Element Baby Book Final Project Due

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Element Baby Book Final Project Due:

In this project you will adopt an element from the periodic table. The element that you choose must have an atomic number from 1 – 30. As a proud parent of your element you will create a baby book to remember each stage of your element’s life. This project will count as a test grade in science. I will give you time in the computer lab to research your element and 4 class periods to work on your book. You may create your book on the computer, but it is not necessary.
Complete ALL requirements! Be creative! Be neat! Use color! Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar must be accurate!
Sources of Information:

Websites to help you in your search (I will provide these.)

The periodic table in your book will give you some information.

Requirements: (Check each one as you complete it.)

_____Cover Page – 2 points

Name of element and your name

Decorative cover

_____Page 1 – 10 points! (This should be written in paragraph form.)

Name of element (Give your element a first name)

Nickname of element (Symbol)

Birth date (date element was discovered)

Birth weight (atomic mass)

Birth height (atomic number)

Race (type of element)

Attending physician (Discoverer)

Gender (state of matter at room temperature)

Place of birth (country of discovery)

Personality (emotions: boiling point and melting point)

_____Page 2 – 5 points

Picture of element

# of protons is body

# of neutrons is legs

# of electrons is arms

Atomic number is head

_____Page 3 – 3 points

Family Name (family or group)

Address (period + discoverer’s last name + drive, lane, circle, court, road, or way)

Brothers and Sisters (Names of family members)

_____Page 4 – 2 points

Picture of element (Bohr model) – Google “Bohr model [name of element] atom”

_____Page 5 – 4 points

Career of element (what your element will become when grows up)

Picture of career

_____Writing Conventions – 4 points (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, word choice, etc.)


1. Name of element:

2. Element symbol:

3. Atomic number:

4. Atomic mass:

5. # of protons:

6. # of electrons:

7. # of neutrons:

8. Date of discovery:

9. Discoverer:

10. Country of Discovery:

11. Boiling Point:

12. Melting Point:

13. State of matter:

14. Family name:

15. Names of family members:

16. Period (Address):

17. Uses for element (career):

18. Type of element:

19. Bohr Model (draw picture):





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