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The Program in American Language Studies Newsletter

Session II 2010 - 2011

Greetings from the Director

Dear Students,

You are looking at this session’s issue of our precious newsletter, “EsSentiaLly PALS”. In a subtle way, the newsletter is a reminder that the session is about to come to a close and of course, the final exams are at hand. Thanks for your contributions; it’s always a pleasure to read them.
This session’s cultural event, JOLLY HOLIDAY CELEBRATION was amazing. The holiday songs and music created a true magical environment. Thanks for making the event so special. Congratulations to all the participants! And, of course, a big bravo to all the winners of The Best Journal Entry Award.
If you are graduating or leaving PALS, please do consult with Mary Ellen to have your documentation taken care of. Also, do not forget to sign up for our alumni club - PALS ALUMNS – well the name got changed from PALS PLUS because of the redesigned website. This will help us stay in touch.
Here’s wishing you all good luck for the final exams, and after that, voila, Happy Holidays
Dr. Veena Kumar
Mary Ellen’s Corner

With Session II coming to an end, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a break!

Remember, a break from classes does not mean a break from maintaining your immigration status! Before winter vacation, please keep a few things in mind:
- If you are in F-1 status and are transferring to another school beginning in January, please make sure you have submitted all of your transfer forms to me before December 23, 2010. The PALS office will be closed from December 24 until January 3, 2011. Please contact your new school to pick up your new I-20. If you are traveling home for the break, I suggest that you pick up the I-20 from your new school before you leave or make arrangements for the new school to send your I-20 to your address in your home country. You will need the new I-20 to return.

- Speaking of travel, if you would like to travel outside the United States for vacation, please bring your I-20 or DS-2019 to me for a travel signature before you leave. The signature ensures that you will be returning to PALS when you return from vacation. You must pay a deposit for Session III before I can sign your I-20 or DS-2019 (this way I’ll be sure you will return to PALS). Please do not leave the US without a travel signature on your I-20 or DS-2019! Remember, the PALS office will be closed from December 23 until January 3 so I cannot sign your I-20 or DS-2019 during that time!!!!
As always, if you have any questions, please stop by the PALS office to see me.
I hope you all have a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you again next year!

From Denise and
LaToshia’s Desk

We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! It’s sad to have it end so soon. Please do not forget these important dates:

- Fall II ends on December 23, 2010.

- The payment deadline for Spring I is January, 4, 2010. Please pay by this date in order to avoid being charged a late fee!

- Spring I begins on Tuesday, January, 18, 2010. Returning students may pick up textbooks and schedules in the PALS Office between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. that day. Please do not wait until the morning of the first day of classes to pick up your books!

The Love of Math

By Mohammed Almhieri
My name is Mohammed Almheiri. I am 17 years old. I finished high school this year. I got scholarship to the U.S. when I was in the high school. I love to study math. My teacher told me that I must study engineering. I think it’s a good idea I can earn many from this specialty. We don’t know what time does the oil will be finish so we must search for something else. I choose to study in Rutgers because I love N.J. also I study in PALS now. Rutgers has good bus so I don’t need to buy a car. The people are very kind and helpful here. I must reach my goals because I want to make my parent happy and when I will get a job I am going to help them. I will be the happiest man if I will study at Rutgers.

Comunicación y Poder”

By Hernán Chacón Ibáñez
This is one of the most interesting books that I’ve read in my whole life. Just its name (Communication and Power) is impressive. I found it about six months ago, while I was waiting for a plane in Barajas, Madrid’s airport and I was looking for something “light” to spent two hours. Obviously it was a mistake, but a “good mistake”. I’ve not finished with it yet, but every time that I have a free time I read a few pages. This book tells about the “social change” in the modern life and how the new ways of communications are related with the power. Until now the most important topics (in this book) to me is that nowadays for to have power, you need build “content” and for to do that you need the Media. This idea explains to me many changes in the Media industry and why many important economical, political and social groups fight everyday fir its control. There are many others interesting topic that I hope to read and understand soon, but it’s a huge book and its text is dense. Logically, I don’t have conclusions about it yet, but I can say that, when I’ve finished it, I would like to understand better the transformations in the industry, the “misinformation” to the people from some governments toward his citizens, the control of information in China or Russia, how Obama make his electoral campaign and the roots of many other things that are happening just now, but we can’t understand when they are occurring and finally we just see its results.


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