Et-co2 Detection Clinical Indications

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Bonner County EMS System Procedures

Airway: Confirmation of Airway Placement- ETCO2- 9005

Confirmation of Airway Placement

ET-CO2 Detection

Clinical Indications

  • End Tidal CO2 detectors shall be used with all AEMT Blind Insertion Airway Device (BIAD) procedures to confirm appropriate airway placement.






**M-Medical Control **

***Higher level providers are responsible for lower level treatments***

Attach End-Tidal CO2 detector to the BIAD.

Note color change indicating CO2 detection.

The CO2 detector shall remain in place with the airway and monitored throughout the prehospital care and transport unless Capnography (9002) is utilized.

Any loss of CO2 detection or color change is to be documented and monitored as procedures are done to verify or correct the airway problem.

Tube placement should be verified frequently and always with each patient move or loss of color change in the End-Tidal CO2 detector.

Document the procedure and results of ET-CO2 detection on the patient care report (PCR).


  • ** Discuss alternatives with Medical Control when confirmation of airway placement isn’t clear **


2EMT and 3AEMT providers may perform these skills if credentialed with the appropriate optional module.

It is strongly recommended that continuous Capnography by used in place of, or in addition to the use of End-Tidal CO2 detection, when available.
QA Parameters: 100% of intubations documenting use of either ETCO2 detection and or Capnography.

Easy Cap CO2 Detector
Easily attaches to an endotracheal tube for

monitoring of End Tidal CO2 levels with

breath-to-breath response. A color change

between inspiration and expiration helps

verify proper tube placement in seconds.

Easy Cap weighs less than an ounce and fits

all standard airway connectors.


BCEMS Medical Director

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