Egg Harbor Township High School

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Egg Harbor Township High School

Drama Club

24 High School Drive

EHT, NJ 08234

609-653-0100, VM 5263

7 PM to 8 PM in the THEATRE

Whodunit? Everyone loves a great murder mystery and this year, we intend to produce some of the best and most well known: The Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries!
This packet is designed for you to make the most out of your drama club and stage experiences. Whether you are an experienced actor, a new student to theater, or interested in stage crew, scenic design, tech crew, or properties and costumes, we have a place for you in this club and our production.
For this production we are looking for a cast who can work really well together and work hard at learning the show quickly. Look at the attached list of characters and the calendar. This is a major time commitment. Think very seriously about your ability to fulfill the requirements. We are producing 4 full length plays and 1 one-act in the same set on 1 weekend. This is ambitious; and we have done it before. We know what we are doing; do what we tell you to do. This is an educational experience for you; learn and grow in your craft.
This is our idea performance schedule:
Thursday evening: December 4, 2014 6:30 pm Miss Marple’s A Murder is Announced

Friday evening: December 5, 2014 6:30 pm The Rats (1 Act); 7 pm The Mousetrap

Saturday evening: December 6, 2014 Dinner for the Public at 5 pm; The Rats (1 Act); 7 pm And Then There Were None; Cast Party TBA

Sunday afternoon: December 7, 2014 1:30 pm Hercule Poirot’s Black Coffee; Costume Collection and Set Strike
If we do not find an actor who can play Agatha Christie’s two famous detectives Marple or Poirot convincingly, we will substitute with the plays Spider’s Web and The Unexpected Guest. Of course, it would be easiest (and least expensive) for us to produce only Christie’s The Mousetrap and And Then There Were None, but then, we’d have fewer opportunities for you as actors or stage-tech students to learn more of this craft.
About the texts: These are authentic plays that have beautiful film versions, or have been produced by professional companies over the last 80 years. We are looking to create our own single setting for them: An English Country House’s living room. The text is important as written, but we can make slight changes in a character’s gender and will certainly clean up colorful language and expletives that are not needed for the plays. Please understand that in a murder mystery, people do get killed for various motives. Bad language and gore are not necessary to accomplish this.
Over the past 17 years our reputation for producing new and challenging works for high school has ranked us among the top high school co-curricular drama clubs in the state. We enjoy a luxury and freedom of creativity that few high schools are privileged to have.
With this privilege comes responsibility. Professional-like productions demand hard work and dedication from everyone- actors, crew, directors/advisors, and parents. Everyone must contribute to the creation of the production. You are required to pay the Egg Harbor Township Student Activity Fee $100.00 . If you do not, you will be removed from the activity; this is for actors and stage-tech crew. Additionally, you are to participate in all fund raisers; this is for all actors and stage-tech crew.
Please DO NOT “Bounce” checks on the FOTTS or Drama Club – we are all here to support the students’ production; pay cash or make payments if funds are not available at once.
Be aware that we will not tolerate students missing rehearsals or misbehavior during rehearsals. We expect you to behave like a young adult, not a child, and are operating on the 3 strike rule for attendance. When you are at rehearsal, you are expected to follow all school and state rules. You may not leave rehearsal or in any way interfere with another person’s rehearsal or their private property while at rehearsal. If this were to happen, you will be removed from the production. Drama is for the stage, not the dressing rooms or back stage. Mind your own business and do not interfere with or offend any other student, volunteer or faculty member.
Follow the calendar. You must be on time. You must provide your own transportation to and from rehearsal. The school district supplies a 5:30 pm bus. Use it; we cannot wait for you to be picked up after hours; we all have other responsibilities and duties after our rehearsals are finished. Go home and do your homework. You must be academically eligible. Any infractions of attendance or behavior will result in your removal from the production.
All actors should be at every audition day. All tech-crew should be at the auditions too, to start learning the theater and the plays. Note to Stage-Tech: I would like the stage set up and light on for auditions. This is a team effort; everyone needs to buy-in, believe in and promote this production.
Additionally, we will be in theatre for every rehearsal. NO FOOD OR DRINK EVER in the theatre; eat before rehearsal in the commons area.
We demand greatness from each of you, and we deliver to our audience great performances.
Thank you for your interest in our production. Break a leg!
Mr. Matthew Guenther, Director-Advisor

Mrs. Nancy Portnoy, Assistant Director – Advisor

Mr. Lee Buhrman, Stage / Tech Crew Advisor

Agatha Christie Circle Audition Day: 1 2 3 4 Call Back

Audition Form

Directions: Fill out SIX copies of this form for each day you audition.

Hand them in at your audition. Print neatly and use blue/black pen.

Name ___________________________________________________ Grade _________________
TEACHER REFERENCE NAME AND ROOM # ______________________________________________
Parts you want to read ______________________________________________________________________
What is your DREAM PART from the Cast Lists? ___________________________________________________




Please leave blank for our use. Thank you.

Projection weak good strong
Pitch / Tone high mid range low
Physical Appearance:
Younger /Older older mid age young
Hair Color and length ___________________________ Ethnic Look _________________________
Height/Size tall mid short thin good build full-figured
Character Acting Ability:
Understanding of Text
Chemistry with others
Preparation for readings:
Suitability for part:

This is due on your first audition day, Sept 16, 2014 from cast and crew.

You must turn it completed.

No paper + No INFO = NO PART. No kidding.
EHTHS Drama Club and Stage-Tech Crew

Membership Form 2014

Name ___________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________
Telephone _________________________________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________________
Parent / Guardian Name _______________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________
Telephone ___________________________________________________________________
E-mail _______________________________________________________________________

Circle: T shirt size: S M L XL XXL

Notes: ________________________________________

Areas of Interest (please circle):
Acting Back stage
Note: Everyone does a little of everything. The Drama Club is Student Centered and Student Focused. The Directors, Advisors, and Booster Club are here to insure your success and education in the Dramatic Arts.


Fund Raiser money goes to pay for the following: scripts, royalties, set drops, props, costumes, Show T-Shirt, copy paper, and Saturday lunches for cast and crew.
Please give your membership form to Mr. Guenther on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

“I have read and understand the contents of this packet, attendance and audition information, requirements and responsibilities for actors and stage-tech crew. I agree to all sections of this audition and information packet.”
Student’s Signature ______________________________________ Date ____________________
“I have read and understand the requirements and responsibilities of my son / daughter for Drama Club, Stage-Tech Crew and the Production.”
Parent / Guardian’s Signature ______________________________ Date ____________________

Egg Harbor Township High School Drama Club

Playbill Advertisement / Family Patron

Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries

DECEMBER 4, 5, 6, 7, 2014 – Th. Fr. Sat. Curtain at 6:30 pm

Sat. dinner 5 pm for the audience (price includes dinner and show with reserved seating)

Sunday Matinee at 1:30 pm

Please Print All information

Business’ Name/ Person’s Name _______________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number ____________________________________________________________________
Contact Person ______________________________________________________________________
Please refer any questions to Mr. Guenther at E.H.T.H.S. (609) 653-0100, VM 5263
Please return your text to the person who solicited your participation: ________________________________
Sample Advertisement Size Method of Payment


Full Page $50.00 Cash ________________

½ Page $30.00 Check _______________

¼ page $20.00

Additional set up $10 (make checks payable to EHTHS Friends of the Theatre Society)
Do Not staple checks or cash to this page please! Use paper clips. DO NOT FOLD!
Please attach pre-designed business advertisement or family patron page to this form with a paper clip. All pre-designed pages must be photo ready (grey scale) and in black ink (no colored ink). Please type – no hand drawn – hand written materials. Less is More!
We can design you full page or ½ page ad / patron for you for an additional $10.

Please supply material. Design choice is limited due to time constraints.
¼ page business card. Please supply card. We cannot make changes to your business card.

No Late Pages will be included in the book.

Drama Club

Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries

December 4, 5, 6, 7, 2014

MESSAGE PATRONS $5.00 each …. 1 Line Maximum











NAME PATRON $1.00 Each

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________

________________________ ___________________________
Please PRINT all messages and names.

Payment is due with message and name.

Please be sure to spell your messages correctly.

Thank you.

READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS: THANK YOU! Keep 1 copy for yourself.
Rehearsals start on time and end on time. We start right after school (with few exceptions) and end before the last bus run of the day. There are busses. Use them. We cannot wait around all night for you to be picked up after rehearsals are over. Saturdays you must have your own transportation. You have a calendar – read it. Post it on your refrigerator at home; put it into your phone.
Emergency excusal from rehearsals must be made before rehearsal starts.

Students and parents must e-mail Mr. Guenther at school or call his school voice mail 609-653-0100 VM 5263 (speak / write clearly and identify yourself). You are expected to be on time.

Pre arranged excuses are: College Auditions, All South/All State, Sport Games (not practices), School Trips, SAT’s. We suggest you take your SAT in October or November – NOT DECEMBER. HS Club meetings are excused – BUT if you are involved in 4 other clubs, and do not make rehearsals on time, you are holding up your production; think about your commitments. You are responsible to tell Mr. Guenther in writing before these events.
Illness / Absence from School – must be documented. You cannot come to practice if you have no medical excuse / driver’s license note, or if you were at afterschool or Saturday Detention.
Three Strike Rule: You will be given 3 unexcused absences. After your 3rd unexcused absence, you will be removed from the production. Excused absences are outlined above.
Should you miss too many rehearsals (yes, both excused and unexcused), so that progress on the production is hindered or another student has repeatedly filled-in your part, you will be dismissed from the production.
Speaking Parts will be understudied. Understudies are expected to be ready to take over the part at the director’s call. Understudies may share parts with the original cast member at the director’s call (due to attendance or other circumstances, such as abilities / motivation / reward for excellent work).
After the NJEA Convention in November, you must attend every rehearsal on the calendar. Speak with Mr. Guenther should this be a concern.
Misconduct, theft, bullying, rude and poor behaviors directed to faculty, volunteers, cast and crew or any back-stage drama is NOT acceptable and will result is school administrative referrals, removal from the production, and all possible loss of privileges – including future productions, scholarships, and field trip opportunities.
We would strongly suggest that you NOT audition, if you cannot make this commitment.
Student Signature ___________________________ DATE _________________
Parent / Guardian Signature _________________________ DATE _____________

Look at the various characters and the different text cuttings provided for your audition.
You do not have to memorize the script, but be very familiar with it.
Come hungry for the parts you want.
Impress us with your skill.
Please dress in black / plain clothing: NOT in a distracting outfit.
You will be tested on your speech quality, stage presence, chemistry with the others, and believability in the part.

THE ONLY ACCENT WE WANT IS FROM Poirot and the “Foreign” Characters. We prefer that you speak clearly and project so we can hear you.

Although “looks” are not everything, you must look like what the audience would reasonable expect for the character; this however does not mean that interesting casting choices could not be made.

The best person will be put into the part this suits him/her.

Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries CAST OF CHARACTERS –
A Murder Is Announced

Julia Simmon – pretty, intelligent niece to Mrs B, sister to Patrick

*Letitia Blacklock – older woman, aunt to JS, PS, PH, wears pearls

Dora Bunner – LB’s best friend and only contact to the past; slow witted

Patrick Simmons – handsome, intelligent, nephew to Mrs B, brother to Julia

Mitzi – foreign maid/ cook, refugee from Eastern Europe, screams & talks a lot

*Miss Marple – old spinster, intelligent, brave, knows everything about people

Phillipa Haymes – attractive, single mother, niece to Mrs B

Mrs Swettenham – older woman, mother to Ed, neighbor to Mrs B

Edmund Swettenham – handsome, malcontent, communist and writer

Rudi Scherz – stranger who is perhaps a thief, but gets murdered

Inspector Craddock – mature man who solves the case with Miss Marple

Sergeant Mellors – does what he can as the local constable
The Mousetrap

*Mollie Ralston – young intelligent woman, wife to GR, screams

Giles Ralston –young intelligent man, husband to MR, strong and determined

Christopher Wren – young good looking but emotionally troubled man

Mrs Boyle – older woman, retired professional, pushing and demanding

Major Metcalf – good looking, retired military, very proper and sure of himself

Miss Casewell – young, not necessarily pretty, dances and is strong willed

Mr Paravicini – a stranger with an Italian accent- looks foreign and slick /oily

*Detective Sergeant Trotter – young and handsome policeman, skies
And Then There Were None

Rogers – middle aged butler and houseman, not happy with work

Mrs Rogers – wife to R, middle aged maid and cook, not happy with work

Fred Narracott – middle aged man, boat man to the island, walk-on part

*Vera Claythorne – attractive young professional woman, screams

*Philip Lombard – attractive young professional man, brave and strong

Anthony Marston – young man with few scruples or values, playboy type

William Blore – mature man, good looking, intelligent

General MacKenzie – retired military, revisits his past often

Emily Brent – very religious and reflective mature woman, wears funeral blacks

*Sir Lawrence Wargrave – retired judge of English court, intelligent and a leader

Dr. Armstrong – mature man, nervous condition and member of AA

Black Coffee

Treadwell – the butler, mature man

*Lucia Amory – attractive and intelligent, 2nd wife to Richard, not necessarily from England

Miss Caroline Amory – mature woman, not necessarily pretty, sister to Claud

*Richard Amory – younger man, Claud’s son

Barbara Amory – younger woman, niece to Claud

Edward Raynor – mature man, Claud’s secretary, devoted to him and his work

Dr. Carelli – an Italian businessman with lots of money and power

Sir Claud Amory – mature man, scientist and important man, husband of Lucia

Dr. Graham – mature man, medical doctor to Claud and family

Captain Arthur Hastings – mature man, Poirot’s best friend, ready to charge ahead and easily falls in love

*Hercule Poirot – Belgian private detective

Inspector Japp – mature man, Scotland Yard

Johnson – local constable, young good looking man

The Rats

Sandra Grey – stunningly attractive woman, 2nd marriage, very intelligent, having an affair with David

Jennifer Brice – friend of Sandra’s and the Torrances, feeds the pet budgie Bird, catches Sandra in her affair with David

David Forrester – very handsome and professional man, affair with Sandra, political aspirations

Alec Hanbury – good looking dandy type: full tuxedo , hat, walking stick, friend and confident of Sandra’s first husband

Alternative Plays:
Spider’s Web

Sir Rowland Delahaye – handsome mature man, friend of the family

Hugo Birch – young handsome man, friend of the family

Jeremy Warrender – young handsome man, friend of the family

Clarissa Hailsham-Brown – lady of the house, young 2nd wife of Henry

Pippa Hailsham-Browm – child, step daughter of Clarissa

Mildred Peake – mature woman, not a fan of Clarissa’s

Elgin – the mature butler of the house

Oliver Costello – a young man who has information to find and sell

Henry Hailsham-Brown – a politician and important person

Inspector Lord – solves the crime, methodical and detail oriented

Constable Jones – local policeman

The Unexpected Guest

Richard Warwick – mature man, in a wheel chair, dead

Laura Warwick – his attractive wife, says she killed him

Michael Starkwedder – young attractive man, had car trouble, helps Laura

Miss Bennett – mature woman, lives in the house, aid to Jan and family

Jan Warwick – younger than Henry, mentally unstable brother of Henry

Mrs. Warwick – mother of Richard, older woman, hard of hearing

Henry Angell – manservant to Richard

Sergeant Cadwallader – helps solve the case

Inspector Thomas – tries to solve the case

Julian Farrar – young and attractive man, may be interested in Laura

Drama Club and Stage-Tech Crew Media Release Form

Student Name _____________________________________________

Grade _______________________________________

“I agree to allow my picture and video tape of my performance to be used to promote the EHTHS Drama Club production on the EHTHS Web Site, EHT-TV, EHTHS Yearbook and Newspaper, the Current, and any other publication that promotes our club production.”
1. YES


Signature Student


Signature Parent / Guardian
2. NO


Signature Student


Signature Parent / Guardian
By signing NO, you indicate that you understand you will not be included in any photographs or videos of the production, which may affect your visibility on stage for the production.


Drama Club and Stage-Tech Crew Student / Parent Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Student Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________________________________________
Parent / Guardian Name _____________________________________________________________________

Parent Email _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________________________________________________________

Best Time to contact you for Drama Club News and Necessities: ______________________________________

This page must be returned to Mr. GUENTHER BY SEPTEMBER 16, 2014.

No form? No part, no work, no production.

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