Education clemson University, Clemson, sc ph. D. in Human Centered Computing Expected May 2017

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813 College Ave, Apt#13 Clemson, SC 29631 | 864-280-1687


Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing Expected May 2017

Clemson University, Clemson, SC

M.S. in Computer Science August 2013

West Bengal University of Technology

B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering May 2011


Socially relevant computing, affective computing, health care and educational technologies, inter-personal violence prevention, machine learning


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Physiological Feedback to Support instruction. Technology, Instruction, and Learning 2014. [Accepted]

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  1. Roy, T., Hodges, L. F., McClendon, J. (2016). Participatory design process of creating a phone application that detects digital dating abuse. Poster to be presented at Carolina’s Women in Computing Conference (CWIC2016). (February 19 -20, Myrtle Beach, SC).


Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Research Assistant May 2012– August 2012

Dissertation research focuses on developing an application that will flag dating abuse related content from text

messages. Linguistic analysis and behavioral patterns are the key parameters the text mining algorithm will look

into. Contributed to a project in the development of an affective computing system that uses physiological

measures gathered via wrist worn sensors to understand how students are engaged in the classroom. Data

analysis and sensor support on physiological measure gathered for exploring the use of skin conductance in ways

to predict ADRD related undesired behavior. Data analysis and sensor support for understanding emotion

contagion in a Virtual Patient scenario.

Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Teaching Assistant August 2012- Present

Responsibilities include teaching the lab courses listed below, grading and group/individual help sessions for 20-

25 students

CPSC 210 Lab: C and C++ Programming for CS Majors

CPSC 210 Lab: C and C++ programming for CS Majors

CPSC 212 Lab: Data Structure and Algorithms

CPSC 111 Lab: Elementary Programming in C for non-CS majors

CPSC 101 Lab: Computer Programming 1 in C

CPSC 120 Lab: Introduction to Information Technology

CPSC 481/681: Educational Technologies

CPSC 2070: Discrete Structures

Carolina Women in Computing (CWIC) scholarship for lodging February 2016

Computer Research Association –Women Grad Cohort Workshop Scholarship March 2014

ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference Scholarship February 2013

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Scholarship October 2012
Programming languages:

C, Arduino Programming language, HTML/CSS (Proficient)

C++, JavaScript, Python, Web2Py (Intermediate)

Weka (Intermediate), Scratch, AppInventor (Proficient)

Operating Systems:

UNIX all variants, Microsoft windows, Apple OS X


Arduino, Makey Makey

Analysis Tools
Leda Lab (skin conductance analysis), Weka 

Focus groups, experiment design for usability testing, paper prototyping, wire-framing


Senator, Graduate Student Government at Clemson University August 2013-August 2014, August 2015 - Present

Social Chair, School of Computing Graduate Student Association August 2014- August 2015

Member, Graduate Student Government Finance Committee at Clemson University August 2015 –Present

Member, College of Engineering and Science Student Advisory Board, Clemson University August 2015 - Present

Weekly seminar organizer, Virtual Environments Group, Clemson University August 2014 –Present

Reviewer, Poster for IEEE 3D User Interface Conference March 2016

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