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Saudi Aramco Materials System Specifications

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Saudi Aramco Materials System Specifications
Fluoroprotein Foam Concentrate for MTBE Hydrocarbon Fires
Saudi Aramco General Instruction
GI-1781.001 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment
Industry Codes and Standards
National Fire Protection Association
NFPA 11 Low, Medium, and High-Expansion Foam
NFPA 16 Installation of Deluge Foam-Water Sprinkler and Foam-
Water Spray Systems
NFPA 1963 Fire Hose Connections
Underwriters Laboratories
UL 162 Foam Equipment and Liquid Concentrates
Deflector: On the discharge of the foam chamber, a plate or nozzle that deflects the foam downward as it exits the chamber outlet. See Figure 1. Fixed System A foam/water fire suppression system that includes a permanently installed foam concentrate tank, pumping system, distribution piping, and foam discharge devices in contrast to a semi-fixed system that depends on afire department tanker truck to connect to the piping and pump foam solution to the foam chambers at the storage tank, which is the normal installation when afire station is available onsite. Foam A stable aggregation of bubbles of lower density than oil or water used for fighting fires involving combustible liquids. (See 21-
SAMSS-011). Foam Backboard An extended panel located above the tank rims to provide wind shielding for the foam maker. Foam Chamber (Fixed Foam Discharge Outlet per NFPA 11): A fixed foam discharge outlet, normally located at the rim of a floating roof tank, designed to introduce foam to the seal area.

Document Responsibility Loss Prevention Standards Committee
SAES-B-018 Publish Date 13 February 2020 Next Revision 13 February 2025 Foam Systems Saudi Aramco 2020. All rights reserved
Page 5 of 14 Saudi Aramco Company General Use Foam Dam A metal retaining wall that keeps the foam near the seal area at the floating roof. See Figure 1. Foam Maker A fixed foam device designed to aspirate air into foam solution. A foam maker is connected to a supply of premixed foam solution. The maker introduces air and the turbulence downstream of the maker creates a stable foam capable of being directed to the hazard being protected. Foam Solution A proportioned mixture (e.g., 3% concentrate and 97% water) of concentrated liquid foaming agent and water prior to aspirating the mixture with air. Lateral Terminal Inlet location at the end of the horizontal run of pipe with a hose connection. The lateral connects to the riser. Refer to the top diagram of Figure 1. Listed Equipment, materials, or services that meet appropriate designated standards or have been tested and found suitable fora specified purpose. FM and UL are two internationally-recognized organizations with listings of equipment, materials, and services that are certified as suitable for fire service. Riser A vertical pipe that runs up the side of the tank. Seal Area The area between the foam dam and tank shell around the outer seal of the floating roof. This is the most likely site fora fire on a floating roof tank. Seal Shield A weather shield directly above the top rim seal of a floating roof tank. See Figure 1.
Semi-fixed System A foam piping system that depends on afire department tanker truck to connect to the piping and pump foam solution to the foam chambers at the storage tank. This is the standard installation for storage tanks that require fire protection and is described in Section 7. Wind Girder Stiffening ring around the top of a tank to help the tank withstand high winds.

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