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Helen Louise Peck ("Helen Peck") born September 7, 1908, and married Albert McMillan June 18, 1929. It is believed by some that Helen Peck is the daughter of Charles Peck from his prior marriage to a person named Sophia. The children of Albert McMillan and Helen McMillan were:

Elizabeth Ann McMillan ("Elizabeth McMillan"); and,

Charles A. McMillan ("Charles McMillan");

Clara Albert Peck ("Clara Peck") born June 2, 1914, and married Richard Harley December 5, 1934;

Charles Albert Peck, Jr. ("Charles Peck") born February 7, 1917, and married Sarah Ruth Wolfe ("Sarah Wolfe" & "Sara Wolfe") March 9, 1939. The children of Charles Peck and Sarah Peck were:

Charles Albert Peck ("Charles Peck"); and,

Sue Ann Peck ("Sue Peck");

Howard Ernest Peck ("Howard Peck") born February 10, 1919, and married Joyce Martin McCombs ("Joyce McCombs"). The children of Howard Peck and Joyce Peck were:

Rebecca Louise Peck ("Rebecca Peck");

Nancy Ellen Peck ("Nancy Peck");

Sally Joyce Peck ("Sally Peck"); and,

Howard Earl Peck ("Howard Peck"); and,

Walter Emerson Peck ("Walter Peck") born May 19, 1923 in East Liverpool, Ohio just five months after his father died, was reared by his paternal aunt, Eunice Butcher (formerly “Eunice Peck”) in Charleston, West Virginia, married Elsie Emma Burns (“Elsie Burns”) on November 25, 1944 in Media, Pennsylvania, and died on August 24, 1975. Elsie Burns was the daughter of Joseph John Burns (“Joseph Burns”) and Elsie Mae Jones (“Elsie Jones”), and died about April 1, 1927 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Walter Peck and Elsie Peck had 4 children:

Carolyn Patricia Peck (“Carolyn Peck”) who died on January 17, 1947 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;

Linda Dianne Peck (“Linda Peck”) who died on November 6, 1953 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;

Sharon Leigh Peck (“Sharon Peck”) who died on October 18, 1958 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; and,

David Emerson Peck (“David Peck”) who died on December 26, 1954 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania;

The children of James Ezra McMullen ("James McMullen") and Zenkie Ann McMullen ("Zenkie McMullen") were:

Betty Jane McMullen ("Betty McMullen") born January 10, 1925, first married Gail Chisler, and later married Eldon White November 26, 1948; and,

Ruth Evelyn McMullens ("Ruth McMullens") born January 22, 1927, and married James Turk Burch ("James Burch") November 26, 1948. The children of James Burch and Ruth Burch were:

Sherrie Sue Burch ("Sherrie Burch"); and,

Carl Robert Burch ("Carl Burch");

Effie Lee Haynes ("Effie Haynes") born August 2, 1890, first married Frank Mawhinney, later married John Kelly, and died October 7, 1977. Frank Mawhinney and Effie Mawhinney had a daughter named:

Elizabeth Marie Mawhinney ("Elizabeth Mawhinney") who first married Walter Gross, later married Joe Kelley, and still later married Dr. George F. Grisinger ("George Grisinger"). Walter Gross and Elizabeth Gross had a son named:

John Edward Gross ("John Gross") born December 12, 1934. John Gross first married Nancy Croper, later married Kay Wininski, and still later married Delores Cain who was born about 1914. The children of John Gross and Nancy Gross were:

Pamelia Joanna Gross ("Pamelia Gross") born October 3, 1961; and, Joha Edward Gross, Jr. ("Joha Gross") born November 10, 1962;

Norma Haynes who married Harling Hickman. The children of Harling Hickman and Norma Hickman were:

Harling Hickman, Jr.;

Antionette Hickman;

Julia Ann Hickman ("Julia Hickman");

Charlotte Jean Hickman ("Charlotte Hickman");

Betty Jane Hickman ("Betty Hickman");

Mary Frances Hickman ("Mary Hickman");

Charles Edward Hickman ("Charles Hickman"); and

Robert Frank Hickman ("Robert Hickman" & "Bobby Hickman"); and,

Emmett Kelley Haynes (“Emmet Kelly”? & "Emmett Haynes") born February 6, 1896, first married Florence Selden Milam ("Florence Milam"), later married Ruth Ann Hammack ("Ruth Hammack"), still later married a Marie, and died December 31, 1974. Florence Milam was born October 20, 1902. The children of Emmett Haynes and Florance Haynes were:

Emmett Haynes, Jr.; and,

Lillian Lucille Haynes ("Lillian Haynes") born July 20, 1918. Lillian Haynes married Ronald Melton Brunson ("Ronald Brunson") born August 26, 1918 and they had a daughter named Melanie Lane Brunson ("Melanie Brunson") born September 4, 1942 and married Archie Calvin Bess, Jr. ("Archie Bess") born March 31, 1941 in Midvale, Utah;

Minerva Ellen Underwood ("Minerva A. Underwood"? & "Minerva Underwood") born on either June 10, 1871494 or on June 18, 1873459 in Union Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married George P.R. Haynes ("George W. Haynes"? & "George Haynes") on April 13, 1892 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, died on either October 13, 1913 or on October 13, 1945494, and is buried in the Underwood Cemetery. George Haynes was born about 1871 in Sissonville, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and died about 1953. George Haynes and Minerva Haynes had 12 children, but only 7 survived:

Samuel H. Haynes ("Samuel Haynes") who married Helen E. Jenkins ("Helen Jenkins");

Delbert Haynes who married a Mary;

Arnold Haynes who never married;

Earl Haynes who married a Gladys;

Pearl Haynes;

Leona Haynes who married Michael L. Constant ("Michael Constant"); and,

Carrie Haynes who first married Peter Filkosky, and later married Samuel Pelino;

Martha Frances Underwood ("Martha Underwood") born September 20, 1873 in Union Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married John Wesley Thomas ("John Thomas") October 10, 1894, and died on either October 9, 1940494 or on December 25, 1939459. John Thomas was born January 30, 1875 in Kanawha County, and died April 26, 1946. The children of John Thomas and Martha Thomas were:

Mollie Ellen Thomas ("Mollie Thomas") born February 22, 1896 and married Albert J. Casper ("Albert Casper") August 6, 1916. The children of Albert Casper and Mollie Casper were:

Evelyn Marie Casper ("Evelyn Casper") who married Paul R. Kincaid ("Paul Kincaid");

Agnes Juanita Casper ("Agnes Casper") who married an Isaac; and,

John Eugene Casper ("John Casper");

Everett Lee Thomas ("Everett Thomas") born August 29, 1897 and married Opal Smith August 16, 1924. Everett Thomas and Opal Thomas had a son named Charles Everett Thomas ("Charles Thomas") who married a Dollie;

Herman Wesley Thomas ("Herman Thomas") born August 15, 1899 and married Vera Ray August 26, 1924. The children of Herman Thomas and Vera Thomas were:

Dorothy Thomas who married a Henry;

Kathryn Thomas who married a Morris;

Robert Thomas;

Daniel Thomas;

Herman Wesley Thomas, Jr. ("Herman Thomas"); and,

Rondel E. Thomas ("Rondel Thomas");

Lula Susan Thomas ("Lula Thomas") born December 12, 1901 and married Everett E. O'Dell ("Everett O'Dell") May 27, 1922. Everett O'Dell was born January 29, 1900. The children of Everett O'Dell and Lula O'Dell were:

Doris O'Dell born March 8, 1823 and married George W. Wilsher ("George Wilsher") September 16, 1941;

Edwin O'Dell born December 10, 1925, first married Hazel Vick October 10, 1950, later married Dorothy Dane March 23, 1975, and died July 1, 1976; and,

Janet O'Dell born July 12, 1929, and married May 27, 1949 ;

Rufus Lee Thomas ("Rufus Thomas") born April 25, 1904 and married Charlotte Barnett September 1, 1928, and they had a son named James William Thomas ("James Thomas");

Lessie Marie Thomas ("Lessie Thomas") born June 3, 1906 and died July 13, 1907;

Sadie Mae Thomas ("Sadie Thomas") born September 13, 1908 and married Howard S. Moss ("Howard Moss") December 12, 1933. Howard Moss was born about 1901. The children of Howard Moss and Sadie Moss were:

John Earl Moss ("John Moss") born January 9, 1931 and married Doris Clendenin March 17, 1973. Doris Clendenin was born July 30, 1934. The children of John Moss and Doris Moss were:

Beverly Ann Moss ("Beverly Moss");

Pam Moss ("Pamla Moss"?);

Judy Moss; and,

Teresa Moss; and

Shirley Jean Moss ("Shirley Moss") born March 10, 1934 and married Donald Boggess; and,

Ora Frances Thomas ("Ora Thomas") born October 2, 1912 and married Howard W. Withrow ("Howard Withrow") June 15, 1929. The children of Howard Withrow and Ora Whitrow were:

Howard Wesley Withrow ("Howard Withrow") born March 15, 1930 and married Dolly Wood; Donald Eugene Withrow ("Donald Withrow") born January 31, 1933, died April 2, 1940, and is buried in Kanawha Two Mile Cemetery;

Dolores Ann Withrow ("Dolores Withrow") born December 22, 1924 and married Robert Stump; and,

Paul Edward Withrow ("Paul Withrow") born July 18, 1941, and married Marlene Sweeney;

Nancy Susan Underwood ("Nancy Underwood" & "Tube Underwood") born July 17, 1875 in Union Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Robert Lane494 (“N.S. Layne”?, “W.T. Lane”? & "Bob Layne"), and died on October 11, 1946. The children of Bob Layne and Nancy Layne were:

William D. Layne ("William Layne" & "Bill Layne") born May 25, 1894, and married Gladys Thaxton. The children of William Layne and Gladys Layne were:

Paul Lee Layne ("Paul Layne") born about 1923;

Rev. William D. Layne ("William Layne") born about 1924 and married a Jaunita M. ? who died March 24, 1873. The children of William Layne and Jaunita Layne were:

Diana Gail Layne ("Diana Layne") who married Ronald Gregory Sova ("Ronald Sova") July 27, 1979; and.,

Michelle Layne;

Ernest A. Layne ("Ernest Layne") born about 1925 and married a Betty M. ?. Ernest Layne and Betty Lane had two children:

Janet Marie Layne ("Janet Layne") who married Gary Dewayne McDonnell ("Gary McDonnell") June 28, 1974 in Emmanuel Baptist Church with Rev. Archie Snedegar officiating; and,

Shirley Layne; and,

Panzy Layne who married a James Campbell. James Campbell and Panzy Campbell had a son named;

Gregory Campbell;

Myrtle Layne who married Albert C. Edens ("Albert Edens"). The children of Albert Edens and Myrtle Edens were:

Phyllis Edens;

Ray Edens ("Raymond Edens");

Dorothy Edens; and,

Elizabeth Edens;

Gertude May Layne ("Gertude Layne") born about 1899, married Thomas Miller and died December 12, 1977. The children of Thomas Miller and Gertude Miller were:

Johnny Miller ("John Miller");

James Miller who married a Leah Hall;

Hartford Joe Miller ("Hartford Joseph Miller" & "Hartford Miller") born about 1922, married Geraldine Miller, died December 30, 1977 in the Charleston General Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia. The children of Hartford Miller and Geraldine Miller were:

Angelo Miller;

Edward Miller;

Truman Miller; and,

Brenda Miller;

Juanita R. Miller ("Juanita Miller") who married Earl H. Kinder ("Earl Kinder");

Thelma Miller who married Robert Kinder;

Nancy Miller born July 6, 1945 and married Frank Boling;

Jackie Miller who married Connie Carney;

Samuel Miller who married Carol Wilson;

William Miller who married Arburtus Davis;

Thomas Miller who married Bonnie Young; and,

Robert Miller who married Tresa Moore;

Samuel C. Layne ("Samuel Layne") born about 1901, married Augustie R. Moore ("Augustie Moore"), died July 1, 1976 in the Kanawha Valley Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia, and is buried in the Rob Jones Cemetery in Coopers Creek, West Virginia. Augustie Moore was born about 1903, died January 1971 and is buried with her husband;

John O. Layne ("John Layne") born about 1907, married Samatha Shamblin, died January 27, 1987 in Charleston, West Virginia, and is buried in the Tyler Mountain Memory Garden in Cross Lanes, West Virginia;

Nellie Layne born about 1905, first married Frank Casdorph, later married Azel Reed, died December 24, 1979 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Betty Kiser in Charleston, West Virginia. The children of Frank Casdorph and Nellie Casdorph were:

Wanda Casdorph who married a Miller; and,

Betty Casdorph ("Elizabeth Casdorph"?) who married Dale Kiser.

Azel Reed and Nellie Reed had a son named:

Butch Reed;

Peter S. Layne ("Peter Layne") born February 14, 1912, and married a Vidia. The children of Peter Layne and Vidia Layne were:

Robert James Layne ("Robert Layne") born about 1918, married Izetta Jewell Whitman ("Izetta Whitman") January 27, 1943 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, was a member of St. Marks United Methodist Church, died December 29, 1994 in Charleston, West Virginia, funeral services were conducted by Rev. Frank Shaffer. The children of Robert Layne and Izetta Layne were:

Shirley A. Layne ("Shirley Layne") who married a Franciose;

Robert James Layne ("Robert Layne");

Lola Layne who married an Iston; and,

Charles Edward Layne ("Charles Layne") born about 1958, and married Angela Danise Williams ("Angela Williams" & "Angella Williams"?) May 22, 1993 in Kanawha County, West Virginia;

Nancy Layne;

Peggy Layne;

Joseph Layne;

Patsy Layne; and,

Kathy Jean Layne ("Kathy Layne") who married Steven Edward Slusher ("Steven Slusher") in Humphrey Memorial United Methodist Church. Steven Slusher was the son of H. Edward Slusher ("Edward Slusher") and Mildred E. ?; and,

Mary Layne born about 1917, married Opie Taylor about 1938, died November 17, 1975, and is buried in the Floral Hill Gardens Cemetery in Pocataligo, West Virginia. Opie Taylor was born about 1913. The children of Opie Taylor and Mary Taylor were:

Frederick D. Taylor ("Frederick Taylor") born July 1, 1939, and married Carol Sue Portz ("Carol Portz") July 31, 1959 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Carol Portz was born March 12, 1943. The children of Frederick Taylor and Carol Taylor were:

Allen Taylor born February 8, 1960; and,

Mark Taylor born September 17, 1962;

John O.L. Taylor ("John Taylor") who married Wanda Jones and they had a daughter named:

Becky Taylor ("Rebecca Taylor");

Hobert W. Taylor ("Hobert Taylor" & "Bill Taylor") who married Carol Sue Reed ("Carol Reed") and they had a son named:

Richard Gergory Taylor ("Richard Gregory Taylor" & "Richard Taylor;

Clayton Franklin Taylor ("Clayton Taylor") born May 2, 1950 and married Melody Lou Teel ("Melody Teel") March 8, 1974 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Melody Teel was born September 2, 1955 and was the daughter of Burion Teel ("Lucky Do Teel" & "Lucky Teel") and Delores Jean Burdett ("Delores Burdette") born about 1932;

David Stanley Taylor ("David Taylor") who married an Iga and they had a son named:

David Stanley Taylor, Jr. ("David Taylor");

James J. Taylor ("James Taylor");

Charles E. Taylor ("Charles Taylor");

Thomas H. Taylor ("Thomas Taylor");

Joseph L. Taylor ("Joseph Taylor");

Ronald Wayne Taylor ("Ronald Taylor") who married Barbara Newhouse and they had a son named:

Jeffrey Scott Taylor ("Jeffrey Taylor");

Donald Eugene Taylor ("Donald Taylor") who married Priscilla McClanahan and they had two children:

Brian Keith Taylor ("Brian Taylor"); and,

Ashey Eugene Taylor ("Ashey Taylor") who died young;

Shirley D. Taylor, born May 6, ?, and married Ronald Graley. The children of Ronald Graley and Shirley Graley were:

Kenny Graley;

Delores Graley;

Debbie Graley ("Deborah Graley"?;

Michael Graley;

Jackie Graley;

Roy Lee Graley ("Roy Graley"); and,

Okey Graley; and,

Janet C. Taylor ("Janet Taylor") who married William E. Duffield ("William Duffield"). Janet Taylor was born July 30, ?. The children of William Duffield and Janet Duffield were:

Steve Duffield ("Stephen Duffield"); and,

Bill Duffield ("William Duffield");

John Robert Underwood ("John Underwood") born on August 25, 1877 in Union Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Ida T. Holmes ("Ida Holmes"), and died on December 25, 1939 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Ida Holmes was born October 1889, was the daughter of Giford C. Holmes ("Giford Holmes" & "Gifford Holmes") and Letha Holmes and died about 1962. The children of John Underwood and Ida Underwood were:

Ruby Underwood who married Harold A. Williams ("Harold Williams"). The children of Harold Williams and Ruby Williams were:

Ida Catherine Williams ("Ida Williams"); and,

John Williams who was apparently was an orphan and later adopted;

Goldie Underwood who married Clyde Manfred M. Burdette ("Clyde Burdette"). Clyde Burdette was born August 7, 1901, was the son of Samuel Moses Burdette ("Samuel Burdette") (1870-1958) and Biddie Viola Pauley ("Biddie Pauley") (1874-194?), died October 1, 1991, and is buried in the Walker-Burdette Cemetery in Coopers Creek, West Virginia. Samuel Burdette and Goldie Burdette had a son named;

John Samuel Burdette ("John Burdette") born July 4, 1928, died December 29, 1954, and is buried in the Walker-Burdette Cemetery;

Lenora Underwood who married Buff Estes; and,

Samuel Underwood who never married, died February 21, 1969, and is buried in the Cunningham Memorial Park Cemetery; and,

Fleming Underwood ("Flem Underwood") born on November 11, 1879 in Union Township, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Ida Mae Walker ("Ida Walker" & “Ida May Walker”) on her birthday on May 28, 1902 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, died May 11, 1956 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried in the Underwood Cemetery in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Ida Walker was born May 28, 1883, married on her 19th birthday, died June 20, 1949, and is buried with her husband. Flem Underwood and Ida Underwood had 11 children:

an unknown infant who died at birth in 1902;

Olive Blanche Underwood ("Olive Underwood") born January 25, 1904 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, married her second cousin Mont Lee Cavender ("Mont Cavender", "Monte Cavender"?, “M.L. Cavender” & "Monte Lee Cavender"?) on August 25, 1923 in Kaanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, died either December 26, 1977433 or on December 27, 1977 in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried in the Guthrie Cemetery in Kanawha Two Mile, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Mont Cavender was born July 20, 1902 in Guthrie, West Virginia, was the son of Andrew Wellington Cavender ("Andrew Cavender") (1864-1917) and Ica Dora Ann Guthrie ("Ica Guthrie" & "Blanche Guthrie") (1871-1940), married Olive Blanche Underwood ("Olive Underwood") on August 25, 1923 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, died July 1, 1966 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and is buried with his wife. Blanche Underwood was born on January 25, 1904 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, was the daughter of Flem Underwood and Ida Mae Walker, and died on December 27, 1977. The children of Mont Cavender and Olive Cavender are listed under the line of Mont Cavender;

Beulah Ellen Underwood ("Beulah Underwood") born January 15, 1906 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Dennis Calvin Clendenin ("Dennis Clendenin" & “Dennie Clendenin”) on October 21, 1934, died May 7, 1979 in the Charleston General Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia, and is buried in Floral Hills Garden of Memory. Dennie Clendenin and Beulah Clendenin had a daughter named;

Charlene Clendenin who married a Keen;

Ada Marie Underwood (“Ada Underwood”) born April 24, 1908 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Clarence Mack Honaker (“Clarence Honaker”) on July 19, 1930, and died on June 7, 1989;

Willis Samuel Underwood ("Willis Underwood") born August 2, 1910 in Kanawha County, West Virginia, married Gladys Rachel Miller (“Gladys Miller” & “Rachael Miller”?) on July 15, 1934 in Brevard County, Florida, died June 25, 1993 at the home of her daughter Carol Stutler in Cocoa, Brevard County, Florida, and is buried in the Brevard Memorial Park Cemetery in Cocoa, Brevard County, Florida. Gladys Underwood was born about 1914. Willis Underwood and Gladys Miller Underwood (“Gladys Underwood”) had 10 children:

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