Ellis paul discography, Published Works, Awards and Accomplishments

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Discography, Published Works, Awards and Accomplishments

Discography: Studio CDs

2014 Chasing Beauty

Black Wolf Records

2012 City of Silver Dreams

Black Wolf Records

2012 The Hero in You

Black Wolf Records

2010 The Day After Everything Changed

Black Wolf Records

2008 A Summer Night in Georgia: Live at Eddie’s Attic

Black Wolf Records

2008 Live From WERS

Black Wolf Records

2008 The Dragonfly Races

Black Wolf Records

2006 Live at Club Passim

Black Wolf Records

2005 American Jukebox Fables


2003 Side of the Road (with Vance Gilbert)


2002 Speed of Trees


2001 Sweet Mistakes

Co-Op Pop Records

2000 Ellis Paul Live


1998 Translucent Soul


1995 A Carnival of Voices


1994 Stories

Black Wolf Records; reissued by Philo/Rounder in 1995

1993 Say Something

Black Wolf Records

1989 Urban Folk Songs

Black Wolf Records; on cassette; reissued on CD in 2001

1989 Am I Home

Black Wolf Records; on cassette; reissued on CD in 2001

Discography: Compilation CDs
2013 The 15th Annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival CD Sampler

The Woody Guthrie Coalition; “3000 Miles” (Recorded 7-14-12)

2013 For the Love of the Music: the Club 47 Folk Revival

Kingswood Records; “Hurricane Angel” and with Antje Duvekot on “Sweet Spot”

2011 Joey’s Song: Fighting Epilepsy With Music

Joseph Gomoll Foundation; “Mr. Teetot”

2011 The Best of the Musicl Merry-go-Round: Live at KDHX
St. Louis County Library; “Road Trip”
2009 Singer-Songwriter Heaven: The Songs of Kevin Faherty
Gamblers Grace Music; “Singer-Songwriter Heaven”

2008 Live & Direct, Vol. 10: Studio Performances from WYEP

91.3FM-CD; “Jukebox on My Grave”

2005 MVY Radio Fresh Produce 1

MVY Radio; “Blacktop Train”

2005 Best of The Mansion, Vol. 1

Friends of Music; “Jukebox on My Grave”

2005 Notes of Hope: A Benefit for Brian and Alex

“If You Break Down”

2004 Keeping Music in Mind (Alzheimer’s Association benefit)

Rounder Records; “Comfort You” with Vance Gilbert

2004 Greetings from Area Code 207

WCLZ; “Maria’s Beautiful Mess”

2004 Best of 5 Live

Kennebunk Coffeehouse; “The Only Way” with Vance Gilbert

2004 Odds and Ends: Ten Years of Crash on the Levee

WFDU; “Sweet Mistakes”

2003 We Are Each Others’ Angels

Hungry for Music; “Angel in Manhattan”

2003 KGSR Broadcasts, Vol. 11

KGSR; with the Ribbon of Highway players on “This Train”

2003 Best of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Vol. 1

Silverwolf Records; “Paperback Man”

2003 Songmania: More Songs About Love and Despair

“All My Heroes Were Junkies”

2002 CityFolk V

WFUV; “Sweet Mistakes”

2002 Progressions #68: The Triple A Sampler

FMQB; “Sweet Mistakes”

2002 Before Their Time, Vol. II

“Conversation With a Ghost”

2002 The Singer Songwriter Collection

Rounder; “Weightless”

2002 Fresh Picked: Live on Folk Salad

Folk Salad Records; “Speed of Trees”

2001 Shallow Hal soundtrack

Island, “Sweet Mistakes”

2001 New Music Made in New England

Rounder YM1; “Take Me Down”

2000 Live at the Night – 90.5 the Night, Vol. 1

WBJB; “Maria’s Beautiful Mess”

2000 Progressions #52: New Music for Progressive Adult Radio

KFMU; “The World Ain’t Slowing Down”

2000 WERS Live from Emerson College

Emerson Records; “All Things Being the Same” (listed incorrectly as being “Look at the Wind Blow

2000 Massachusetts For Folk

WUMB; “Conversation With a Ghost”

2000 WDIY Studio Sessions, Vol. 1

Bummer Tent; “Conversation With a Ghost”

2000 Me, Myself & Irene soundtrack

Elektra; “The World Ain’t Slowing Down”

2000 Rounder March 2000 New Release Sampler

Rounder; “The World Ain’t Slowing Down” and “Conversation With a Ghost”

2000 All Folked Up: A Rounder Sampler (Vol. 1)

Rounder; “Martyr’s Lounge”

1999 New Music Series Review, Vol. 19

First Media Communications; “Take Me Down”

1999 Out of the Mouths of Men

Susan Tegeler and Brightspot Studios; spoken word CD that includes Ellis Paul doing a reading of “Love’s Too Familiar a Word”

1999 The Revolution Spreads

Fast Company; “Angel in Manhattan”

1999 Live & Direct, Vol. 1: Studio Performances from WYEP

91.3FM-CD; “She Loves a Girl”

1999 Crowd Around the Mic: Live on WNCW, Vol. 3

WNCW; “The World Ain’t Slowing Down”

1999 Touring Troubadours: 19 Tracks from the Hardest Working Artists in the Business!

Rounder; “Take Me Down” and “Translucent Soul”

1999 Have a Heart: A Benefit for Uncle Mark Reynolds

Oasis CDs; “Just Like Jim Brown” with Don Conoscenti

1999 Chris Chandler’s Collaborations

Prime-CD; “Never Lived at All”

1999 Folk Radio Voices II

WUMB; “Saturday 2:15”

1997 This is Boston, Not Austin, Vol. 2

Black Wolf; “Did I Ever Know You” and poem “Love’s Too Familiar a Word”

1997 Live at the Iron Horse

Signature Sounds; “Weightless”

1997 The Independent Acoustic Group Compilation

IAG; “Conversation With a Ghost”

1995 New Country

Cornell Communications; “All Things Being the Same”

1995 Where Love Goes

CD to accompany the novel by Joyce Maynard; “Last Call”

1995 This is Boston, Not Austin, Vol. 1

Black Wolf; “Paperback Man”

1995 Performing Songwriter, Vol. 2

Performing Songwriter; “Last Call”

1995 Live at the Postcrypt

Prime-CD; “All Things Being the Same”

1995 Kerrville Folk Festival 1995 Highlights

Silverwolf; “Paperback Man”

1994 The Times They Are a Changin’: A Tribute to Bob Dylan

Sister Ruby; “All Along the Watchtower”

1994 Shelter: The Best of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters

Putamayo World Music; “Last at the Table”

1994 Follow That Road: Highlights of the Second Annual Martha’s Vineyard Singer-Songwriters’ Retreat Held at the Wintertide Coffeehouse

Rounder; “King of 7th Avenue”

1993 Leak Magazine, Winter 1994

Leak; “Look at the Wind Blow”

1993 Old Vienna Tapes, Vol. 2

Fast Folk Musical Magazine; “Conversation With a Ghost”

1992 Legacy II: A Collection of Singer-Songwriters

Windham Hill Records; “Ashes to Dust”

1990 End Construction’s Resume Speed

End Construction Productions; “New Light on Your Halo”, Just the Jester Fool”, “Friday Night” and “This Old Car”

Discography: Guest Appearance CDs

2011 Peyton Tochterman/A New World (Luna Sol Productions)

2011 Antje Duvekot/Live From All Over the Place

2011 Susan Cattaneo/Heaven to Heartache (Jersey Girl Music)

2008 Robbie Schaefer/Strange and Lovely World

2007 Flynn/The Answer’s Not Enough (Black Wolf Records)

2006 Antje Duvekot/Big Dream Boulevard (Black Wolf Records)

2005 Flynn/An American Wake (Black Wolf Records)

2004 Kort & Beth McCumber/Until I Return (Somewhere To Go Music)

2002 Joel Raphael/Woodeye (Inside Recordings)

2002 Vance Gilbert/One to Fourteen (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

2002 Carl Cacho/Spark (Back Holler Music)

2002 Alastair Moock/A Life I Never Had (Bad Moock Rising Records)

2002 Justin Brooks/Take to the Wind (Mt. Tom Productions)

2001 Darryl Purpose/A Crooked Line (Tangible Music)

2001 Kevin So/That Oriental Guy

2001 Don Conoscenti/Paradox of Grace (Cogtone)

2001 Lori McKenna/Pieces of Me (GUA Music)

2000 Dave Nachmanoff/A Certain Distance

2000 Adam Dorfman/The Difference (Psycho Poets Records)

2000 David Wilcox/What You Whispered (Vanguard)

2000 Bernice Lewis/Religion and Release (Sanctuary Records)

2000 Christopher Williams/The Silence in Between

2000 Vance Gilbert/Live (Disismye)

1999 John Wesley Harding/Dynablob 3 (WOW)

1999 Darryl Purpose/Traveler’s Code (Tangible Music)

1999 Rob Laurens/The Honey on the Mountain (Attic Light; also produced by Ellis Paul)

1998 Carl Cacho/Blue Around the Edges

1998 Buddy Mondlock/Poetic Justice (Major Bob Productions)

1997 Peter Spink/All There Is (In the News Records)

1997 Mark Erelli/Long Way From Heaven

1996 Matthew’s Brother/Remember the Day

1996 Don Conoscenti/Boxes of Bones (Cogtone, uncredited track)

1995 Kevin McClusky/This Distant Light (Waterboat Music)

1995 Jim Henry/Jacksonville (Signature Sounds)

1995 Rob Lytle/Rob Lytle

1994 Billy Pilgrim/Billy Pilgrim (Atlantic)

1994 Vance Gilbert/Edgewise (Rounder)

1994 Don Conoscenti/Beneath Your Moon (Cogtone)

1994 Jon Svetkey/Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (End Construction)

1993 Don Conoscenti/The Code (Cogtone)

1992 Chris Chandler/As Seen On No TV (Flying Fish)

1992 Bill Morrissey/Inside (Philo/Rounder)

1992 Billy Pilgrim/Words Like Numbers (Sister Ruby Records; reissued by Honest Harry Records in 1995)

1992 Jon Svetkey/This is Now

Published Works
2014 Hero in You by Ellis Paul (Albert Whitman Co.)

2003 Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake, a screenplay by Jack Kerouac, is recorded on two audio CDs with Ellis Paul as the voice of Lousy.

2003 Deep Community: Adventures in the Modern Folk Underground by Scott Alarik prominently features Ellis Paul (Black Wolf Press)

2002 Notes From the Road by Ellis Paul (Black Wolf Press)

2002 Letters to J.D. Salinger edited by Chris Kubica and Will Hochman includes an entry written by Ellis Paul (University of Wisconsin Press)

2012 Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Medallion for Hero in You

2009 14th Boston Music Award for Folk Act of the Year

2008 Parents’ Choice Foundation Silver Medallion for Dragonfly Races.

2004 13th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Male Singer-Songwriter

2004 Recipient of the 2nd Annual Boston College Arts Council Alumni Award

2002 12th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Singer-Songwriter Album for Sweet Mistakes

2001 11th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Male Singer-Songwriter

2001 FolkWax E-Zine Artist of the Year

2000 Boston Citysearch Editor’s Award for Best Local Songwriter

1999 10th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Male Vocalist – Indie Label

1999 9th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Singer/Songwriter for “Take Me Down”

1999 8th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Acoustic Folk Album for Translucent Soul

1997 7th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Contemporary Folk Act

1996 SESAC Contemporary Folk Award for A Carnival of Voices

1996 6th Boston Music Award for Rising Star

1996 5th Boston Music Award for Outstanding Contemporary Folk Act

1996 USA Today’s Best Bet for Stardom (July 12)

1995 4th Boston Music Award for Folk/Acoustic Album of the Year for Stories

1995 3rd Boston Music Award for Outstanding Local Male Vocalist

1994 Voted one of the Most Wanted at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

1994 Kerrville Folk Festival Best New Folk Award

1993 2nd Boston Music Award for Outstanding Song of the Year – Indie Label for “Conversation With a Ghost”

1992 1st Boston Music Award for Outstanding New Folk/Acoustic Act

1991 Boston Acoustic Underground Award

Movies, Television, DVDs
2011 The Farrelly Brothers’ movie Hall Pass features eight instrumental tracks from Ellis Paul’s The Day After Everything Changed.

2007 Guest appearance in Catching Salinger, a documentary film starring Frederic Beigbeder and directed by Jean-Marie Perier.

2006 Guest appearance on the Woody Guthrie Coalition’s DVD Woody Sez: a Tribute to Woody Guthrie (duet with The Burns Sisters on “God’s Promise” recorded July 13, 2005 at the Crystal Theater in Okemah, OK.)

2003 Ellis Paul’s 3000 Miles DVD released in February.

2002 The Nov. 5 episode of the TV series Ed features “If You Break Down”.

2001 The movie Shallow Hal starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black features “Sweet Mistakes”.

2000 The Farrelly Brothers’ movie Me, Myself & Irene starring Renee Zellweger and Jim Carrey features “The World Ain’t Slowing Down” as its theme song.

1999 MTV’s Real World features “Change,” “Deliver Me” and “Lay Your Wager Down”.


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