Experiment 5 Analog Computer (Part 2) Introduction

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Control Systems Engineering LAB Experiment 5

Experiment 5
Analog Computer (Part 2)

  • Introduction

The previous experiment discussed the implementation of a system (differential equations , transfer function, state space model) by op-amps and know the circuits that represent the P-Controller , summer, subtractor and integrators that considered as the basic of analog computer construction.
Analog computer is a collection of op-amps and potentiometers and do all operations that help to implement a system to analyze it.

  • Analog computer

The construction of the Analog Computer will be covered in the Lab and the tutorial ( Datasheet) of it was attached in the Appendix.

To get the step response of a system you should

  1. Implement the system on the analog computer.

  2. Connect the output to the oscilloscope.

  3. Apply a step input as 1 volt or 10 volt constant.

  4. Rescale the graph of the oscilloscope to get a clear view.

Example 1 : Get the step response of H(s) by Analog computer.

Solution :

The previous transfer function H(s) was represented by All integral block diagram as below :

And the op-amp implementations is :

The Analog computer implementation :

Question : Get the step response of

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