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Astral Turf. Criminal psychic with green, spiky hair. 11/82-2/83

B.B. Eyes. B.B. Eyes joins Mr. Crime, Panda and a gang of former Tracy villains in 2011, and later the same group of bad guys under the direction of Stiletta Jones, 1/42-4/42, (1961c), 7/11, 10/11, 12/11, 1/12, 3/12, 4/12-7/12. 4/13, 8/13-11/13. Twitchy. His associate was B.B. Eyes’ brother, B.D. Eyes. 1983.

Big Boy. Heavy set gang boss with citywide influence. Big Boy is Tracy’s first foe. 10/31-x/xx, 6/78-12/78, 9-10/11(retro).

Big Frost. Big Frost’s ice white hair matches his ice cold heart. He puts out a hit on his own daughter to prove his ruthlessness to his men. Another of his daughter, more criminally inclined, is Sleet. Big Frost returns decades later to shoot Brandon, in an unsuccessful murder attempt, and dies in the effort. 9/48-12/48, 10/11.

Blackjack. 3/12-4/12, 1/13, 4/13, 12/13-1/14 .

The Blank. When the Blank apparently reappeared in 2010, he turned out to be the original’s grandson, Johnny Nothing. 10/37-1/38, 4/10-7/10.

Blaze Rize. Sister of the late Hot Rize. (Hot 5/11-x/11), x/11, 3/12, 4/12-7/12.

Blowtop Jones. Flattop’s older brother who easily loses his temper. In later years, attempts to go straight, but often gets pulled into the sphere of his many criminally inclined relatives. In a bit of revisionist history, Blowtop is revealed to have performed a job for Big Boy, along with his younger brother, Flattop. 3/50-x/50, 1/82-3/82, late/85, 9/11(retro).

Braces. 9/08-12/08.

Breathless Mahoney. The stepdaughter of Shakey, Breathless Mahoney never met her mother’s husband. She is willing to attempt to kill her mother for his money. She seduces B.O. Plenty all in a scheme to . On her deathbed, she forgives Plenty. 5/45-9/45, -8/46. Two female relatives appeared later in the chronicles, one working undercover for the police, a niece named Restless Mahoney (11/90-4/91), and a criminal with a smidgen of decency despite her name, Heartless Mahoney (7/95-10/95).

Broadway Bates. Criminal who attempted to Tess Trueheart’s mother. Appeared years later, once again accompanied by his attractive accomplice, Belle. The story’s narrative clearly suggests Bates is the brother of the Batman foe, the Penguin, referring to his sibling by his given name, Oswald. 2/32-x/32, 11/12-1/13.

The Brow. In a revisionist 2011 flashback, the Brow and Pruneface are shown seeking explosive devices from Big Boy. The Brow’s son seeks revenge for the death of his father in 1978 and 1982, but proves to be the softer-hearted criminal partner and lover of the deadly Angeltop. He shares his father’s distinctive forehead. 5/44-9/44, (1961c), 10/11(retro).

Brush. 1/62-x/62.

Button. 1/73-5/73.

The Chameleon. Quick-change artist. 12/70-3/71.

Chin Chillars. Married couple who both sport the same straggly white goatee. Chin Chillar was one of Diet Smith’s top engineers and together the couple hijacked one of Smith’s space coupes. On the run, they seek a hideout with the grotesque criminal Piggy, who finds Mrs. Chin Chillar’s chin hair hilarious. Mrs. Chin Chillar is the sister of Purdy Fellar, a criminal who committed suicide on the moon and was attempted to be resuscitated using futuristic technology. 7/67-2/68, 5/68, 5/13.

Coffyhead. 7/47-10/47, 1/82.

Creepface. 6/01, 3/02.

Crewy Lou. Jewel thief and kidnapper of Tracy’s infant daughter, Bonnie Braids, Crewy Lou has a distinctive blonde crew cut on top and a pony tail in back. She is assisted by the bespectacled Sphinx. 5/51-10/51.

Cueball. (1946), 1/12.

Cy Chotic. And his associate, Scratch. 2/05-5/05.

Dab Stract. Art forger. x/95-x/95, 6/99-8/99, 7/00-10/00, 9/03-1/04, 3/08-5/08.

Dewdrop. 1/54-x/54.

The Doll.

Doubleup. Villain with wavy black hair who compulsively repeats himself. After his first solo skirmish with Tracy, he joins Mr. Crime, Panda and a gang of former Tracy villains, and later the same group of bad guys under the direction of Stiletta Jones, Mrs. Flattop. 5/11-6/11, 8/11, 10/11, 3/12, 4/12-7/12, 4/13, 9/13.

Dr. Plain. Criminal physician who lost his left arm which now operates with a prosthetic. 12/50-2/51. .

88 Keys. Criminally inclined piano player. 88 is later briefly shown in a cameo during a revisionist retelling of Tracy’s first case. 4/43-7/43, 9/11(retro).

Flattop Jones. In 1992, Tracy believes Flattop’s ghost possessed the theretofore honest body of his twin brother, Prof. St. Jones, an expert in the psychology of the occult. Flattop is shown performing a job for Big Boy in a 2011 revisionist retelling of Tracy’s first case. After his death, it’s revealed that Flattop had a brother, two children and a wife. 12/43-5/44, (1961c), 5/85-6/85(retro), 6/92-10/92, 9/11(retro).

Flattop’s Family. Numerous other relative of Flattop took their turns at doing battle with Tracy, including his brother Blowtop (1950), his son Flattop Jones, Jr.(1956), his daughter Angeltop (1977-86), his grandson Hi-top (1990), and most recently his ex-wife Stiletta Jones (2012-13+).

Fly-Face. x/59-5/60, 3/11-4/11.

Gargles. 8/46-11/46

Haf-and-Haf. 12/66-6/67, 3/78-6/78, 9/90-10/90

Headache. Criminal who is constantly complaining of his headaches. He built slot machines for the Syndicate which his wife distributed. The two have a teen-aged daughter. 11/58-1/59.

Heartless Mahoney. Criminal sister of Breathless, ultimately proves to have a heart after all. 7/95-10/95, 6/02-8/02, 10/03-1/04.

Iceman. Aka, Johnny Snow. 10/78-12/78, .

Influence. 11/46-x/xx, 2/82.

Itchy. Shakey’s best friend, Itchy joins forces with Shakey’s widow in an attempt to recoup his ill-gotten gains. 9/45-12/45, (1961c), 10/11(retro cameo). Decades later, Itchy’s brother Twitchy associated with B.B. Eyes’ brother, B.D. Eyes, in an effort to undo Tracy. 1983

Jerome Trohs and Mamma. 4/40-7/40, (Janet “Doll” Trohs) c4/88-9/88..

Johnny Scorn. Popcorn loving criminal. 6/71-8/71.

Karpse. 9/38-x/xx.

Kitten Sisters. Three acrobatic criminal sisters. One has a crew cut and smokes cigarettes. Fifi? …1/57-4/57.

Laffy. AKA Laffy Smith. 10/43-12/43, 10/11(retro cameo)..

Larceny Lu. 11/32-

Little Face. AKA Leonard Finney. 7/41-9/41, 5/12-7/12.

Matty Square. Crime box with what appear to be square eye sockets. Square is constantly smoking a cigar, from which his pet cat—constantly on his shoulder—often sneaks a puff. Square focuses his efforts at neutralizing Moon Maid who has been taking members of his gang out of action with alarming regularity. Square is killed by Mr. Bribery, who proceeds to adopt his cat. 2/65-10/65.

Measles. 1/45-5/45, 12/81, 10/12-11/12.

Memory Banks. Memory Banks is a master computer programmer and electronic funds thief. He is assisted by his sister, Data. These names are actually aliases, their real names being Denise and Dwight, the so-called Double Digits. When next Tracy encounter Data Banks, he learns that her brother has died. In actuality, his consciousness lives on as a virtual intelligence within computers. 2/79-4/79, 1/89-5/89.

Miss Egghead. 3/58-10/58.

Miss Rinkles. 1973.

Mr. Bribery. Bribery brands his minions with a “B” on their forehead, even his sister. 7?/65-10/66.

Mr. Crime. Assisted by the Panda? 4/52-x/52.

The Mole. In 1971 and 1982, the Mole is reformed, though his niece, Molene, adopts a subterranean life of crime as he had, allying herself with Pouch and Johnny Scorn. By 198 , the Mole runs his own farm. 11/41-12/41, (1961c), 4/71, , 1982, 10/11(retro cameo), 2/12-3/12, 1/13-3/13.

Mousey. AKA Mousey Rattner. 9/49-x/49, 2/82

Mumbles. In the story of his death and burial, Kisme and Kiss Andtel are also featured. he joins Mr. Crime, Panda and a gang of former Tracy villains, and later the same group of bad guys under the direction of Stiletta Jones, 10/47-12/47, 1955, (1961c), 4/79-7/79, 9/90, 8/94-11/94, 8/11, 10/11, 3/12, 4/12-7/12, 4/13, 9/13-10/13.

Nilon Hoze. 3/46-x/46.

No Face. Non-descript villain who is hard to identify. His face is always portrayed in shadows. He feels Tracy humiliated him and enlists Dab Stract in a later revenge plot. x/93- , 7/00-10/00, x/03-x/03.

Nutsy. Associates with Roxy in his first appearance and Slug Magnum (sp?) in his second. x/97-x/97, x/99-x/99.

Ooodles. 1955, (1961c)

Open Mind Monty. Intimidates his enemies by creating the illusion that a blade is protruding from his skull. x/53-x/54, 10/11(retro cameo).

Panda. 1952, 3/12, 4/12-7/12.

Pearshape. 4/49-7/49, 12/81-1/82.

Piggot E. Bank. AKA Piggy, Bank has pointed ears, a fat face and a squat nose, all of which make him resemble his namesake. Bank’s wife is Greedelia Bank, who in 1999 drove him to suicidal despair while in jail by giving away massive amounts of his property to charity. 2/94-x/94, …3/95-x/95, 8/97-9/97, 4/99-5/99, 7/04-8/04.

Pouch. Odd looking individual with multiple folds in his neck so deep that he can hide anything inside of it from stolen goods to a revolver. As Pouch explained in a court hearing, “I once weighed 500 pounds. I reduced to 150. My skin never shrank.” In his initial skirmish with Tracy, Pouch is associated with several of Tracy’s foes, including the Chameleon, for whom he hid stolen merchandise in his neck pouch, the Mole, with whom he sought a hideout, the Mole’s , Molene, and Johny Scorn. Many years later, Pouch falls into a routine of being a source of mob information for the police. 12/70-8/71, 7/11, 12/11, 8/12, 2/13

Pruneface. After his apparent death, his formidable wife, Mrs. Pruneface, seeks Tracy’s death on his behalf. Decades later, in 1983, it is revealed that Pruneface didn’t die after all, but has been preserved cryogenically until his revival. In 1999, Pruneface is joined by his daughter and granddaughter in seeking revenge against Tracy. Pruneface is featured in an extended revisionist World War II flashback in which he is once again shown in the service of the Nazis. In a brief, revisionist 2011 flashback, Pruneface and the Brow are shown seeking explosive devices from Big Boy. 9/42-x/xx, (1961c), 9/83-12/83, 5/85-9/85(retro), 11/86-5/87, 5/99-8/99, 10/11(retro).

Mrs. Pruneface. 7/43-9/43, 7/85-8/85(retro)

Prunella. The granddaughter of Pruneface and the mother of Prunehilda (aka Miss Plum) who joins her kin in a 1999 confrontation with Tracy. 9/85-2/86, 5/90, 6/99-8/99

Prunehilda. 6/99-8/99, 10/03-12/03.

PuckerPuss. 1976.

Putty Puss. AKA Harvey Niav. 10/87-4/88, 6/89-9/89, 12/11-1/12.

Queen of Diamonds. Her brother, One-Eyed Jack, was a member of her gang and later sought revenge for his sister’s death. 2/07-5/07, brother 3/09-7/09.

Quiver Trembly. 11/79-1/80, 10/82, 1984.

Red Hawk. Head of the Bird Gang. 9/02-10/02, 5/03-6/03.

Rughead. 7/54-x/xx.

Sal Monella. Sal Monella returns, his face compacted and scarred by his bout with the trash compacter. x/98-x/98, 12/03-3/04.

Scardol. 3/39-4/39.

Shakey. Shakey not only shook uncontrollably, he also attempted shakedowns on the wealthy. He had a female accomplice named Snowflake. He also had four wives, the last being Mrs. Mahoney, Breathless’ mother. 9/44-1/45, 3/85-5/85(retro), 10/11(retro cameo).

Shoulders. 6/46-7/46, 12/47-2/48.

Sketch” Paree. French criminal. 7/49-x/49, (1961C)

Sleet. The daughter of Big Frost, Sleet has a history with Sam Ketchum, who apprehended her in Boston for attempting to steal information from the governor there. 2/48-4/49.

Snails. Slow moving villain. 9/01-12/01.

Snake Eyes. AKA Ekans T. Neprese 10/92-3/93.

Splitscreen. 5/82-8/82.

Spots. 6/60-11/60.

Steve the Tramp. 9/32-x/33, 1934, 9/41-11/41, 7/91-10/91, 10/11(retro cameo).

Stiletta Jones, Mrs. Flattop. 7/12-8/12, 4/13, 11/13.

Stooge Viller. 1/33-x/33, x/33-x/33, 10/39-1/40, (1961c).

3-D Magee. Assisted by Pony. 7/53-x/53.

T.V. Wiggles. 7/50-x/50.

Ugly Christine. The sister of Mr. Bribery. A model whose hair covers most of her face, convenient since her brother branded her forehead. 10/65-9/66.

Willie the Fifth. Criminal who constantly smokes a cigar and wears a hat that covers his eyes and nose. A close associate of Fly-Face. x/59-11/59, -5/60, 3/11-4/11.

Wormy. AKA Wormy Marrons. 12/49-x/50, 12/81.

Dr. Zy Ghote. 4/79-7/79, 4/13-10/13.
Tracy Villains by Year of First Appearance

Gould villains from the 1930s: Big Boy, the Blank, Broadway Bates, Larceny Lou, Steve the Tramp.

Gould villains from the 1940s: B.B. Eyes, Big Frost, Brow, 88 Keyes, Flattop, Mumbles, the Mole, Pruneface, Wormy

Gould villains from the 1950s: Blowtop, Crewy Lou, Flyface, Headache, Miss Egghead, Willie the Fifth

Gould villains from the 1960s: Brush, Haf-and-Haf, Matty Square, Mr. Bribery, Ugly Christine

Gould villains from the 1970s: The Brain, Button, the Chameleon, Johnny Scorn, Pouch

Collins villains: Angeltop, Art Dekko, Astral Turf, Data Banks, Putty Puss, Splitscreen, Trembly

Killian/Locher villains: Braces, Cy Chotic, Dab Stract, Heartless Mahoney, No Face, Nutsy, Piggy Bank, Red Hawk, Sal Monella, Snails, Queen of Diamonds.

Curtis/Staton villains: Abner Kadaver, Blackjack, Blaze Rise, Doubleup, Stiletta Jones


Writers: Chester Gould, 1931-77, Max Allen Collins 1977-93, Killian 1993-2005, Locher 2005-2011, Mike Curtis, 2011-13+.

Artists: Chester Gould, 1931-77, Fletcher 1977-83, Locher 1983-2011, Joe Staton, 2011-13+



Full name: Richard Dare, Jr.




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Virginia Dare. Dickie’s mother. 7/33-5/34, 12/34, others.

Dick Dare. Dickie’s father. 10/33-5/34, 12/34, others.

Wags. Dickie’s adorable little pooch.

Dynamite” Dan Flynn. Dan’s relationship with Dickie’s parents is long-standing, he was a childhood friend of Virginia and, once off to college, introduced Virginia to his best friend, Dick Dare. A football star, Dan left college to join the marines during World War I. After the war. he continued his travels, successfully writing about his adventures. 5/34-50s.

Kim Sheridan. Wealthy but adventurous heiress who turns out to be engaged to an arrogant snob. 6/34-9/34.
Notable Adversaries:
Electra Billings.
Beautiful blonde who turns out to have been a former foreign spy who attempts to commandeer Dickie and Dan’s boat, earning her the nickname Miss Pirate from Dickie. Dan who is rather smitten with her, allows her to go free when they finally reach land. Famous Funnies …123-126.



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Lt. Red Pennington

Admiral Colby.

Mercedes Colby. The admiral’s daughter and Winslow’s only romantic interest. They are often engaged and ready to get married, but a call to duty or a sense that he can’t properly devote himself to her when threats to national security still exist consistently pull them apart.

Admiral Warburton.
Notable Adversaries:

Asmara. Attractive female agent of the Scorpia organization. When the Scorpion returns to one of his headquarters, he is immediately taken by her exotic beauty. That and her cruel efficiency contributes to his quick decision to place her in charge of some major operations. 9/40-4/41…

Captain Nimbo. Captain of the Scorpion flagship. When Winslow succeeds in sinking Nimbo’s ship, he’s able to obtain a copy of the Scorpion’s secret codebook. Popular Comics 5-7. x/35-11/35s.

Captain X. Non-descript villainous captain of a foreign navy intent on destroying the Panama Canal. Popular Comics 80-81. 10/40-1/41s

The Crocodile. With facial features resembling that of a crocodile, this ruthless enemy of America discovered Reddite, a substance that resists the pull of gravity. With it, he was able to build a stratospheric island called the Sky City. The Crocodile also infected American troops with malaria in a demonstration of another approach to destroy American troops. Popular Comics …17-22… 5/36-10/36 or 11/36s.

Dr. Centaur. “The Scorpion inventor,” Centaur devised a weapon that generated ultra-short sound waves capable of paralyzing all who hear it. Possesses short red hair and a goatee. Part of the Scorpion Gang after his leader’s death, allied with Tasmia. x/xx-x/xx, 12/36-4/37s, 2/37-4/37d.

Doctor Thor. Manages a munitions plant for the Dwarf, aka War-Maker, whom he ultimately deserts. Thor continues his association with the lovely but deadly Duchess, who also worked for the War-Maker. Crackajack Funnies 14-16, 27-35. 11/37-12/37s, x/38-x/38s.

Doctor Q. Unstable scientist whose research into a massive waterfall in Africa that disappears into the earth is funded by the Scorpion. Q discovers if the waterfall is dammed up and the earth’s core is no longer cooled, he can create volcanoes anywhere in the world with strategically placed deposits of Thorite. Q is bald with a white beard and monocle. He is also very strong and utilizes a pet jaguar named the Scourge he has trained to track enemies. Popular Comics 7-14. 11/35-4/36s.

The Duchess. Short-haired, brunette beauty, this member of the European aristocracy initially served as a spy in the service of the Dwarf. She later associated with Doctor Thor, learning sensitive secrets from the families of Naval personnel who came to her in her disguise as a psychic specializing in the fate of military personnel . Crackajack Funnies 13, 24-30… 10/37-11/37s, x/38-x/38s.

The Dwarf. AKA the War-Maker, the tuxedo clad, balding little person is described by Winslow as “a ruthless and powerful munitions magnate (who) sends out a fleet of pirate submarines to sink ships of all nations, thereby promoting war and a market for his deadly products.” Called “your Excellency” by his minions, the Dwarf is also the little seen ruler of the small Balkan nation of Ironia, where he has located his munitions plants Crackajack Funnies 17, 19-20. 1/38-5/38s….

The Hawk. A magician-warlord. x/35-x/35s.

Lawson Lugg. Master of disguise who is the brains behind a scheme to destroy the American naval fleet. Crackajack Funnies …41… 4/40-7/40s.

Madame Mask. AKA, the Mask of Death. A slim and attractive masked woman for whom both Tasmia and another named female agent named Sonja work. Madame Mask is also loosely associated with the Scorpion. 5/37-9/37d, 11/37-12/37d.

Owl Eyes. Smuggler with owl like eyes who blackmailsDr. Thor on the side, threatening the safety of his daughter who is unaware her father’s still alive. Crackajack Funnies 39-41. 1938 or 1939s..

The Purple Dictator. Hostile foreign despot who dresses in military garb and sports a monocle and a neatly trimmed beard. The Purple Dictator has a deadly pet ocelot named Lena which he can unleash on unwary enemies. Popular Comics 77-79. 7/40-9/40s.

The Scorpion. Behind the scenes leader of a multifaceted operation with international ambitions, he and his organization both go by the moniker “Scorpion.” The Scorpion appears to be of Eastern European origins and possesses both a brilliant strategic mind and a powerful body. He also possesses military resources many a small country would envy, including a small air force, naval ships and a wide array of scientists who push the limits of science. Time in Tibet also has allowed him to develop seemingly supernatural powers, such as spirit possession of another body, though such an activity exhausts him and places him near death. Among the Scorpion’s agents during his first extended battle with Winslow are the Tyrant, dictator of the Central American country, Captain Nimbo, pilot of his flagship, Doctor Q, an unhinged scientist, and Dr. Centaur, a brilliant scientist. The Scorpion finally is captured and stands trial. As he awaits executions he allows his spirit to leave “his body”, actually a body that he possessed over 20 years ago, and in this way escapes captivity. The military pretends to execute the befuddled fellow he’d possessed in order to leave the Scorpion’s organization in turmoil and despair. The Scorpion returns a year later haven taken over a new body and continues acts of mass terror and destruction, such as flooding the Rio Grande and poisoning all the animals in the region. In his second and third battles with Winslow he associates with the equally lovely and seductive Tasmia and Asmara, respectively. x/34-x/xxd, behind the scenes and never seen …x/35-4/36s, …3/36-9/36d, 10/37-2/38d…, 6/40-4/41d....

Tasmia. Full name, Tasmia Allen, a very attractive, short dark-haired member of the Scorpion gang who wears her hair in a stylish turban. Tasmia comes into prominence after her leader’s apparent execution late in 1936. As part of the Scorpion gang, she schemes primarily with Dr. Centaur. After his capture Tasmia escapes and becomes an agent of Madame Mask. Hospitalized after a battle with Winslow and awaiting execution, she is rescued by the Scorpion—returning from seeming death—who carries her off to safety. Tasmia is not then seen again until 1940 when she accidentally encounters Winslow in Calcutta. This time, after her capture, the Scorpion leaves her in prison, distracted by a new female agent named Asmara. Embittered, Tasmia gives authorities information that helps them thwart Asmara’s current scheme. 1/37-11/37d, 5/40-6/40d, 9/40-10/40d.

The Tyrant. Dictator of Tierra Nueva, a Latin American country and staunch ally of the Scorpion. The Tyrant is assisted by a Latino badman named the Beetle. The Tyrant’s hold on Tierra Nueva is destroyed by a massive military operation in which Winslow and Red play a major part. Popular Comics 1-5. x/35-x/35.

The White Pheasant. Codename for an attractive female spy who, it emerges, only acts with evil intentions due to an earlier brain injury. x/40-4/40d.
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