTraxx 1 and VideoTraxx 2 to boosts the total number of clips in Digital Juice's growing library to almost 10,000 clips.


Harbinger Communications has included some of the most requested resources for Good Friday and Easter are in this special Holy Week Collection.

The video “It is Finished” is set to the song “O Sacred Head Now Wounded”.

“Remember and Rejoice” is a collection focusing on the hands of Christ.

The video “He is Risen” is a joyous retelling of the resurrection story.

Church Media Hotlist subscribers only pay $89.95 at checkout by entering the coupon code “hotlist”.


Highway Video This music video, vibe, and 13 Easter-themed Elements are the perfect tools for taking your Easter meditation to the next level, adding depth and narrative to the rich tapestry of Easter.

Each DVD contains high resolution (640 x 480) MPEG 1 versions of content. These files are ready to import into the media software of your choice. They are not copy protected DVD discs, so you can easily access the media and manipulate, edit and change it to fit your specific needs.


Imagevine’s Easter Bundle Compatible with PowerPoint and worship software, this brand new Easter Bundle contains over 440 powerful JPEG (still image) backgrounds, over 220 PowerPoint Easter slides, and 6 easy-to-use Easter Slide Shows.  This Easter bundle is sure to leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your congregation.


Imagevine’s Video backgrounds Easter Long Play Video Backgrounds - Compatible with Worship Programs
This collection of long-playing video backgrounds contains powerful videos focusing on the crucifixion, the resurrection, communion, stained glass, and images of new life. Each video is loopable and comes in MPEG-1 format (640 x 480).


Media Shout’s Easter Still Graphics The eternal symbol of Christ’s suffering is captured in the inspired photographic collection on the first disc, while over 150 unique images on the second CD-ROM depict the final days of the life of Jesus Christ.

Both products are available as downloadable .zip files or on CD-ROM.


Media Shout’s Easter Videos Included in the Highway Easter volume are a full-length documentary, an Easter Vibe Video and ten Easter-themed Elements clips in editable MOV and MPEG formats.

The Communion three-disk set includes Mpeg-1 and Mpeg-2 files with 20 single scene videos, 13 looped backgrounds, 7 edited pieces, and 51 jpeg stills.

Easter Long Plays contain videos that focus on the crucifixion, the resurrection, communion, stained glass images, and images of new life.


Midnight Oil’s Beyond the Tomb Tell the Easter story in a powerful new way this year with Beyond the Tomb.

This video powerfully illustrates the Passion of Jesus from celebration to crucifixion using the nuance of silhouette, set against the storms depicted in scripture. It ends with the promise of the empty tomb, and what lies beyond.

Also included are a complete graphics set with layered files, short and long versions of the video, lyric loops, bulletin images, creative guide, expanded image set and much more.


Oxygen Multimedia The Oxygen Easter CD-ROM is an exceptional graphic resource designed to enhance worship and sermons alike.  With 25 powerful image sets and over 450 professionally designed templates, this product is a valuable addition to any church multimedia library.  Each image set includes a .jpg, a soft-edge version of the graphic and 5 pre-built slide compositions.  If you are looking for a quality, easy-to-use product, Oxygen’s Easter CD is perfect.


Parting Water If you are short on time & money visit Parting Water Productions.

Known for their out-of-the-box thinking and culturally relevant themes, Parting Water’s resources are a sure fit for churches that want to grab the attention of their audience. The graphic packages and animation are always first rate and will plug into your creative process.

Their 2005 Easter package is entitled "Elements of the Cross." These breathtaking images will slide into your Easter presentation seamlessly.


Vertical Sky With three DVD’s full of top quality animation and video, you’re sure to find a sermon illustration from any of the included 5 videos per disc.

For Easter, consider Volume 1’s The Crowd or the Cross, or That’s My King! Then check out Volume 2’s inspirational Team Hoyt.

Volume 3 is due out before Easter and includes five new videos, including: I Believe, Lonely People, What is God Like?, The Most Famous Verse, and the humorous It’s all about Me.



Easyworship - If you don’t know about Easyworship, let us introduce it! Easyworship Church Presentation Software is designed for churches to display and manage all aspects of projected media. The “Easy To Use” interface only takes a few minutes to learn to display lyrics, scriptures, videos, PowerPoint, External DVD – VHS – Cameras. Displaying text over any media, with the highest quality image, provides your church with distraction free worship. Free trial versions available.


Media Shout Version 3.0 – A dynamic new user interface allowing you to create and edit presentations more quickly than ever. Enhanced video capabilities including transitions, live video feed, and the ability to play DVD clips with user-defined start and stop points.

There is also greater flexibility in editing and formatting Lyric, Bible and Text cues. Also, enhanced audio playback with start and stop points, fades and an independent dual-deck player are included.

Buy version 2.5 now, and for only $10, receive the upgrade to version 3.0 for free!


Sunday Plus - Where do you find the perfect multimedia for your Easter services? Where do you find the most variety and the best prices anywhere? At The Grass Roots Software Store. We have all of the major media producers under one store with thumbnails and discounts that you aren’t going to find anywhere else, many available for instant downloading. More variety. Better prices. The Grass Roots Store - where you’ll find church projection software, media, & resources galore!



Image Server 2000With three video channels up to 100 hours of MPEG-2 video on internal drives configured in a RAID-5 disk array, your content plays on, even if a drive should fail. In digital format, each video program has four audio channels, while with analog I/O, two channels are available.

Unlike a VTR, the Image Server 2000 can simultaneously record and play a program. They also include a full-featured Graphic User Interface, so they're ready-to-use right out of the box.


Altec Lansing DX1012-8AAltec Lansing Professional’s DX1012-8A 12” Duplex® flyable speaker system mates a 1.4” large format high frequency compression driver to a high efficiency 12” woofer on the front of the single magnet structure. The merger creates an exceptional solution for installations needing high fidelity music playback and crisp speech intelligibility.

The five-sided cabinet utilizes two 45” draft angles, making the DX1012 an excellent choice as a high output floor monitor in addition to its primary use as a flown front-of-house speaker system.


Altec Lansing DS912-8AAltec Lansing Professional’s DS912-8A Duplex® speaker system offers superior performance in a compact, easy-to-install package, and is well suited for a variety of applications in Auditoria and Houses of Worship. The unique five-sided cabinet has internal hanging points to facilitate permanent installation in either horizontal or vertical orientation, and the internal stand-mount makes the DS912-8A an excellent choice for portable applications.


Altec Lansing DE9412-8AAltec Lansing Professional’s DE9412-8A presents a unique solution for reverberant spaces by utilizing a 12”/300mm point-source Duplex® Engine, loaded in a bass horn cabinet. A highly efficient system, the DE9412-8A is an excellent choice for sound system designers who use distributed loudspeaker arrays and features a 1.2 kHz crossover point to insure smooth directivity and frequency response transition between the components.


Altec Lansing LF215-4AAltec Lansing Professional created the LF215-4A dual 15”/380mm subwoofer system to match the DE-Series speakers. This high output system provides extended low frequency performance to 42 Hz, with a usable low frequency limit of 32 Hz. As with the DE-Series speakers, the LF215-4A features paintable cabinets constructed from 13-ply birch plywood, with steel-braced flypoints. Color choices are charcoal gray or white.


Analog Way’s EventiX – A true seamless scaler with eight universal inputs and two sets of outputs.

In Mixer mode, you have a main and a preview output, so you can see what you are going to send to the screens. You can even display live videos over your favorite worship software.

In Matrix mode, you can send any input to either of the two sets of outputs, allowing you to manage the front screens for the audience and the rear screen for the choir.


Analog Way’s Octo-FX – A user-friendly Computer & Video switcher featuring fading & titling effects together with logo insertion and even frame store functions. Fitted with 8 universal A/V inputs, it performs a fast and smooth transition between any video or computer sources.

The title (keying) feature makes it possible to mix any worship software titles with video or PC sources. While the title remains on you can even switch the background to other video or PC sources.


Mitsubishi The XL5950 ColorView has 4,700 ANSI lumens of brightness and provides both horizontal and vertical lens shift, offering extreme flexibility for most church installations. Once the XL5950U is in place, the picture can be readjusted optically or digitally, regardless of the screen used, without taking the projector out of its mount.   It even has a built-in security feature: If someone moves the projector, a 120-decibel high pitch alarm will sound, attracting attention and foiling a potential theft.


NewTek’s Tricaster allows churches to elevate sanctuary worship, Easter pageants, lyrics and musicians with the quality of broadcast television.

TriCaster makes live video production 'volunteer-proof', with its small and light form-factor and clean design. TriCaster is a portable, live production system designed for volunteers who don't do video fulltime. Turn it on and mix live cameras with video, PowerPoint, charts, lyrics, titles and DVD.

TriCaster broadcasts your message to a projector, video and the Internet – instantly.


Sanyo’s PLC-EF60 Utilizing 10-bit circuitry for processing, progressive scanning, and a dual-lamp mode, the 5,800 ANSI lumen, 1300:1 (on/off) contrast ratio projector from Sanyo offers redundancy and pristine images for churches looking for a mission critical projector.

Also included is a single intake and exhaust fan with filter LED for improved dust resistance. The ability to use optional lenses means that this projector can be easily installed in front or rear and ceiling or desktop situations.


Shure Notes Newsletter with a free mic giveaway! The number and type of sound system applications for houses of worship rival those of the most diverse performance spaces, incorporating everything from reinforcing the spoken word to multi-channel live music performance.

If you're responsible for the sound system in your church - especially if you're new to the world of audio technology - you know it can sometimes be a bewildering experience. And that's the reason for Shure Notes™; to give you the information you need to make your service sound great.


Sony’s Anycast Station AWS-G500 This portable, attaché case-sized box contains everything you need to equip your church for live audio and visual communication.

The Anycast includes a six input video/RGB switcher with mix and wipe effects with a monitor wall. What’s more, a still store, audio mixer, camera pan/tilt/zoom control, provisions for intercom, recording device control, text typing and even web streaming are all included! Controlled by a single operator, it offers easy setup and a robust interface.


Toshiba’s TechnoRainbow – The TR2006R 6mm SMD is an indoor modular LED screen that can be built on a convex, concave or combination curve along the horizontal axis for extreme flexibility and maximum impact indoors. The screen can also be built flat without a curve. The compact, lightweight 16-inch modules are among the smallest in their class. They also offer an industry low 1.5 total system frame delay, making them ideal for live show applications in extremely bright venues.


Xtreme Structures Xtreme Structures and Fabrication is the Premier provider of overhead and self supporting truss systems, as well as custom components and stage set pieces. XSF’s products are engineered following the Aluminum Association’s 2000 specifications to a maximum safe allowable load rating. XSF offers its products powder coated to customer specifications. XSF can provide on-site fabrication for custom needs and installations. Standard or custom, Xtreme Structures and Fabrication is there for your needs.


Anthony Coppedge provides consulting to Churches for developing and growing a Media Ministry, building teams, casting vision and even choosing the right equipment. He lives in Bedford, Texas with his wife and two daughters and can be reached at anthony@anthonycoppedge.com
WEB: www.anthonycoppedge.com

EMAIL: anthony@anthonycoppedge.com

PHONE: 817.819.7288 | FAX: 817.887.3700
Copyright 2005

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