Eastern hrm –strategic planning 2014

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Supporting Documents

Smart Business Decisions and Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre

Denise VanWychen and Chris Pelham


Seacoast Trail Arts Association 3

MacPhee House Proposal 5

Sheet Harbour and Area Heritage Society. 5

Minutes for Tourism Meeting held on Friday January 31st 2014 6

Sheet Harbour and Area Chamber of Commerce and Civic Affairs Survey 2012 8

APPENDIX A – Sheet Harbour Business Case 10

APPENDIX B – Sheet Harbour Waterfront Site Plan: 2008 10

Friends of Taylor Head park presidents report – 2010 10

Bird walks- Taylor Head provincial park-2014 11

Ad Hoc Community Economic Task Force for Eastern HRM Minutes October 24th, 2012 11

An anecdotal overview of various sectors of the Eastern HRM economy 14

Potential Public Sector Investments in Eastern HRM 16

Economic Development Committee, Sheet Harbour - November 21, 2012 17

Economic Forum for Developing the Eastern Shore 18

Developing the Eastern Shore 19

Creating a Nova Scotia Marine Parks Network 28

Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES) 29

Aquaculture Briefing for the Eastern HRM Community-driven Strategic Development Plan 30

APPENDIX C – Bay of Islands Destination Area Proposal 32

Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society 32

APPENDIX D – 2013 Visitor Analysis –Memory Lane Heritage Village 33

APPENDIX E – Musquodoboit Harbour Final Vision 2007 33

APPENIDX F - Musquodoboit Harbour Approved Action Plan 33

APPENDIX G – Musquodoboit Harbour Survey Responses 33

APPENDIX H – Musquodoboit Harbour April 14th Results 33

The Old School Community Gathering Place - March 2014 33

HRM’s Regional Plan 5 Year review 38

Excerpt from HRM Regional Municipality Planning Strategy 38

APPENDIX I – HRM Regional Municipality Planning Strategy Draft 4, Jan 2014 39

APPENDIX J – 2013 Community Health Plan 39

APPENDIX K – Reaching Out for Mental Health: From a Rural Perspective 39

Musquodoboit Valley Business Plan June 2012 39

Musquodoboit Valley Communication Strategy 2013 45

APPENDIX L - Musquodoboit Valley Planning Accomplishments – February 2104 48

Musquodoboit Valley Micro-Volunteering Plan 2013 48

Musquodoboit Valley Coalition Proposal - December 2013 51

Seacoast Trail Arts Association

The Seacoast Trail Arts Association of the Eastern Shore was founded in 2006 and is registered with the Registry of Joint Stocks. This group was formed from a desire to celebrate, foster and promote the talent from the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. This association is unique due to its diversity of crafts and fine art. Examples of members’ arts and crafts include: Dream catchers, Fabric art, Jewellery, Painting – watercolor, oil, acrylic, silk, pastel, scratchboard, Photography, Rug hooking, Stained glass, Quilting – traditional, quilt art, Wood sculpture, bowls, furniture and Wood relief carving and Folk art.

Our main goal is to promote Eastern Shore artists and artisans and support their future development. There have been several groups developed during the past two years, including a painting group and a quilting group. The association also sponsors several workshops during the year. Also, there have been presentations at the end of our regular meetings. There has been an Open House each year to provide an opportunity for the communities to view the artists at work. Each year we hold an art exhibition and sale in Sheet Harbour during the third weekend in August to showcase the talent in our communities. This has been a very successful event.

The STAA supports the development of young artists and provide an annual bursary for a graduating student at Duncan MacMillan High School who will be pursuing a career in Visual arts.

Art Park

One of our goals is the promotion of the local Art Park and to provide funding for projects. The Art Park was conceived as a space to house both community art and sculpture created by individual artists and art collectives, and is part of the Seacoast Trail Art Association (STAA).

The park is located beside West River Falls in the village of Sheet Harbour on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The park stretches along the river and into a mixed wood forest. It is open year round and is not fenced. The park is host to many items including carved benches, fairy doors, a shelter hut and several carved sculptures. In 2007, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, the Honourable MayAnn E. Francis visited the Art Park and signed a shingle on the Shelter Hut. She wrote “Barriers are meant to cross over, not to stop you.”

The Shelter Hut

The SEA sponsored Julie Adamson Miller’s shelter hut project. The shelter was created to showcase the individuals that make up the community surrounding and including Sheet Harbour through the mediums of art and architecture. Built by more than 450 community members, the shelter acts as a welcome to those who visit and live in the villages on the Eastern Shore.  Each decorated shingle allows a glimpse into the spirit of the individuals that make up our community.

Chain Saw Sculpture

The Seaside Exhibition of the Arts commissioned Arthur Turner to create a sculpture in the park. He chose to represent the logging industry of the Eastern Shore. He has dedicated his 16 foot chain saw sculpture in memory of Mike McInnis, who was a scaler who measured the wood brought in by truckers for Scott’s Pulp Mill.


Three benches have been added to the permanent collection of the Art Park. Carvers Anne Keddy and John Nickerson helped students from various schools create these benches.

Clothes pin sculpture

This wooden sculpture was made by George Child and commemorates the once successful clothes pin factory in Lewiston Lake, near Sheet Harbour.

There are also fairy doors hidden in the trees, and decorated fish signs along the paths. The Art Park is open year round and is not fenced.

For more information about the Seacoast Trail Arts Association go to their website at www.seacoasttrailartsassoc.com.

Download 302.03 Kb.

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