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On May 21, 1843, John Abercrumbie ("John Abercrombie"), agent for Rebecca Cavender, widow of Clemmeth Cavender ("Clemeth Cavender"? & "Clemith Cavender"?), all of Hall County, Georgia, filed a claim to lots No. 286-5-2 and 773-2-2 which were located in the Cherokee Indian Territory ("Cherokee Nations") of Lumpkin County, Georgia.371

Gold was “officially” found in Dalonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia in 1829 even though it was first reported by Desoto’s men. In 1830 the United States Government acquired the lands from the Cherokeee Indians and they were then evicted from the territory. In 1838, the United States Government operated a mint and struck off gold coins before it was taken over by the Confederate Army in 1861. Some gold mines apparently are still in operation.

On April 7, 1852, a first inventory was filed with respect to a rather substantial estate of Clemmeth Cavender, Sr. ("Clemeth Cavender" & "Clemith Cavender"?) of the 11th. District of Hall County, Georgia. (Of interest to note is that the Judge of the Hall County Probate Court in 1990 was Jack Cavender Hulsey, ("Jack Hulsey"), the great grandson of Clemeth Cavender. Clemeth Cavender, Sr. owned land in both Hall County and Lumpkin County, Georgia and had 6 slaves. He held personal notes of Clemmeth Cavender, Jr. ("Clemeth Cavender") for $50, John Abercrombie, Sr.(who married Fannie Cavender about 1821 or 1822408) for $11.50 and John D. Cavender ("John Cavender" & “J.D. Cavender”) for $75. The three were the sons and the son-in-law of Clemeth Cavender, Sr. The estate of Clemeth Cavender, Sr. was appraised by Joroyal Blackwell?, Banscme Barnes?, and Sampson Pierce.

On April 29, 1852, John Abercrombie, as the administrator of the estate of Clemeth Cavender, Sr., filed a listing of an auction sales, at which J.D. Cavender, Rebecca Cavender, and Jule Cavender ("Julie Cavender" & "Juley Cavender"?) made various purchases. On September 7, 1852, a further listing was filed with respect to the sale of lands and Negroes. Rebecca Cavender purchased some land located in Hall County and William Cavender purchased some land located in Lumpkin County. Also mentioned were personal notes due, with interest, from Joseph Cavender, John D. Cavender (“J.D. Cavender” & “John Cavender”), Clemmeth Cavender, Jr. ("Clemeth Cavender").

On November 25, 1852, a further listing of items sold mentioned Juley Cavender ("Julie Cavender"?), Rebecca Cavender and July Cavinder ("Julie Cavender"? & "Juley Cavender"?). Those listed as having received an equal share of the estate of Clemeth Cavender, Sr. were: Samuel Montgomery, Joseph Cavender, Hiram Montgomery (brother of Samuel Montgomery), Charles Head, Isaac Head, G.W. Cavender ("George Washington Cavender", “George W. Cavender”? & "George Cavender"), Rebecca Cavender, John D. Cavender ("John Cavender" & “J.D. Cavender”), William Cavender, Clemmeth Cavender ("Clemeth Cavender" & "Clemith Cavender"?) and John Abercrombie. 355 Clemeth Cavender, Sr. is buried in the Cavender-Barnes Cemetery in Murrayville, Hall County, Georgia, along with his wife, Rebecca Dedman, who was born October 5, 1778 in Rowan, County, North Carolina, the daughter of Edmond Dedmon ("Edmond Deadman" & "Edward Dedman"?) and Elizabeth Dedman (formerly Elizabeth Corbin") and died January 29, 1852 in Hall County, Georgia, together with their son, Clemeth Cavender, Jr. who died in 1898. Clemeth Cavender apparently had other marriage(s).

The following article was printed in the May 20, 1973 issue of The Times newspaper in Gainesville, Georgia:

"Clemeth Cavender, who came to this part of North Georgia, settled here while it was yet the Cherokee Nation (sometimes "Cherokee Indian" land). --- Family tradition says that Clement Cavender walked to Northeast Georgia from South Carolina, selected a place where he wanted to bring his family (i.e., near the Hall County and Lumpkin County lines), and then walked home to gather his family and belongings and moved here. A great-grandson was told by his grandmother, a daughter of Clement Cavender, that she was five years of age when the family moved to Georgia. That she well remembered that there was no bridge across the river where Thompson Bridge in now located. The family camped along the river banks until Clement could build a raft which required cutting logs and stringing them together with strong vines. After the raft was completed, Clement carried the horses across the river, to test the strength and safety of the raft, and then returned for the family and other belongings. Chement's daughter also told that no roads existed at that time and the family riding in the wagon made very slow progress as the father walked in front, slashing away with an axe trying to clear a path of travel. The Cavender family lived nearby, and on friendly terms with, the Cherokee Indians. A small creek near the Cavender home became a gathering place for the Indian squaws because of the water and the small trees furnished the items for weaving baskets. These baskets were sold or traded to white settlers for items they wanted."Clemeth Cavender's two married daughters, Fannie and Betsey also came with their families and lived nearby."

Clemeth Cavender, Sr. drew lots in Labersham County, Georgia and in Cherokee County, Georgia in two of the Georgia land lotteries.

In 1830, the Clemith Cavender family was living in Hall County, Georgia and his family consisted of 1 male and 1 female 50-60 year of age, 1 male 20-30 years of age, 1 male 15-20 years of age, 1 male and 1 female 10-15 years of age, 1 male 5-10 years of age, and 1 female 0-5 years of age. In 1840, the family was still living in Hall County but comprised Rebecca Cavender as head of the household age 50-60, 1 male 10-15 years, and 1 female 20-30 years of age. 355 It is stated in an article in the Sunday, May 27, 1973 issue of The Times in Gainesville, Georgia entitled: "Hall County history-Descendants of the Clemeth Cavenders" that Clement Cavender, Sr. and Rebecca Cavender had 12 children. Actually, it is believed that they had the following 14 children:

(1) FRANCES CAVENDER ("Fanny Cavender" & "Frances Cavender"?) was born either about 1796438, 443, 493 494 & 511 or on May 16, 1797475 or about 1798422 in Lumpkin County, Georgia (Some say Rowan County, North Carolina and some say Hall County, Georgia408), married John Hamilton Abercrombie, Sr. ("John Abercrombie") either about 1822494 or about 1830438 & 443 in Hall County, Georgia, died either on October 19, 1867475 & 494, or about 1857443, in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and is buried in the Cavender-Barnes Family Cemetery located near the old two-story house near Murrayville in Hall County, Georgia. John Abercrombie was born either about 1792430 or about 1794422 or about 1795438 & 443 in Laurens, South Carolina, was the son of James Abercrombie who was born about 1760 in Laurens, South Carolina and Mary Ann Hamilton ("Mary Hamilton", some say Mary Ann Beck "Mary Beck"408), died December 9, 1864 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and is buried with his wife in the Cavender family cemetery near Murrayville, Georgia. John Abercrombie and his family are enumerated in the 1820 census for Hall County, Georgia. The 1850 census for Lumpkin County, New District, lists John Abercrombie as being 55 years of age and born in South Carolina, his wife Fanny Abercrombie ("Fannie Abercrombie") as being 54 years of age and born in North Carolina, and their children, all born in Georgia, being: Young Abercrombie age 18; Washington Abercrombie age 15; Joseph Abercrombie age 12; Fanny Abercrombie ("Fannie Abercrombie") age 4; and, Andrew Abercrombie age 4. It is said that Fannie Cavender got some land in the best gold section of Lumpkin County, Georgia which is just across the line from Hall County, Georgia. John Abercombie and Fannie Abercombie had at least 10 children, and possibly 16 children:


(ii) JAMES ABERCROMBIE born either about 1818, or about 1826422 & 443, in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Sarah Stepps ("Sarah Stepp" & "Sarah Step"?) on December 5, 1839 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and died about 1907 in Travis, Texas. Sarah Stepp was born either about 1819443 , about1821, or about 1825422 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. It is believed that James Abercrombie and Sarah Abercrombie had no children;

(iii) NANCY E. ABERCROMBIE ("Nancy Abercrombie") born about 1820 and married Andrew J. Pierce ("Andrew Pierce") July 2, 1837;

(iv) CLEMETH ABERCROMBIE ("Clemith Abercrombie") born December 28, 1821 (some say about 1827430 and some say July 28, 1822438 & 443) in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Emeline Sarah Jones ("Emeline Jones"? & "Emaline Jones" ?)on March 4, 1841 in Hall County, Georgia, and died November 17, 1907 in Mitchell County, Texas. Emeline Jones was born about 1823 or 1824438 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, was the daughter of John Henry Jones ("John Jones"), and died August 25, 1899. They had moved to Kansas by 1872. Clemith Abercrombie ("Clemeth Abercrombie"?) is buried at the Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Salt Creek Township, Mitchell County, Kansas. Clemeth Abercrombie and Emaline Abercrombie had 12 children:

John H. Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born about 1840 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Mary Malissa Brookshire who was born on November 19, 1841, lived near Dalhonega, Lumpkin Counry,, Georgia, moved to Kansas by February 22, 1883, and died on December 29, 1928. John Abercrombie and Mary Abercrombie had 6 children:

Lenora Abercrombie born about 1867;

Lorena Abercrombie ("Rena Abercrombie") born about 1869, and married a Miller;

Salena Abercrombie born about 1871;

Clemith Thedore Abercrombie ("Clemith Abercrombie" & "Clemeth Abercrombie"?) born April 14, 1872, married Frances Brock who was born April 5, 1874 and died November 15, 1943. Clemith Abercrombie and Frances Abercrombie had 6 children:

Clemith Calvin Abercrombie ("Clemith Abercrombie") born about 1897 and married Etta Blanding. Clemith Abercrombie and Etta Abercrombie had 2 children:

Clemith Allen Abercrombie ("Clemith Abercrombie") who married Barbara Meyers. Clemith Abercrombie and Barbara Abercrombie had 2 children named Fred Abercrombie and John Abercrombie; and,

Ruth Abercrombie who married R. Pickrell. Ruth Pickrell had 2 children named:

Tina Abercrombie; and,

Robbie Abercrombie;

John Dewey Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born about 1899 and married Helen Gaughey ("Helen Gauherty"?). John Abercrombie and Helen Abercrombie had 3 children:

John Abercrombie who married Leslie Ivern Ramser ("Leslie Ramser"). John Abercrombie and Leslie Abercrombie had 2 children:

Karen Abercrombie; and,

Susan Abercrombie;

Donald Lee Abercrombie ("Donald Abercrombie") who married Martha Prewitt. Donald Abercrombie and Martha Abercrombie had two children:

Douglas Allen Abercrombie ("Douglas Abercrombie"); and,

Nancy Jane Abercrombie ("Nancy Abercrombie"); and,

Dorothy Abercrombie;

Homer Theodore Abercrombie ("Homer Abercrombie") born March 16, 1900, and married Rosanna Tucker who was born August 8, 1906. Homer Abercrombie and Rosanna Abercrombie lived on a homestead near Beloith, Kansas and had 2 children:

Jerry Tucker Abercrombie ("Jerry Abercrombie") born September 13, 1930 and married Bethel Susan Sacks ("Bethel Sacks"). Jerry Abercrombie and Bethel Abercrombie had 2 children:

Jerry Michael Abercrombie ("Jerry Abercrombie") born July 1, 1955; and,

Kerry Craig Abercrombie ("Kerry Abercrombie") born September 18, 1957; and,

Jack Michael Abercrombie ("Jack Abercrombie" & "John Abercrombie"?) who married Carolyn Kay Pearson ("Carolyn Pearson"); and,

Ivan Hampton Abercrombie ("Ivan Abercrombie") born about 1902 and married Ann Healy;

Oma Abercrombie who died young; and,

Eva Vern Abercrombie ("Eva Abercrombie") who married W. Green and had 2 children:

Joan Green who married H. Audsleu; and,

William Green;

Young S. Abercrombie ("Young Abercrombie") born about 1882; and,

John Washington Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") who married a Wright and had 2 children:

Russell Abercrombie; and,

Leta May Abercrombie ("Leta Abercrombie);

William Wiley Abercrombie ("William Abercrombie") born on April 16, 1846 (some say about 1842438), married Elizabeth Armon Brookshire ("Elizabeth Brookshire") on August 28, 1861 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, died March 1, 1908, and is buried in Stillwater, Oklahoma. W.W. Abercrombie attended the meeting for the purpose of organization of Mitchell, Kansas. William Abercrombie and Elizabeth Abercrombie had 11 children:

Nicey Emeline Abercrombie ("Nancy Emeline Abercrombie"?, "Nicey Abercrombie" & "Emaline Abercrombie"?) born October 7, 1862, and died May 11, 1952;

Sarah Emaline Abercrombie ("Sarah Abercrombie") born March 3, 1864;

Mary Caroline Abercrombie ("Mary Abercrombie") born January 6, 1866, and died June 29, 1866;

Clemith Wiley Abercrombie ("Clemith Abercrombie" & "Clemeth Abercrombie"?) born February 25, 1867, and died September 11, 1889;

John Joseph Jarrett Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie" & "Joseph Abercrombie"), born January 27, 1869 in Kansas, was the first child of William Abercrombie and Elizabeth Abercrombie to be born after leaving Georgia, apparently first married an Elinor and later married M.C. Keith. John Abercrombie and Elinor Abercrombie ("Eleanor Abercrombie"?) had 3 children named:

John Abercrombie;

Leslie Abercrombie; and,

Lois Abercrombie.

Apparently by his second marriage, he had a son named:

James Adam Abercrombie ("James Abercrombie");

Nancy Adaline Abercrombie ("Nancy Abercrombie" & "Adeline Abercrombie"?) born December 23, 1870;

William Andrew Abercrombie ("William Abercrombie") born April 26, 1872;

Georgiann Elizabeth Abercrombie ("Georgiann Abercrombie") born January 27, 1875;

Kitty Lee Abercrombie ("Kitty Abercrombie" & "Elizabeth Abercrombie"?) born February 10, 1877;

Fanny Myrtle Abercrombie ("Fanny Abercrombie" & "Frances Abercrombie"?) born March 30, 1879; and,

David Galveston Abercrombie ("David Abercrombie") born August 2, 1881;

Sarah Ann Fanny Abercrombie (“Sarah Abercrombie” & “Ann Abercrombie”) born about 1844 in Georgia; 430 & 438

Joseph Martin Abercrombie (“Joseph Abercrombie”) born about 1845 in Georgia, and whose wife is unknown. Joseph Abercrombie had 2 children:

Manda Abercrombie born about 1868; and,

Susie Abercrombie ("Susan Abercrombie") born about 1870;

Permelia Arveline Abercrombie (“Peremlia Abercrombie” & “Permellia Abercrombie”) born about 1846 in Georgia;430 & 438

Nancy E. Abercrombie (“Nancy Abercrombie”) born about 1847 in Georgia;430 & 438

James P.I. Abercrombie (“James Abercrombie”) born about 1848 in Georgia;430 & 438

C. Abercrombie born about 1850 in Georgia;

Amanda Abercrombie born about 1851 in Georgia;430 & 438

Mary Susie Abercrombie (“Mary Abercrombie” & “Susan Abercrombie”) born about 1852 in Georgia;430 & 438 and,

Young Howard Abercrombie ("Young Abercrombie") born October 3, 1860 (some say about 1849438), at the age of 5 had a gun and a horse while working cattle, made 3 trips to Texas on cattle drives, went to Idaho from Fort Laramie, Wyoming in 1882, lived for a while in South Dakota, married in Boise, Idaho on December 24, 1885 to Alice Lindsay who was the daughter of Charles Lindsay. Young Abercrombie and Alice Abercrombie had 2 children:

Carlton Abercrombie who was born November 17, 1886, married Martha Mathis on May 13, 1913 and had 2 unknown children; and,

Mabel Abercrombie;

John Hamilton Abercrombie, Jr. ("John Abercrombie")born on December 22, 1822 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Mary Catherine S. Peck ("Mary Catharine Peck", "Mary Peck" & "Catherine Peck") on October 8, 1846 in Hall County, Georgia, and died September 30, 1864 in Richmond Virginia. On August 9, 1863, he enlisted as a private from Lake City, Florida in the Confederate Army in Company E of the 9th Florida Infantry. Catherine Peck (“Catharine Peck”) was born January 14, 1827, was the daughter of Adam Peck, Jr. and Elizabeth Gayle (“Eliza Peck”), and died with yellow fever on May 25, 1864 near Lake City, Florida. John Abercrombie and Mary Catherine Abercrombie (“Catherine Abercrombie”) had 8 children:

Elizann Fanny Abercrombie ("Elizann Abercrombie" & “Eliza Abercrombie”) born on July 7, 1847 in Lake City, Florida, married John Roberts, and died in Lake City, Florida. John Roberts was born about 1847. John Roberts and Elizann Roberts had 2 children named:

Gus Roberts; and,

Calhoun Roberts?;

Martha Elizabeth Abercrombie ("Martha Abercrombie") born on June 13, 1849 in Lake City, Florida, and died May 18, 1896;

Joseph Abercrombie born on March 6, 1851 in Lake City, Florida, married Elizabeth Ann Lucinda Jane Keith ("Elizabeth Keith", "Ann Keith" & "Lucinda Keith") on September 18, 1873, died on December 23, 1934, and is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery in Hanceville, Alabama. Elizabeth Keith was born on February 10, 1859 in New Bridge, Hall County, Georgia, and died about 1916. Joseph Abercrombie and Elizabeth Abercrombie (“Ann Abercrombie”, “Lucinda Abercrombie” & “Jane Abercrombie”) had 12 children:

Sarah Catherine Abercrombie (“Sarah Abercrombie”) born on January 29, 1875 in Hall County, Georgia;

Carrie Elizabeth Abercrombie (“Carrie Abercrombie”) born on October 29, 1877 in Blount, Alabama;

Arry Jane Abercrombie (“Arry Abercrombie”) born on March 27, 1880 in Blount, Alabama;

John Dee Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born on January 10, 1882 in Blount County, Alabama, and married Bertie Mae Putnam ("Bertie Putnam") who was born about 1882;

Mary Caroline Abercrombie (“Mary Abercrombie”) born on February 9, 1885 in Cullman, Alabama;

Harriet Lovena Abercrombie (“Harriet Abercrombie” & “Harriett Abercrombie”?) born on May 30, 1887 in Hanceville, Cullman County, Alabama;

Joseph Washington Abercrombie (“Joseph Abercrombie”) born on July 13, 1889 in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama, and married Pernie Mae Chamblee who was born about 1889;

Ethel Amanda Abercrombie (“Ethel Abercrombie”) born on June 30, 1891 in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama;

Bessie Abercrombie born about 1892 in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama;

William David Abercrombie (“William Abercrombie”) born on June 6, 1893 in Blount, Alabama;

Kathryn A. Abercrombie ("Kathryn Abercrombie", "Katherine Abercrombie" & "Catherine Abercrombie") born on May 18, 1895 in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama, and married James Leodis Crow ("James Crow") who was born about 1895; and,

an unnamed daughter who married James Wilson Allbritton (“James Allbritton”, “James Albritton”? & “James Albriton”?);

John Abercrombie born on either June 5, 1853 or on June 5, 1852422 & 438 , and died August 9, 1854;

Rebecca Jane Abercrombie ("Rebecca Abercrombie") born June 23, 1855, married Aaron Harvey Kenady ("Aaron Kenady", “Aaron Kanady”? & "Aaron Kennedy"?) on December 17, 1874, moved to Cullman County, Alabama, died June 16, 1933 in Logan, Cullman County, Alabama, and is buried in the Bethelhem Cemetery in Logan, Cullman County, Alabama;

James Adam Abercrombie ("James Abercrombie") born May 29, 1857 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Almira Matilda Baugus ("Almira Baugus" & "Elmira Baugus"?) on October 5, 1876 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, owned a grist mill, and died February 24, 1934. Almira Baugus was born on April 19, 1855 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, was the daughter of John Baugus and Mary Means Smith (“Mary Smith”), died about 1952 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and is buried in Mount Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Supposedly, in 1900 Almira Abercrombie stated that she had 11 children. The children James Abercrombie and Almira Abercrombie ("Elmira Abercrombie") were:

Young Alfred Abercrombie ("Young Abercrombie") born November 11, 1877, married Martha Cimealiey Sullins ("Martha Sullins") on July 29, 1902 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, died April 8, 1968 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, and is buried in the Mount Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Martha Sullins was born on April 2, 1885 and died July 8, 1958. Young Abercrombie and Martha Abercrombie had 10 children:

J. Gus Abercrombie born May 28, 1903;

Isabelle Abercrombie born May 6, 1905;

James Alfred Abercrombie ("James Abercrombie") born July 10, 1907;

Fannie Abercrombie ("Frances Abercrombie") born July 13, 1910;

J. Dewey Abercrombie ("Dee Abercrombie") born June 11, 1912, and died November 11, 1915;

C.D. Abercrombie born January 21, 1917;

Monteen T. Abercrombie ("Monteen Abercrombie") born November 21, 1918, and married a Southard;

Jack Abercrombie ("John Abercrombie") born June 21, 1920, and died August 7, 1920;

Zora Abercrombie born February 13, 1923; and,

Dorothy Abercrombie born February 22, 1928;

John Abercrombie born January 5, 1880 in Lumpkin County, Georgia, married Fannie Lela Smith ("Fannie Smith" & "Frances Smith"?), died March 11, 1953, and is buried in the Wahoo Baptist Church Cemetery in Wahoo, Lumpkin County, Georgia. Fannie Smith was born on April 13, 1879, and died April 13, 1964. John Abercrombie and Fannie Abercrombie ("Frances Abercrombie") had 8 children:

Mary Jessie Abercrombie (“Mary Abercrombie”) born about 1910, married Hoke Jones, and died about 1940;

Ruby Bell Abercrombie (“Ruby Abercrombie”) born about 1912, and married Aley Gilstrap;

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