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In this file we have listed the most important Questions Answers about Internet.
All these questions answers of Internet topic are very important for government examinations. We have includes these questions answers here from various government exams previous solved papers.

These are about 25 Important Questions Answers about Internet.
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Question (1) Name the term used for talking on internet with the help of text messege?

Answer:- Chatting.

Question (2) Which topology is using for the largest networks?

Answer:- Star.

Question (3) In which OSI layers a packet filtering firewall is operate?

Answer:- At the transport layer.

Question (4) Which line offers faster access speed than the dial up connection by requires a phone line?

Answer:- digital subscriber line (DSL).

Question (5) The tem known as the electric meeting is what?

Answer:- Teleconferencing.

Question (6) How many website are in internet at present?

Answer:- More then one billion.

Question (7) What are Facebook and Twitter?

Answer:- These are Social Media Sites, where people can share information and talks.

Question (8) Connectivity is similar to what?

Answer:- Power cord.

Question (9) Which computer installed program is used to run the websites?

Answer:- Internet Browsers like Mozilla, Chrome etc.

Question (10) What do you mean by online shopping store and there use?

Answer:- This is a form of electronic commerce over internet. This service allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller online.

Question (11) What do you mean by Social Media?

Answer:- This is the platform where users create, participate and share there own or other people content.

Question (12) In a LAN network which one of the following allows users to share computer programs and data?

Answer:- File server.

Question (13) One can access email from anywhere with the help of what?

Answer:- Webmail interface.

Question (14) Which package can be downloaded through internet for testing purpose before buying?

Answer:- Beta software.

Question (15) The term is used when search engines return a web page if a match result is found?

Answer:- Link.

Question (16) What is the benefit of using a firewall for LAN?

Answer:- Its provides the greater security to the LAN and stricter access control to the critical resources.

Question (17) What do you mean by WWW in the Internet Communication?

Answer:- World wide web.

Question (18) What do you mean by IP address?

Answer:- Internet protocol.

Question (19) What is the Mandatory field include when sent an email to another email address?

Answer:- Subject.

Question (20) Gmail service (email service) belong to which company?

Answer:- Google.

Question (21) What is the full form of wi-fi?

Answer:- WIreless FIdelity.

Question (22) What is Alexa ranking?

Answer:- This is Internet facility of Alexa Internet, Inc. that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics.

Question (23) What do you mean by modem?

Answer:- This is the combined device for modulation and demodulation.

Question (24) What is the most important or powerful computer in a network?

Answer:- Network Server.

Question (25) What term is often used for an email account that includes a storage area of emails?

Answer:- Mailbox.


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